David  Elliott  Perryman


Judge of the Wasington County, Missouri court 1842 - 1845
 Prominent criminal lawyer of the Washington County Bar & served Missouri Legislature for 2 terms.


David Elliot Perryman

1813 - David Elliott Perryman was born in Tennessee

1832 - Moved to Missouri settling on a farm near Potosi, Washington County

1838 - married Mariah Frances Blackwell 18 January in WashCoMo

1840 - in Bellvue T., WashCoMo census

1840 - began practicing law

1842 - became a judge of the Washington County Court

1846 - elected to legislature & served two terms

1850 - Union T., WashCoMo

1851 - David buys land from his brother-in-law Robt. M.C. Blackwell - SE1/2 SE1/4 SEC26 T38N R3E

1860 - Old Mines,WashCoMo

1870 - Union T., WashCoMo

1872 - David Elliott Perryman died 12 March, Washington County, Mo. -  buried in the Perryman Family Cemetery, Cadet, Washington County, Missouri 

Married: Maria Frances Blackwell - born: 1817, Ky.


Perryman - 1839 - 1850

Willis L. - 1845 - Washington Co., Mo. - married: Eliz. O. Hodge

Philip Thompson - 4 December 1848 - Washington Co., Mo. Married: Emma Beron - Died: 9 May 1920 - Claridy's Batallion Cavalery, CSA 1864 or 1865 at 16 years old.

Ellen - Born: 1850 - Died: 1860

David Elliott - 15 May 1850/53 - d: 23 Dec. 1919 JeffCoMo buried: DeSoto City Cemetery - Occupation: Retired Lawyer -                        Married: Ada C. Edgar

Jasper Twigs - 28 February 1856, Washington Co., Mo. - Married: 1) Mary Culton 2) Ollie Thomas - Died: ca. 1909

John B. - 1859 - Died: 1862 - buried in the Perryman Family Cemetery, Cadet, Washington County, Missouri 



Submitted by: Robert C. Haefner:

Reminiscences of the Bench and Bar of Missouri:

David E. Perryman was for many years a practicing lawyer in Washington County, Missouri.  Of his early life but little is known, further than that he was born in east Tennessee, & received but a very limited education, though it is said he taught a country school in Tennessee several years.

About the year 1832 he removed to Missouri, & settled on a small farm near Potosi; was elected one of the judges of the County Court of Washington County, & this, no doubt, suggested to him the idea of turning his attention to the law.  It does not appear that he ever pursued a regular course of legal study, but probably read as many of the elementary works as fell in his way.  He commenced the practice in 1840. About this time he began to take an active part in politics; was a strong Whig, & a great admirer of Henry Clay.  It was either in 1840 or 1844 that he was placed on the Whig ticket as a candidate for elector, & canvassed a portion of south-east Missouri.

In 1846 he was elected to the Legislature, & served two terms.  It was a legislature that he obtained whatever reputation he possesed;  for as a lawyer he was little known, & never obtained much practice outside of his own county.

He was a man of good, hard common-sense, & in the Legislature took a part in every important discussion.  He seldom occupied more than 10 or 15 minutes in a speech, & had the happy faculty of knowing precisely at what time to stop.  He had a great fund of dry humor;  told an anecdote with good effect, & made it a point to give utterance in every speech to some witticism, which set the house in a good humor.   By this means he always secured the attention of the members, who expected some something to amuse them, & were never disappointed.  In telling an anecdote he never committed the folly of laughing himself - in fact, you could not discover on his face the slightest approach to a smile.  Mr. Perryman died near Potosi, in 1873, upwards of sixty years of age.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Goodspeed's History of Washington County, Missouri - pg. 501:   ........In the same year, 1860, William Spencer was indicted for the murder of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Presnell.  He was tried in December of that year & acquitted on account of insufficient evidence to sustain the charge.  He was defended by Judge David E. Perryman.

