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Gene- up a tree. 
December, 1967

Esther & Gene at the beach.
December, 1967

Overlooking Acapulco Bay.


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Scuba Diving Con
Aqua Mundo De Acapulco Mexico 1960's
These were the best experiences of my entire childhood.

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The deepest I ever dove was 200 feet.  Among the many dives I enjoyed in Acapulco Bay two were at what I was told was the site of a sunken Spanish Galleon & on the other side of the bay the site of a German destroyer that was sunk there during WWII. 

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Esther Ziock with first diving instructor

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Esther M. Ziock & diving instructor Hilario Martinez

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Esther M. Ziock - just surfaced from a dive

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Hilario Martinez & Esther Ziock

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Preparing for a dive. 
I'm third from left.

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I've just surfaced  from a dive.


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Surfacing from a dive.  My instructor, Hilario Martinez, is at left, I am middle foreground
Acapulco Bay -Dec. 1961

Diving boat Barco de Oro.  This boat sailed around the world - unfortunately I was not on it at the time!
Acapulco Bay - Dec. 1961

Me & another one of my diving instructors after a dive.  I am holding a sea slug.
Acupulco Bay -  Dec. 1963


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Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day


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I'm holding an octopus.
Hilario at right.

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Hilario & I are holding a BIG fish.

Acapulco10.JPG (13340 bytes)

Here I am holding another octopus.


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Gene Carroll under water.

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Hilario Martinez ~ Diving Instructor

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Esther Ziock under water.


Mysterious artifact found while diving.  What is it???? Click here.

El Grandioso "Perro Largo" - Hilario Martinez featured in Sports Illustrated magazine.

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