m: 29 Nov. 1816 Francois Pensonneau



HUBERT DeLORNE/DeLORME, my 4th great grandfather, was the youngest of ten children. 

1762 - b:Quebec in 1762 & was the son of Louise Fricon, Frigon or Prignon & Jean Baptiste DeLorne.

1782 - Hubert migrated to America settling in Cahokia, Illinois. 

1792 - 1 November in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri, he married Marie Francoise LeBoeuf who was the daughter of Marie Catherine LeFrance and Phillip LeBoeuf (dit LaFlamme) who were natives of Prarie DuChien. 

1794 - Hubert was with the St. Clair Co.Ill, militia under Capt. Jean Baptist Dubuque

1808 - Hubert's wife, Marie, died 2 December, buried in Holy Family Cemetery

1818 - Hubert died in Cahokia 23 July, buried in Holy Family Cemetery





JEAN BAPTISTE DeLORME was my 5th great grandfather.
b: 1704/1711 - Til-Chatel, Cote D'or, Bourgogne, France
d: 22 July 1785 - Troi Riviers, Quebec, Canada
m: 1) Charlotte Monique Sauvage 31 Jan. 1739 --- 2) Marie Louise Frigon (Batiscan, Maurice, Quebec, Canada) 19 April 1751 - Marie 1725 - 1797

Children of Marie Louise Frigon & Jean Baptiste Delorme:

Josephte - b:          d:         m: 1771 Thomas Lewis/Louis Trois Rivers, Quebec - 2) 1782 Joseph Precourt

Elisabeth - b: 1761- d:      m: Amable Chevrefils Belisle

Hubert - b: 1762 Quebec - d: 1818 Cahokia, Ill. - m: 1792 Marie Francoise LeBoeuf,  Ste. Gen, MO.


From the archives of Three Rivers, by Thomas H. McCane - July, 1893 - -  JEAN BAPTISTE DeLORME, the son of Ettienette Gueneau and Hubert DeLorne, was born at Brechateau in the Diocese of Dijon Bourgogne, France in the year 1711.  He came to Three Rivers, Quebec, Canada in the year 1737 where he occupied the position of Maitre Foundeur (Chief Founder)  in the government foundries of Saint Maurice situated on the right bank of the St. Maurice River, nine miles northeast of Three Rivers.  They were the first industries of their kind established in North America.  He ran out the first blast from them on October 15, 1737.  The ruins of one of the old copula's still remained in 1893 on the occasion of my visit to those parts and in the midst of its wild wierd solitude prevailed by a deathlike stillness unbroken save by the sound of the roaring rushing waters of the mad St. Maurice River which goes leaping and frothing forth at their base.  I had the exquisite pleasure of standing upon the brink and drinking deeply of the hallowed memories of a by-gone age.



HUBERT DeLORME - b: 1670 - d: 1770 - from Ancestry                    ETTIENETTE GUENEAU - b:1670 - Dijon, Cote D'or, Bourgogne, France


MISCELLANEOUS DELORNE/DELORME INFO:  ".........Jean Baptiste Saucier discovered her working as a poor seamstress in the mansion of her cousins the Delormes in New Orleans..........."  Pg. 29 - The Village of Kaskia - Francois Saucier was the architect of the second Ft. Chartres, St. Clair Co., Ill.


SOURCES:  Roll of Dubuque's Company - "Early Chicago & Ill." pg 496;;  George Pensonneau; 


Marie Louise Frigon was the spouse of Jean Baptiste Delorme & the daughter of Jean Francois Frigon & his 2nd wife Marie Perault/Perrot.
b: 30 March 1725 - Batiscan, Maurice, Quebec, Canada
d: 3 Nov. 1797 - Trois Riviers, Quebec, Canada 

Jean Francois Frigon:
B: 1674 - Batiscan, Champlain, Quebec, Canada
D: 1752 - Champlain, Quebec, Quebec, Canada
M: Marie Perault/Perrot - 4 June 1715 - Ste-Anne-De-La Perade, Quebec, Canada

Francois Frigon
B:1650 - Batiscan, Champlain, Quebec, Canada 
D: 13 May 1724, Batiscan, Quebec, Canada 
M: Marie Chamois/Chamboy - 8 Feb 1671 in Batiscan, Quebec, Canada   



Marie Perrault
B: 24 August 1688 - Neuville, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada
D: 15 February 1773 - Batiscan, Champlain, Quebec, Canada

M: Jean Francois Frigon
- 4 June 1715 - Ste-Anne-De-La Perade, Quebec, Canada


Pierre Perrault
D: 21 May 1741 - Quebec, Canada 

M: Genevieve Duclos - 1685 - Quebec, Canada


Genevieve Duclos:
Born: 1671 in Batiscan, Champlain, Quebec, Canada
Died: 5 Jul 1740 in St Anne, De La Perade, Quebec, Canada
Marriage: 1685 in Portneuf, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada

Francois Duclos
Born: 12 Mar 1627 - Manerbe, Lisieux, Normandie, France
Died: 4 Dec 1711 - Batiscan, Champlain, Quebec, Canada 

Charles Duclos
Born: abt 1600 - Manerbe, Lisieux, Normandie, France 
Died: abt 1700 - Liseux, Normandy, France