David E. Perryman - Judge of Washington County Court - 1842 - 1845 - From:  Goodspeed's History of Washington County, Missouri - Pg. 496

Goodspeed's History of Washington County - Washington County Bar - Pg. 499:  Washington County has produced a number of very prominent men, whose reputations have not been confined to its limits.  Among the number, in addition to those elsewhere named, may be mentioned................also David E. Perryman, a noted criminal lawyer. 



Cole County Missouri Obituaries - 1871 - 1899 - Collection of obituaries from the Jefferson City Daily Tribune between 1871 and 1899 - This newspaper was published in the county seat of Jefferson City, and as with many rural newspapers, includes the names of people who lived in surrounding counties.......

David E. Perryman - Death date:  12 Mar 1872 - Issue date:  13 Mar 1872

U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907
David E Perryman Missouri 1 Jun 1849 5th PM Washington 38-N 3-E 35

David E Perryman Missouri 10 Oct 1853 5th PM Washington 38-N 3-E 26

David E Perryman Missouri 10 Oct 1856 5th PM Washington 37-N 3-E 32

David E Perryman Missouri 1 Jan 1859 5th PM Iron 35-N 1-E 22









From Mac Elliott:

1. David Elliot Perryman was born ABT. 1812 in GA. He married Mariah Frances Blackwell 18 Jan 1838 in Washington County, MO.
Children of David Elliot Perryman and Mariah Frances Blackwell are:
+ 2   i. Jasper T. Perryman.
3   ii. David E. Perryman. He married Ada C. Edgar 1 Jun 1880 in Washington County, MO.
+ 4   iii. Phillip Thompson Perryman.

Descendant Register, Generation No. 2

2. Jasper T. Perryman (David Elliot Perryman1).
Child of Jasper T. Perryman is:
+ 5   i. Perryman.
4. Phillip Thompson Perryman (David Elliot Perryman1). He married Emma Beron.
Child of Phillip Thompson Perryman and Emma Beron is:
6   i. John Perryman was born ABT. 1874 in ?Washington Co., MO. He married Sarah E. Patterson, daughter of Louis Patterson and Melissa J.. She was born ABT. 1880 in St Francois Co., MO.

Descendant Register, Generation No. 3

5. Perryman (Jasper T. Perryman2, David Elliot Perryman1).
Child of Perryman is:
7   i. Evelyn Perryman. She married Woodward.

*****In MY FAMILY RECORDS NOTES: (Mac's) *****

Marriage record: David E. Perryman m-Mariah F. Blackwell 18 Jan 1838 Washington

1840 David in Washington Co MO, p 199 Belview
1 m un 5, 1 m 15/20, 1 m 20/30, 1 f 20/30

1850 David in Washington Co MO p 093 Union TWP,
D. E. Perryman 37 GA, Lawyer, Maria F. 33 KY, Willis L. W. 5 MO, Phillip T. 2
MO, Ellen 3/12 MO

1860 Washington Co MO p 390,family 387, Old Mines
David E. Perryman 46 GA, Lawyer, Mariah "A." 41 KY, Willis 15 MO, Phill(a) L.
12 male MO, David E. 6, Jasper T. 4, John B. 9/12 (ch born MO)
Living with them are 3 male farmers: John Towloose 23 MO, Lewis Towloose 19 MO,
William McClancey? 18 NI,

1870 Washington Co MO, p 11, Caledonia, Union Twp (from Evelyn Woodward)
D. E. 58 GA, M.F. 53 KY, D.E. 17 MO, J.T. 14 MO

1880 St Francois Co MO p 22, family 176            (from Evelyn Woodward)
D.E. 27 MO, laborer, Ada C. 24 MO, Maria F. 63 KY (Mother), W. L. 35 MO,

Descendant: Evelyn Perryman Woodward
Centerview, MO 64019



1900 census Jefferson Co. Mo.

David E Perryman

son of Judge Perryman?

Dora N

Valle, Jefferson, Missouri

abt 1853