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Jenny turned up on our doorstep barefoot & pregnant in 2005.  She was cold, hungry & very tired.  Found her trying to huddle up on a small piece of carpeting out on the sundeck. So we put some dry bedding out for her & some food.    We've named her Jenny & Gene built a nice box for her which we called the puppy pad.  A few days after her arrival Gene took her out to Larry's for a check up & that's when we were informed that not only is she blind in one eye & has some hip problems she was also pregnant.  Oh Dear.  Now what do we do?  We brought the puppy pad in the house & put it the back bathroom with a nice blanket in it for her to have her puppies. And have puppies she did!  Nine of them. The last one was still born so that left eight surviving puppies. We were lucky that the Open Door (no kill) Animal Sanctuary took the puppies after they were weened. Because of Jenny's blind eye we thought it might lessen her chances for adoption so we decided to keep her.  Because of her hip problems she has difficulty getting up & laying down.  She has always been a happy dog but doesn't smile as much as she used to since her best friend, Angel, died on Christmas Eve in 2013.

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In June of 2014 Jenny became ill & our veterinarian found a large mass in her abdomen around her spleen.  We had to take her up to St. Louis to Veterinary Specialty Services for an operation.  She is back home now recovering.