Past Pets of Esther & Gene Carroll

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There is a bridge connecting Heaven & Earth.  It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors.  Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge,there is a land of meadows, hills & valleys with lush green grass. When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place.  There is always food & water & warm spring weather.  The old & frail animals are young again.  Those who are maimed are made whole again.  They play all day with each other.  There is only one thing missing:  They are not with that special person who loved them on Earth.  So, each day they run & play until the day comes when one suddenly looks up!  The nose twitches.  The ears are up.  The eyes are staring.  And this one suddenly runs from the group.  You have been seen, & when you and your special friend meet, you take him or her in your arms & embrace.  Your face is kissed again & again & again, & you look once more into the eyes of your trusted pet.  Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated.

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Those who are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge:

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 vmt26c.gif (875 bytes)   Our Sweet Little Angel  vmt26c.gif (875 bytes)


vmt26c.gif (875 bytes) Our Darling Candy & Brandy  vmt26c.gif (875 bytes)

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The following article was published in the Independent Journal- 12 May 1988 - Written by Esther M. Carroll & published in Tracy Barr's column "Animal Chatter".  It was also published in the Humane Society of the Ozarks Newsletter in July of 1992  along with the statement: "All of us at the Shelter extend our sympathy to the Carroll's in the loss of their "Missey":


    In March of 1983 "Sandy" wandered into the Carroll's as a hungry stray puppy and refused to leave.  Esther & Gene decided to keep her & are so glad they did as she is a very intelligent & loving dog.  She knows the names of all of her toys & her favorite games are "Tug of War" & "Fetch the Squeeky".  She speaks & sneezes on command & responds to numerous other verbal & sign language commands.  She also loves to speak to people on the telephone & enjoys having her back scratched with the wooden back scratcher.  She often naps on the couch with all four feet in the air.
    In July of 1983 the Carrolls unknowingly brought a friend home for "Sandy".  While visiting at the hospital in Sullivan a tiny 1 1/2 lb. kitten crawled under the hood of their pick-up truck & rode all the way home to   Potosi on the fender ledge.  To top it all off Gene had just installed a musical horn the day before & he kept programming it to play up to 50 different musical tunes all the way home - with the speaker only inches from where the kitten was perched!  After arriving home Gene went to change the oil in the truck & found her.  After about a month they found that "Missey" had previously belonged to a hospital employee & had ridden to work in the same manner with the lady several other times.
    After taking up residence with the Carrolls her "hitch hiking" days were over.  Now she has her own room & every night, without fail, she demands to go to her room & insists on being tucked in for the night.   Her favorite games are bushwhacking, wrestling & scampering with "Sandy" & playing in empty paper grocery bags.  Her daddy says she is Bruce Lee re-incarnated the way she rears up on her back feet, yeowls & karate chops "Sandy".  It's really comical to see a 6 lb. cat wrestling & chasing a 60 lb. dog!  When finished eating Missey likes to cover her dish with a paper towel & she enjoys napping in the window next to her mom's desk.

Missey died in 1992 of a mysterious, unknown illness at the age of 9 years.  We had boarded Sandy & Missey while we were on a trip. We called every few days to check on them and were always told everything was all right. But during our trip Missey had become ill and two days after our return she died. Sandy died in 1996 at almost 14 years of age.  We still miss them both.  Sandy & Missey were best friends & now they are truly "Together Forever". vmt26c.gif (875 bytes)vmt26c.gif (875 bytes)

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Sandy & Missey washing dishes


Sandy & Missey watching out the front door as their daddy goes out the driveway in the truck.



BOOTS - THE FIREHOUSE CAT - Boots originally was a feral cat at a chicken farm in St. Louis County. boots.jpg (7119 bytes)When we lived in Chesterfield one of the firemen that Gene worked with  caught her & brought her to the fire house. The first time I saw Boots she was in a wire cage she was cringing in terror, spitting, hissing & clawing. The fireman had to wear thick leather gloves to feed her so she wouldn't shred his hands. She eventually became tame enough to be released & she lived in a small dog house at the back door of the firehouse. Gene would occasionally let her in the firehouse to feed her & play with her.  Sometimes, though, she would get underneath the firetruck & he would have to chase her out with a broom for fear of running over her if a call came in & he had to leave in a hurry. She seemed to like it when I visited as I gave her extra attention.  However the fire chief became tired of tip-toeing through the kittens every time he came to the firehouse & ordered that Bootsie would have to go. Gene & I were getting married about that time (1969) so it was decided that we would bring her to live with us. We had her spayed & she eventually became a very affectionate & loving cat, a far cry from the hissing, clawing wild animal she was when I first saw her. Since Boots was formerly a firehouse cat she knew that when a call came in her daddy drove the firetruck when he was at work. So when the tone would go off on the plectron at home (as it also did at the firehouse) Bootsie knew that her daddy would usually come driving by our house in the firetruck. As soon as the tone sounded she would jump up on the back of the sofa watching for him out the front window.  Usually in a few minutes she could hear the engine coming down the road & her tail would begin to twitch. As the firetruck got closer to our house her tail would twitch & flip faster & faster with excitement!   She would stay in the window until her daddy went roaring by the house in the firetruck then she would jump down & happily go on about her business, glad that she had gotten to see her daddy in the firetruck. On the rare occasions that her daddy went the other direction & not come past our house she would be so disappointed. She would sit there waiting & watching for awhile, gradually shrinking with disappointment. After about 10 minutes she would dejectedly get down & go pout somewhere. We have many stories we could tell about her but it would fill a book to recite them all.  Bootsie died in 1982 at approximately 15 years of age. We still miss her. vmt26c.gif (875 bytes)



TRIXIE - I found as a small puppy out in the middle of a field. After what happened to Dixie we kept Trixie penned up or tried to.   Trixie's favorite thing to do was DIG, DIG, DIG!! She was always digging her way out under the fence so Gene buried railroad ties under the fence & she would still tunnel  her way out! She would also dig a hole & bury anything she was given - toys, chewies, sticks, cookies, etc.   When we moved to Washington County in 1981 we thought we lived far enough out in the country to safely let her run loose & enjoy her freedom.  A few months later some jerk hunter shot & killed her.  She was age 11. After this incident we no longer allow any pets to roam & keep them indoors or in a fenced in yard. vmt26c.gif (875 bytes)



PINKIE - was a small beige or pinkish colored mouse that I bought at a pet store.  He usually spent his days eating & sleeping.   He spent most of his nights re-arranging his nest & cedar shavings.  But his absolute favorite activity at night was running in his wheel!  I don't know how he could keep this up for hours without getting tired!  Pinkie died of old age in the 1970's at approximately 3 years. vmt26c.gif (875 bytes)


DIXIEwas a stray dog that we kept.  She used to steal all of the neighbors newspapers out of their driveways & pile them up in our driveway! Neighbors could not leave their garage doors open as she would go in & steal something & bring it home.  Neighbors could not leave anything outside for the same reason.  Some of the things she brought home: a laundry basket, a plastic waste can,  basket balls & softballs from the school across the street, shoes.   Dixie was hit by car in 1969 age unknown. vmt26c.gif (875 bytes)


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roses  gd021999[1].gif (12516 bytes) A PRAYER FOR ANIMALS - Hear our humble prayer, O God, for our friends the animals, especialy for animals who are suffering, for any that are hunted or lost or deserted or frightened or hungry; for all that must be put to death.  We entreat for them all Thy mercy and pity, and for those who deal with them we ask a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words.  Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals and so to share the blessings of the merciful.                          Albert Schweitzer

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