Esther Carroll at Patterson Park/Hampstead Hill

Photographed:  June, 1991

".........And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there..........."  The Star Spangled Banner

During the war of 1812 events very significant to American history occurred at Baltimore, Maryland.  My 4th great grandfather Andrew Stuart Dickey, who would later become a resident of Washington County, Missouri, participated in these events.
    Andrew volunteered for service at Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Four days after the British captured Washington, DC, he mustered into ranks, at the age of 16, on Aug. 28th, 1814 at Baltimore.  He served as a private in the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1st Brigade, 49th Regiment of the Maryland Militia under the command of Capt. James Clyde and Lt. Col. Thomas W. Veazey.
    The 49th Regiment was among the more than 10,000 troops entrenched at Hampstead Hill (now known as Patterson Park.)  When the British ships shelled Baltimore for more than 25 hours on Sept. 13 & 14 it was the troops at Hamstead Hill that blocked the invading British land forces that had marched inland from the North Point Peninsula and prevented them from capturing Fort McHenry.  After the bombardment ceased at dawn on Sept. 14th , Hamstead Hill could see "that our flag was still there" flying bravely over Fort McHenry and signifying the British failure.  These are the events that inspired Francis Scott Key to compose the "Star Spangled Banner" which later became the National Anthem of our country.
Andrew served until Sept. 21st, 1814 a total of 24 days for which he was paid $7.43.  He was allowed four days to travel the 62 miles to his home and was honorably discharged Sept. 28th, 1814.

ANECTODE:  While in Baltimore in June, 1991 we stayed at the KOA campground there.  Every morning at dawn we were awakened by a riverrat.jpg (7306 bytes)very happy & enthusiastic mocking bird who enjoyed singing loudly & jumping up & down on everyones TV antennas!  He seemed to especially favor our camper & the ones near it.
    Gene & I visited the docks in Baltimore to admire all of the luxury boats.  We eventually wandered well away from the main tourist area & when we became hungry for lunch the only close restaurant was a fancy yacht club.  We weren't exactly dressed appropriately for such a place but figured the worst they could do was tell us to leave in which case we would have to walk for another hour or more to find a different restaurant.  So we apprehensively opened the door & went in.   The place was full of people, most of them wearing expensive suits and designer clothes.  You should have seen everyone's eyebrows go up when we walked in wearing "casual" shorts, tennis shoes & matching "Huzzah River Rat" tee shirts! (with a picture of a big, ugly rat standing in an overturned canoe on it)  But the waitress was polite  & seated us by a window near the entrance.  We ate our lunch & then wandered on with our sightseeing!

Researched & Written By:  Esther M. Ziock Carroll  (Published in the Independent Journal 21 Sept. 1989-
the article on this page has a few changes & revisions)

ANDREW STUART DICKEY:   In 1818 Andrew married Elizabeth Gortner in Virginia.  (Elizabeth was the daughter of Catherine Gutebach and Phillip Gortner.)  Andrew & Elizabeth then went to Tennessee  and by 1830 had permanently relocated to Washington County, Missouri.  During the Civil War activity here in Washington County secessionist soldiers set fire to Andrew's home.  One day he thought they were going to set fire again, he reached for his gun accidentally discharging it, shattering his leg so severely that amputation was necessary.  Andrew died 7 January 1869 (see obituary elsewhere on this page) and Elizabeth in 1883. 

Children of Elizabeth Gortner & Andrew Stuart Dickey:

Mary Jane - (my great, great,great grandmother) was born circa 1820/22 possibly in Botetourt County, Virginia.  She married William Hawkins on 18 June 1835 in Washington County, Missouri. They had seven children.  William died between 1848 - 1850.  Mary Jane then married William Bailey Hillen & they had five children. Mary Jane died after 1883

Joseph H. - B: 1824 Tenn.

Caroline E. - B: 1825-27 Tenn. - M: Robert Henry Scott 4 June 1846 Washington Co.,Mo. - D: ca. 1915 - Buried: Scott Cem., Hazel Creek, Wash. Co., Mo.

Adeline - B: 1827-29 - in Tenn. or Mo. - M: George William Scott 1 July 1847 Wash. Co. Mo.

