Alexander Family History


1800 - Hope Alexander is born - N or S Carolina. - According to Elizabeth Fish & William Alexander are the parents of Hope Alexander.

1819 - Hope marries James Henderson  The LDS Ancestral File gives Hope Alexander as wife of John Henderson but I believe this is incorrect as I believe that she was the wife of John's brother James Henderson, Jr.   Census & deed records give James' wife's name as Hopy & I have proven that John Henderson's wife was Elizabeth Wilson.

1830 - The following Alexander families were in St.FranCoMo - Ambrose, Cyrus, Hellem, Lawson, Wm.

1840 - The following Alexander families were in St.FranCoMo - Corbin, Lawson, Walton, William, & Jacob who lived in Pendleton T.

1850 - Census - The following Alexander family heads were in St. FranCoMo:  Nancy, Lawson, Corbin, Hiram, Jacob, Lucy. (See bottom of page) - James & Hopy Henderson are living next door to the Nancy Alexander family. Nancy was born in NC in 1817.  Also a Mary Alexander is in the household - she was born in NC in 1809.

1860 - The following Alexander family heads were in St. FranCoMo:  William, James, Lawson, Corbin, Jacob

1863 - 1870 - Hopy's husband, James Henderson, died sometime between 1863 & 1870. 1870 Deed Record - St. Francois County, Missouri name his heirs in a dispute over his land.

1865 - Hopy & James Henderson's son, Corbin A. Henderson was appointed as an appraiser for the estate of David Murphy in St. Francois County.

1870 - Hopy Alexander Henderson is living with her son Corbin Henderson in Cane Creek Township, Butler County, Missouri.

1880 - Hopy Alexander Henderson is living with her daughter, Jane Graham, in Pendleton Township, St. Francois Co., Mo.


Children of Hope Alexander & James Henderson Jr.

Jane - born 1820 in Missouri.  She first married Wm. S. Brimm in 1846 in St. Francois County, Missouri, then later a Mr. Graham.

Mary Ann* - Born 1821 in Missouri.  She first married her cousin John Henderson,Jr., in 1839 in St. Francois County, Missouri.  After his death in 1847 she remarried to Robt. M. Markham in 1851.  they moved to Carter County, Missouri then later went to Green County, Arkansas.

Samuel S. - Born in 1828 in Missouri.  Was in Jackson County, Oregon in 1863 then went to Del Norte, California.

Corbin A. - Born 1831 in Missouri.  Was first married to Elizabeth Michael in St. Francois County, Missouri in 1851 then later was married to Emma Martin.

Nancy Telithy - Born 1834 in Missouri.  Married James Mitchel 1853 St. Francois County, Missouri.

Eleanor - Born 1837 in Missouri.  Married Henderson Strickland 7 May 1854 in St. Francois County, Missouri.  In the 1860 census they had two children:   Mary A., & Andrew S.




b: 1760 Lincoln Co., N.C. - (parents were English) - has a Samuel Alexander as William's father.
d: 1830-1840 St. Francois Co., Mo. - buried in Alexander Family Cemetery,  which is behind Parkland Hospital, St. Francois Co., Mo.
m: Elizabeth Fish - Lincoln Co., N.C.

William Alexander - (Captain) 4th N.C. Reg. Rev. War - Source: Tombstone of William Alexander


Fourth regiment of North Carolina - Rev. War - was raised on January 16, 1776 at Wilmington, North Carolina for service with the Continental Army. The regiment saw action at the Battle of Brandywine, Battle of Germantown, Battle of Monmouth and the Siege of Charleston. The regiment was captured by the British Army at Charlestown, South Carolina on May 12, 1780. The regiment was disbanded on January 1, 1783.


........There were 10 Continental Infantry Regiments from N.C. at Valley Forge. During the spring of 1778, the personnel of the 4th, 5th and 6th Regiments were absorbed by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Regiments.....................The N.C. troops were some of the hardest "sufferers" at Valley Forge. Being so far from home, their supplies were a long time coming. Poor's Brigade Orderly Book in the collection of the VFHS here, mentions on at least two occasions that the N.C. regiments get first pick of some incoming supplies because of their lack of proper food and clothing. They suffered very heavy losses compared to other regiments.


