Doggett - England

The Doggett family history can be traced back to the early 1500's in Groton, Suffolk, England.  The Doggetts were wealthy enough to be members of the minor gentry. 

RICHARD DOGGETT* of Groton, Suffolk, England - 1526

JOHN DOGGETT* (son of Richard).  Died circa 1564

WILLIAM DOGGETT*  (son of John).  Died 1610 in Boxton

WILLIAM DOGGETT* (son of William).  Died 1670 County Suffolk

REV. BENJAMIN DOGGETT* -  Rev. Benjamin Doggett was born 1636 in Suffolk, England.  Benjamin left Hadleigh, England, & came to America circa 1669 when he received the appointment of the Bishop of London to be a minister in Lancaster County, Virginia.  In 1670 he was presented to the governor of the colony for appointment as minister of the two churches of Trinity Parish.  Soon thereafter the parish was divided into two separate parishes of Christ Church and St. Mary’s White Chapel, with Benjamin as minister of both parishes. George Washington’s grandfather was a leading member of the St. Mary’s White Chapel congregation.  Benjamin, also a large plantation owner, & his wife Jane had seven children which provided them with many descendants.  born circa 1636 & was son of William Doggett. Benjamin came to America circa 1669 when he was sent to serve as minister in Lancaster County, Virginia. His will in Virginia dated 1681/82 names five children: Benjamin, Richard, William, Jane , Ann