Hi Y'all!   This hyar's SNOT & BOOGERS PAyGE

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In the Ozark Mountains of
Washington Cunty Southeat Missouri

Snot an booger is brothers/cuzzins

             (snots the good lookin one on the left

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       & here be some a the rest a the fambly:                  

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this be snot an boogers son  see they both was wid the same woman a while back an she didnt know who's baby itwas an after blood/dna testin it was determined that the boy belonged to both of them!!!
That right... BOTH OF THEM!!!
The egg mutated from both men.

BOOGER HAS A PROFOUND REALIZATION:     "If I wernt so stewpid - - - - - - I'd be smart!"

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cuzzin snort

Uh oh. Boogers in the burgers.  Oh well.......pass the ketchup please!!!!

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this heer is a when the boyz blew up mz. mousers kitchen trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner fer the Amigos.

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BOOGER HAS STRANGE DREAMS:  "I wisht I knew one of them thar dream interpeters cause I hed this wierd dream this mornin. I dreamed thet I pickt two huge green boogers outa my left nostril an they looked jest like two hamburger dill pickle slices. What could it mean????"

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Booger an Snot are always a feudin with this other hillbilly name a Hooter.   Well one day ole Hooter gets real peed off an sez he gonna bomb Snots house.   But Snot an Booger been a workin on a powerful secret weapon at thar cave hideout an one a these days they gonna roll it out an Hooter wont be a Hootin no mo.

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Snot and Booger Beware !!!!!! I was sent these photos of Hooter's boy.He is on the rampage for any looters that are down in Hurricane Alley (floriduh) and he has his eye out for the Nose Drop boys!!!  He got word you two are runnin the back roads down there lookin for parts for your still (booze cooker) Watch yourselves boys!!!!  This kid looks mean and means business!!!!  If anyone has seen Snot & Booger please warn them for me!!!!  I'd hate to see anyone get hurt!!  Birdygrl

Snot & Boogers favoorite places to
fite & feud & fffffffornicate in WAshington cunty are

Perkin Lot

Pond Crick


Breton Crick

Monkey MOuntain



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1.gif (7626 bytes)THE LAWS is always a chasen Snot an Booger.  thet thar Depooty Devil Dude is one mean ornery cuss always a throwin these 2nice good ol boys in jail  but theys always escapin or a getin baled out by some a thar nice friends likes Julie an depooty dudes wife DG but don't tell Depooty Dude


Stupid is as stupid does
Sun Jul 29 21:59:44 2001
Hey Booger these people gittin plum stupid bout ravin and the fair and walmart. You know we luvs all this stuff cuse theres alys purty wimmin ther and we gits plenty of kisses on the ferris wheel. DG purty near pushed her lil kid outten the seat to get that kiss from me when it got stuk. Tell you whut we needs to straitn some these smart aleks out less meet on the walmart parkin lot and whup up on a bunch of em. Brang the dog and them what lives by you and me and Mom and Aunt Susie will brang the dog and our bunch. We ben layin round drankin our latest batch and manoman were in a mood to fite. Wonder if that Deputy Dude is workin ternite? See you at leben brang the Bandaids

Re: Stupid is as stupid does
Sun Jul 29 22:14:52 2001
Yep gonna haf ta straighted some of these hyar smartalexes out thets fer shore. I's brangin all the houn dawgs an roundin up my branch a the clan Possum, Granny, Uncle Elwood, an Uncle Geezer kin whack a few with his cain.by the time we gits finished with em thay gonna need a lot a bandaids hope that ole Depooty Dude aint a workin tonite I is gettin tired, tired I tell ya of him a always wantin to throw me in his jail dont ferget to save some a thet "batch" fer me!

Snot and Booger...
DG (Depooty dudes wife)
Sun Jul 29 23:52:30 2001
Sorry, but Deputy Dude IS working tonight. Tell you what though.....you go ahead and whoop up on those people and if he throws you in jail, I'll bring you a big box of donuts to bribe the deputies into letting you out. :)

bY: Snot
Mon Jul 30 09:12:50 2001
manoman what a time we had las nite, me and Booger whopped up on a whole bunch of em smart alex till they was a hollerin Uncle Aunt Quit Dont Please ThankYOU Help and call the cops we need help here. Fists teeth hair shoes just a flyin bandaids ready and Nurse Jane standin thar fer stitchin.  Well we mite have gotten the wrong place Booger you did say meet on the lot at Lakeview didnt you?

They waz purty well dressed fer a fite now that i think on it. Som the languge was jist awful and then yore bunch started throwin them in the Lake well you shouldnt done that here comes the EPA the DNA the MCC greenpeace mother earth clean water people game warden the Sherif the troopers the city dudes the fire dept jist cause the water got a leddle dirty an some fish birds and crawdads got throwed out. them ole dogs shouldnt jumped in we tol them NO but aint non our dogs pays eny attetion anyhows how much we gonna hav come up wid to gets them outta the pound? it costed us $10 and shore would habe beenmore ifn Lisa hadnt come up wid them donuts you gotta big olekiss comin sweetie and the dog wants to kis yu to OK?
we goin t o Julies now fer lunch she shore is a good un hope she neber gets married like Ms Lacee wid that onery ole man hers whoppin up on eber man looks at her and lil Mouse shes the cutes thang but her ole man the meanest thang we eber run into have to wait tillhe goes to sleep to gets a kiss thar but Maytag dont know about the boathouse yet hope he dont fin out cause then our ass be grass and he be the lawnmower again. see ys at Julies

Tequila - The Alternate Fuel?  Did yew know thet ifn yew pour some tequila in
a saucer & stick a match to it thet it makes the purtiest blue flame?

Thenk y'all fer a visitin Snot & Booger's payge
aan always remember
Booger's Words of Wisdom:
"Always pik yer nose BEFORE yew scratch yore ass."

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this hyars Boogers cats

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aint they purrrty

this hyars Possums pigs
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they like ta play wid a bowling ball

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