Commanders:  Col. Thomas Polk,  Lt. Col. James Thackston............The 4th North Carolina Regiment was authorized March 26, 1776 and assigned to the Southen Department.  The 4th North Carolina Regiment was organized April 15, 1776 at Wilmington. It included eight companies from Salisbury, Edenton, and Wilmington Districts.  On February 5, 1777, it was removed from the Southern Department and reassigned to the Northern Department. On July 8, 1777, it was assigned to the NC Brigade, an element of the Northern Department.  June 1, 1778, it was removed from the Northern Department and reassigned to the Southern Department - stationed in Valley Forge, PA. The regiment was so depleted that it was sent home to recruit new men.  In the Fall of 1779, it was reorganized at Halifax, NC, with nine (9) companies.  On February 11, 1780, the 4th NC Regiment was assigned to Sumner's Brigade, an element of the Southern Department. At some point, this brigade was known as Armstrong's Brigade.  May 12, 1780, the 4th NC Regiment surrendered to the British Army at the Fall of Charlestown, SC.  Reconstituted from April to July of 1781, with detachments being hurriedly sent to South Carolina to support Maj. Gen. Nathanael Green. As men were recruited, they were assembled and marched southward, usually with no uniforms and with no arms or ammunition.  The regiment was furloughed on January 1, 1783 at James Island, South Carolina and officially disbanded on November 15, 1783.


1817 - Settled in Jefferson Co., Mo.

1821 - Moved from Jefferson Co., Mo. to St. Francois Co., Mo.

William entered 700 acres of land adjoining the town of Farmington.

1822 - At the home of Jesse Murphy 1 April - William Alexander along with others was appointed a commissioner to locate a permanent seat of justice.

1830 - 1840 - William Alexander dies


Lawson Alexander, one of the oldest citizens & one of the first settlers of St. Francois Co., Mo. was born in Lincoln Co., North Carolina in 1800, & is the son of William & Elizabeth (Fish) Alexander.  The father was also a native of Lincoln Co., N.C. & was of English extraction.  He was a farmer by occupation & immigrated to Jefferson Co., Mo. in 1817, but after remaining there four years moved to St. Francois Co., where he died between 1830 - 1840.  He was married to Miss Fish, & to them were born eight children - three sons & five daughters - of whom Lawson is the second son.  He came to Missouri in the company of his parents, & in 1825 married Miss Polly McCormick, a native of Jefferson Co., Mo. who bore him five children:  Rufus, George, Lucy, Betsy, Ann & Isaiah, all of whom, so far as known, are now living.  Mrs. Lawson Alexander was of Irish descent, her father having immigrated from Ireland to America during the Revolutionary War.  Mr. Alexander has been an eye-witness of many remarkable changes in St. Francois Co., during his life, & can relate some very interesting events.  He is now the owner of a comfortable home on the outskirts of Farmington.


Children of Elizabeth Fish & William Alexander:   5 daughters & 3 sons:

Corbin - b: 1798-1805 Lincoln Co., NC - elected sheriff of St. Francois Co.,Mo. in 1826 - held other offices - d: 1865 leaving 4 children

Lawson - 1799 Lincoln Co., NC - 11 Jan 1889

son -

Hope - b: 1800-1801 NC - m: James Henderson Jr. circa 1819 - d: Hope died sometime after 1880






The constant influx of settlers to the area brought about a demand for a permanent seat of government. Appointed as commissioners to locate the county seat were Henry Poston, William Alexander and James Holbert. A generous donor was found in the persons of David Murphy and His wife Rachel, who by deed dated September 2, 1822".....gave as a donation to the County of St. Francois, upon which to fix the county seat, fifty two acres of land........."

Dec. 19th, 1821, the county was organized from parts of Ste. Genevieve, Washington and Jefferson. James Austin, Geo. McGahan and James W. Smith were appointed by the Governor as a county court, and their first meeting, Feb. 25th, 1822, was at the house of Jesse Murphy, when they appointed John D. Peers county clerk. The first circuit court was held at the same place, April 1st, 1822, Hon. N. B. Tucker judge, and John D. Peers clerk. Henry Poston, John Andrews, Wm. Alexander and James Holbert were appointed commissioners to locate the county seat, and D. Murphy, Sept 22d, 1822, donated 53 acres of land for that purpose which the county court accepted Feb. 27th, 1823. In 1824 a stray-pen and a log jail, made double, and a brick court-house were built. At various times churches and school-houses were built in convenient localities; new settlers joined the pioneers, and peace and prosperity reigned. [Note:  The following are some of the early citizens elected to represent St. Francois County in the Missouri House of Representatives:   Henry Poston (1826); David Murphy (1828); Corbin Alexander (1830, 1832).





