Cresswell Family History
Washington County, Missouri

Hannah Cliff Cresswell
(With son Joseph)
1795 - 1879

George Cresswell
1796 - 1871


George Cresswell was born 17 April 1796 in England.  In 1820 he married Hannah Cliff.  The newly weds came to the United States in 1821 settling in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania & later removed to Washington County, Missouri circa 1823-24. Family tradition states that they arrived at Ste. Genevieve, Missouri on the Mississippi River & walked to Old Mines in Washington County carrying their possessions on their backs.

In 1834 he purchased 40 acres of land at Aptus along the Mineral Fork River.  He built a home on the property in the same year .  By 1846 his estate had expanded to 1,500 acres.  Mr. Cresswell participated in farming, mining, smelting, milling & selling goods.  George Cresswell built the second Scotch Heath furnace & the Cresswell Grist Mill on his plantation.   He was one of the most prominent business men in the county. He died 4 April 1871 & is buried in Souls Chapel Cemetery, Washington County, Missouri.

Hannah Cliff  was born 26 Dec. 1795 in England.  Hannah passed away in 1879 & is buried in Souls Chapel Cemetery, Washington County, Missouri.

Children of Hannah Cliff & George Cresswell:

Mary Ann: b: 3 Jan. 1821 d: 1829         

Abigail:  b: 14 Oct. 1823  d: in infancy

George:  b: 4 Oct. 1825  d: 1900 - m: Slateria ??

Stephen R.: b:  8 November 1827 in Washington Co., Mo. - m:  16 March 1848 to Mrs. Catherine Simpson

William C.: b: 27 Jan. 1830  d: 31 May 1864   m: 20 February 1853 to Mildred McCracken

Joseph: b:  26 March 1832   d: 5 Jan. 1867 - m: Amanda McCracken in 1851 - Joseph served as Circuit Clerk of Wash. Co.

Rose Hannah:  b: 19 March 1834  d: in infancy


Above: Cresswell Farm ca. 1860 from an oil painting.  The home was built in 1834.

Left:  The Cresswell Furnace is listed on the National Register Of Historic Places.


Civil War history of the Cresswell farm:

After passing through Potosi a contingent of Price's army arrived at the Cresswell farm and furnace where the skraggly, hungry soldiers looted the Cresswell store.  While camped on the farm, one of the soldiers died of his wounds and is buried in the bottom field on the bank of Mineral Fork Creek.