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Quite by accident I stumbled across your website this afternoon.  I can't
tell you how much pleasure it gave me to read about the creatures you befriend
and to see their pictures.  I was especially struck by how aware you are of the
smallest animals that most people would pass by, oblivious to the fascinating
lives these animals live in their own small spaces.  You are lovely people to
offer a sanctuary to the wildlife of your area.  It's their world too, and,
unfortunately, humans are depleting the natural resources and replacing woods
and streams with concrete and asphalt.  I wish there were many, many more people
like you in the world.  Keep up the good--and very important--work that you
do.  I hope your message of love and compassion travels far and wide. 
Warmest regards,  Lindsie Tucker  Atlanta, Georgia

Es,  I just love your website.  It is written with so much love.  I just read your story about Lady and Baby Jane.  Yes, it was so tragic.  Just think, you guys have been through situations like this many more times than I have.  It really takes a special person.   Thanks for sharing.   Les

Esther, I just visited your site, and LOVED IT, especially the cat's, I'm a cat person for all my life, so can relate to your story about the humane animals.  One of mine is a "foundling.".  KEEP up the good work.  Charlotte

The girls and I have visited your critters website and enjoyed all the pictures. Michelle Harmon

Just read your past pets site and it made me happy cry.........hugz Lacee  Nancy & Dennis Dontrich

Esther:  Yours is a wonderful site as well. I'm still chuckling over the shredded paper towel picture. Isn't that so typical of cats?  Wonderful stories of rescue too, I'm certain you'll be blessed for that.   Thanks for signing our guestbook, and we're thankful you enjoyed the pictures. Check back a little later. I'm just going to add some "winter" pics. We took the pups out over the last couple of days into our new snow.  Kyle and Kathy     http://www.cris.com/~kthill/nugget.htm - fun    http://www.mltonline.com - not so fun

You guys are just too much!  Those are the cutest pages! I just love to look at the animal pictures, any kind. Thanks for including Hansie, he sure was special to us.  I will have to find a picture of my other kitty to send you one of these days.  Ruth Ann Hill - Washington County Missouri

Greetings From New Brunswick:  Hi,   Your cousin, Bill Jackson, invited me to visit your site. I'm glad I did. Very nicely done, indeed. The rescue of Angel was a great story. I hope she continues to do well :) I have had several rescues over the years, mostly terriers. Right now, I have one, Mr. Jake. He was one of two that I adopted in 94. Alas, his brother, Mr. Alex passed away due to an array of illnesses. Both were from an abusive home. If you feel  inspired, you can read some of their "writings" on my own web site under "Critter Chronicles". They first appeared in a disability-related magazine, wherein I shared anecdotes, using the "voice" of the tenacious ones, about living with a person with disability. Some of them have since been donated to a book that was published in the States, with proceeeds of sales going to Cairn terrier rescue (getting dogs out of puppy mills, etc). Hope you enjoy.  Best regards, Carla     http://www.brunnet.net/terrier


Hello, Your cousin Bill sent me your webpage & I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my visit.  I especially enjoyed seeing & reading about all your pets and the wildlife page.  Thank you also for all the animals you have rescued!
Bird nests I'm watching: doves, robin, tree swallow, bluebird, starling & sparrow
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Snail-Mail letter from Domino's Pizza Customer Care Center - January, 2000 - Dear Mrs. Carroll,  Thank you for taking the time to contact the Domino's Pizza Web Site.  We were really humored to hear how much your cat, Candy, enjoys lying on the warm pizza box.  We hope to continue to bring you & Candy the quality products & superior service you have come to expect.  Enclosed please find $15.00 in gift certificates to be used for Candy's next Domino's pizza.  Again, thank you for sharing you comical pictures with us.  It is always a pleasure to hear from our customers.  Sincerely, Cheryl A. Bachelder - Vice President Customer Satisfaction

"Thank you for your kind gesture of linking Rainbowsbridge.com to your unique & interesting website!" - Ginny B.

"I visited your site.  My daughter & I especially liked the pic of the cat & the shredded paper towels!" - Rafi

"Hi Esther & Gene - Thanks for inviting us to visit your beautiful cyberhome.  In recognition of all you are doing for the welfare of animals we are happy to present CARROLL'S CORNER with The Meditative Cat's Sites With Heart award.  You've been added to the list of honor at http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/CatAnna/catcare.htm   And because your cats are soooo adorable & photogenic we'd also like to give your cats' page our Heavenly Cat Site Award.   You'll find Carroll's Cats listed at http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/CatAnna/awardcat.htm   Concatulations!  Monday would also like to invite Candy & Brandy to join her cyberclub, the Society of Meditative Cats.They can find out all about it at http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/
CatAnna/society.htm   Peaceful purrs...." -  CatAnna & Monday the meditative cat

GREAT JOB!!!You and my sister would get along fantastic!!Her husband and her have no children except 3 cats.I swear they are treated better then most human children!!They just addopted Slippurr(a kitten from the shelter in IL.
I swear that cat is already spoiled rotten!!They have there own room also which is nicer then my bedroom!!!!Its great to know there are people like you and my sister that take these animals in and give them loving homes.I have 2 cats,and a dog and yes,they are just as spoiled as my boys(ok,maybe my dog is even a little more spoiled). Take Care and Keep up the great work." Julie - dejanews.members.fam.tlnixon.potosi_-free_-speech - Washington County, Missouri

"Hi, Happy New Year! It is my pleasure to present you with the Cat Lovers Award.Thanks, Kay  -  Kay's Cats *Lucy and Ethel* http://www.kayscats.com


"I must say, esther, that your kitties look almost mischievous in the first picture, and my suspicions were confirmed as I scrolled down!  The shot of the cat in the paper [towels] was too much!  Been there!  Thanks for sharing!" Mark Mason, Disc Jockey for radio station KEX - 1190, Portland, OR.,  Author & Publisher of Cat Diary -  To subscribe: Catdiary@aol.com

  Liked your cats, too.  My daughter has a dozen or so.   Write if you wish, to:  Doris Hallgren

Esther:  You are asking me for the Keeper award? You should be demanding it! I just looked at your critters page and the page with your adorable Candy and Brandy kitties. You are doing some wonderful work with homeless animals. Thank god for people like you. Both of these pages are better than terrific and most heartwarming."   Diane aka Diabella Loves Cats - New York

Your site is interesting and your love of animals is inspirational.  

