Amigos Locos 2006

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Our illustrious leader - Birdygirl

Amigo Get-Together 16 December 2006 at Sweet Memories Sandwich & Ice Cream Shop - Potosi, Mo.

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Our waiter Justin

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Firefly making devil horns behind Grandma Patti's head

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Now Firefly is trying to look innocent.

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Grandma Pattin & Mr. Firefly

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Blondie & DK

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Blondie & DK gave these candy canes to all of the Amigo's as Christmas gifts.

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Some other people who happened to stop by during the Amigo get-together.......

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Wally the taxi man who was nice enough to take pictures of the group for us.

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Janet Drummond who didn't want to be photopraphed.

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Dave Merx who didn't know he was photographed.


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