Fiestas Del Amigos Locos - 19 June 2009
(Photographed By: Mouser (a.k.a. Ms. Mouse - a.k.a. Esther Ziock Carroll)

Hooter is the guest of honor
here on a weekend visit in Potosi from Tennessee.

Hooter, Mary J., Debbie G., & other Amigos

Hooter was the last to arrive & when he walked in we all started chanting:  "HOOTER! HOOTER! HOOTER!"
Everyone in the place was staring & wondering what the heck was going on.  lol!


Birdygirl, Big Willie & other Amigos

More Amigos!




Big Willie keeping an eye on things.

Amigo feet!


Hooter's motorcycle - Anna Nichole

Amigo's in the parking lot
inspecting Hooter's motorcycle.


Hooter leaving for parts unknown.


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