Alexander, Corbin



Alexander, Effie


Paul J. Clay



Alexander, Frank W.


Paul J. Clay



Alexander, Js. F. & Mabel


D. S. Brown



Alexander, Lawson


W.B. Hunt



Alexander, Lucy


Parkhurst & Eisenbery



Alexander, Mahala


J.C. Alexander


Alexander, Mattie



Alexander, Mattie


Louis B. Butler



Alexander, Walter



1850 Census

Alexander,      Nancy     33     F     NC (b:1817)
                  ,      Mary       41    F      NC (b: 1809)
                  ,      Joseph       9    M     Mo
                  ,       Joseph A.  7    M     Mo
                  ,       Gideon       5    M     Mo
                  ,        Wm.          2    M     Mo

This Alexander family is living next door to Hope Alexander & James Henderson.


AlexanderLawson   51 - M  - NC (b: 1799)
       "         ,   Mary      46 - F   -  Mo
       "         ,   Elizabeth  21  F    -  Mo
       "         ,    Lucy       17   F   -  Mo
       "        ,   John W.W.  2  M  -  Mo

This Alexander family was living one house away from Alfred Green.

Alexander,   Corbin             44   M   NC (b: 1806)
      "          ,    Lucy               36   F    Ky
       "         ,     Laurens E.        3   M  Mo
       "         ,      John C.          11/12   Mo
Isenberg,           Aaron
Stam,                J. Henry
McHenry          John H.

Alexander,     Hiram     46     M     Va (b: 1804)
      "        ,      Sarah A. 21     F      Mo
      "        ,       Mary C. 20     F     Mo
      "        ,       Wm. S.   18     M   Mo
      "        ,        John G.   17    M    Mo  

Alexander,     Jacob     45     M     Tenn (b: 1805)
                ,     Jane       35     F       Ala
                ,     James     15     M      Ala
                ,     Catherine 13    F        Ala
                ,      Wm.       11     M      Mo
                ,      Mary E.     8     F       Mo
                ,      Francis      6      M      Mo
                ,      John D.      4     M      Mo
                ,      Joseph        1    M      Mo


Alexander, Lucy        50       F       Keeps House         Kentucky
      "        , Emmit      22       M    At Home                Missouri
      "        , Corbin     19       M          "                        Missouri




1840 Census:
Alexander, A.T.- Hiram - Jo - John  P. - Joseph

1850 Census:
Thomas - age 22, Male, born Mo.
      "         , Syntha  -        30, F     ,         Mo.
      "         ,  Mary
                 , Charlotte       
                 , Adela H.
                 , Oscar P.
                 , Lysander
Sutton       , Valentine

Alexander, John E.
                , Caroline C.
                 , S.A.
                 , C.A.
                 , M.R.


Bellevue Presbyterian Cemetery - Alexander:
Alexander Thompson - d: 1845 son of Mary Price & John Alexander - (arrived from North Carolina in 1807)

Catherine McCormick - b: 1795
Cyntha - d: 1846
James O. - d: 1835 age 1 mo.
John Price - 1758 - 1846 - (arrived from NC in 1807)
Margaret E. - 1807 - 1835
Mary (McCormick) - b: 1790
Myra E. - 1813 - 1846
(Widow)Jane - 2nd wife of John Alexander - arrived here with her children 1807

Caledonia Methodist Cemetery - Alexander:
Buella M. - b: 1913
Claude - 1894 - 1962
Effie A. - 1881 - 1948
F. Lee - 1900 - 1964
Fred Deroy - d: 1964
Lola A. - 1901 - 1982
Lula E. - 1888 - 1978
Roy Bradley - 1960 - 1963
Roy L. - 1907 - 1977
Wm. N. - 1870 - 1947