Fiestas del Amigos Locos - 2000

Amigos Locos at Lomax's

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Mouser wearing her "I don't do mornings" tshirt

Big Willy, Mouser, Saint


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Devil Dude & J.W.

Big Willy, Mouser, Saint, J.W. (aka Shyama)

Above photos taken by Devil Girl



Pictures from Hooter in Florida

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This Pic is of Hooter (aka 33 1/3) making another Woody, A creation of Woody's  Woodpens,   "Every one needs a Woodie

Hooter often gets into disagreements with Snot & Booger.  This was the battleplan that prompted Booger & Snot to construct their "secret weapon" in a "secret" cave in Washington County.  They "brew" up other concoctions there too.   lol



15 Diciembre 2000        Hardee's

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L to R:  Saint, Birdygirl, Petey, Devil Dude

Saint, Devil Dude, Big Willie, Lacee


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L to R: Devil Girl, Angel, Aaron, Crash,
Firefly, Mr. 007, 007, Saint, Birdygirl

L to R: Devil girl, Angel & Aaron, top of Crashes head, Mr. Firefly, Mr. 007, 007, Saint, Birdygirl


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amigos_3.jpg (11125 bytes)

Lacee opens her present

Maytag & Lacee.  Hhhmmm - is Lacee making some kind of gesture there with her hand?  lol


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Christmas_party_4.jpg (14014 bytes)

Angel & Aaron



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Big Willie, Lacee, Maytag

Saint (in left corner), Crash, Firefly


Christmas_party_3.jpg (24189 bytes)

This is Devil Girl coming out of the restroom after Birdygirl had held the door shut on her. 



Grandma Patti - We missed you!  Hope you're not snowed in next year.

Moose - Next year, be here!

Booger & Snot - You both can come next year too if you promise not to pick your noses & flip your boogers at each other while we're eating!!  And don't fall in the dumpster next year!

Booger's Words of Wisdom:  Always pick your nose BEFORE you scratch your a$$.

Geezer - If you're still alive next year glue in your teeth, plug in your hearing aid, bring your defribulator & join the party.

Leather & Kimmi & 33 1/3 & Anonymous: maybe you all could try & be here next year too!

Possum - don't want to leave you out either if your still around these parts.

Promise nobody will be locked in the bathroom again next year either - honest, trust me (saying it with my fingers crossed & evil grin, hehehe)



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23 Nov. 2001

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