Robert Houston - B: 25 Nov. 1828 Mo. - M: Nancy A. Jenkins 7 Oct. 1851 Wash. Co. Mo. - D: 27 Apr. 1907 - Buried: Sunlight Cem. Wash. Co. Mo.

Catherine - B: 1831 - M: Samuel Robinson 25 Dec. 1849 Wash. Co. Mo.

Andrew S. - B: 1838 Mo. - D: 1854-60


From Ancestry.com:

Andrew Stuart Dickey's birth date as 19 Apr. 1798 & birth place as Virginia.


Joel Dean Dickey - 1769 Rowan, N. Carolina - 1801 Rowan, N. Carolina

Rebecca Lyon 1774 Rowan, N. Carolina - 25 Jan. 1841Rowan, N. Carolina (her parents: Elijah Lyon 1754 - 1801 & Nancy Ann Johnston 1756 - 1807 - grandparents: John Lyon 1734 - 1785  & ______)


John Dickey - 1734 Rowan, N. Carolina - 05, 1771 Guilford, N. Carolina

Mary Graham       - 1805  (father James Graham)

Gr. Grandparents:

John Dickey - 1708 - 1772 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware

Elizabeth Cowan 1717 -


The obituary of Andrew Stuart Dickey was provided by Debbie McCoy Blevins.
  Be sure to visit her DICKEY page too!!  

JANUARY 16, 1869

Capt. Andrew S. Dickey, for more than a third of a century a resident of Harmony Township, Washington country, died on the 7th last,. Aged about 75 years. He was soldier of the war of 1812.  On one occasion, started by a victory which had just crowned the American army, young Dickey, Then acting color sergeant, seeing "Old Hickory" approach on a mettled steed, by way a enthusiastic salute, waved his colors in the generals face. The horse, not liking too close proximity of the bright colors dashed awry at reckless speed with his rider. As soon, however, as the General succeeded in regaining his charge, he rode directly back to the spot where the young sergeant stood, and with a look that assured him that the commander of the forces was not to be outdone in politeness, raised his hat in grateful recognition of the impromptu salute. Capt. Dickey was noted as a steady, industrious, sitisen, and was remarkable for his attachments for those who were numbered among his friends.

**NOTE-spelling errors are not mine, this is how it appeared in the paper**

"Old Hickory" was Andrew Jackson.  At that time he was a general but later became the 7th president of the United States - 1829 - 1837


Washington County Missouri Dickey Deed Records - 1813 - 1895


ELIZABETH GORTNER (my great, great, great, great grandmother) was the daughter of CATHERINE GUTEBACH & PHILIP GORTNER.   Elizabeth married Andrew S. Dickey in 1818 in Botecourt County, Virginia.

PHILIP GORTNER (my great, great, great, great, great grandfather) was born 15 October 1766 in Manchester, Carroll, Maryland and was the son of ANNA CATHARINA OTTIN & JACOB GORTNER.     On 16 February 1785 in Baltimore he married CATHERINE GUTEBACH..  Philip (Sr) died in 8 June 1813 in Virginia and his wife Catherine died before 1823.

Elizabeth - Married Andrew Stuart Dickey 1 Oct. 1818 in Boutetourt Co., Va.

Catherine - B: 16 July 1789 in Maryland - M: Jacob Mallow 10 June 1808 in Boutetourt Co., Va. - D: 18 April 1864

Charlotte - M: Michael Mallow Jr. 12 March 1816 in Boutetourt Co., Va.

Mary - M: Joseph Keys 28 Dec. 1817 in Boutetourt Co., Va.

Philip - B: 1790 - M: Catherine Custer

John - D: ?1860 - 70?

Jacob - B: 1788 in Baltimore, Maryland - M: Dianna - D: 18 Apr. 1864 Boutetourt Co., Va. of Dropsy - His occupation was a tanner



Military Records for: Pvt. Andrew P. Dichey
49 Regiment (Veazey's) Maryland Militia - War of 1812

Bounty Land Files:   Andrew S(tuart) Dickey - 55-160-W7,59,542

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Female lineal descendants of 1812 soldiers
are eligible for membership in:
The National Society United States Daughters of 1812

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