The BratCats would like to present you with their KEEPER OF THE STARS AWARD. This award is not given lightly and goes to those who are involved in animal welfare/rescue/shelter and especially to those who adopt these strays and give them a second chance at life.   Your site definitely qualifies for this award.
You can retrieve the award by going to the url listed below, saving it to your own hard drive and linking it back to our site.  Let me know when it is up and I will add you to the winners list.  I would also like to invite you to join our Keeper of The Stars Webring.  This ring is only open to those who won our version of Keeper of The Stars.  The award is yours whether or not you join the ring but we'd love to have you aboard and know you'd feel very much at home with the other ring members.  If interested, the application and information are at:
Just recently we started The Bratcats Webring and if you'd like to join this one, the information/application is at:  BRATCAT RING
http://www.bratcats.com/bratring.htm - New York

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I have all my life wanted to see and own a skunk. All I have ever seen is pictures. I would love one. They remind me of Tuxedos. And all that great long fur! The creatures card is one of my favorites. i cant believe how well it looks on your wildlife page and how fitting it is. My banner is on so many pages. I really appreciate that. Thank you. Candy and Brandy are to die for. Gorgeous cats. I wish I had you here to take photos of my crew. You take amazing pics. the best one I have ever seen yet is with the toilet paper.  . diane - New York

We loved your wildlife section.  I too love wildlife.  We have white squirrels.  These are my pets, although they are not tame. Some are also in-between white and gray.  Many of my friends did not believe me; about our white squirrels, so I took a picture.  I now have proof.  Thanks,  Nancy

Hi Esther,   I was getting worried about you.  I haven't seen any post from you on the forum lately.  The squirrels I think are very unusual.  But no I do not believe they are albino.   There are different shades of them.  But one is almost white as this page...he travels around the country, because we ride our golf cart and have seen him on other roads.  I am sooo glad wildlife is protected at..... [here].  We have deer come up in the yard sometime even though where we live is populated.  We have lots of rabbits, skunks...abundantly, birds every where.  Most people here feed the animals, and also enjoy wildlife.  If I can figure out how to work my scanner I will e-mail you a picture of one of the squirrels.  My friends in MS do not believe that there is any such thing as white squirrels, but now I have proof.  I could not garrentee it, but the chances of seeing them almost any time is good.  We have named the big white one little Richard for one of our neighbors.  .  keep up the good work.  I also enjoy the stories about your strays.  take care,  Nancy

  I find it very interesting and want you to know there
are people out here that appreciate what others do for there families and communities and the animals.  My Seal Point Siamese Cats are gone now due to age. I miss them, but due to retiring and wanting to travel I don't believe I'll get more.  From the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon.  Thank you,     Doris N.B.

Hi Esther and Gene,  It is Christmas....And I had to continue checking out the new 'stuff' on your web page.,........well, Of course I was in tears reading the story about "The Dog that rescues Cats">>>..I have a degree in History...I never intended to teach...I just love reading anything that is true....but I was sooooo appalled to read that some cats have HIV...how sad.....My two spoiled little fur balls really enjoyed all the wrapping paper this morning ...I was lucky and got a fabulous picture of MS. Priss...which we now call Princess...you can probably figure out why we are now calling her that...And Shadow's name is now Precious...because she thinks she is the boss.....and that we should do what she wants....Merry Christmas,  Lacee.

I wish you had a picture of my white squirrel and JW's white deer to put on this site....I am arming myself with my camera as I write this...I am determined to get a really good picture....since my southern friends do not believe in white squirrels...no I am arming myself with two cameras and I am going looking for whitey...I will send you a picture......My two cats slept with me last night and nearly scared me to death...I was discussing "the Lapine Murders" right before I went to sleep on the phone, and in the middle of the night my kitty's decided to leave so they just walked right across my stomach...I nearly died..they have never done this before....And I sure hope they don't do it again...I sat straight up in the bed with my heart trying to jump out of my chest........Merry Christmas,  Lacee


Hi Ya'll,  Your new site for animals is great...As usual I forwarded it to friends..and they all are talking about it...I really liked the picture of Pramsey's donkey...But the cat named Laice was simply beautiful.  I too have a problem with de-clawing cats...but my doctor says I cannot have a cat without de-clawing...He is afraid that even a small scratch can cause major problems for me...possibly the lose of a leg.....so we declawed our babies....We have to be so careful about them and not let them try explore the outside....Tonight when I was taking a bath I heard the door open to the bathroom...so I just assumed it was Dennis..I started talking to him and when he didn't answered I looked, and sitting watching me was MS. Priss I guess I hadn't shut the door good.....She loves water.....I have always complained about stray animals always being at my house...not as much here as in Mississippi....One of my neighbors commented to me one time that if I didn't want all the strays to appear and stay at my house that I should quit feeding them so good.....But I cannot stand to see anything hungry or sick or abandoned...I think some of this is from remembering that I too was once on the mercy of the world...Happy New Year,
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