Joyce Wafford is looking for Georgeann Doggett born in St. Francois County, Missouri  1865. 

Esther,  Thank you for printing this DOGGETT Family Information.  And Thank You for mentioning that I am looking for information on GEORGEANN DOGGETT.  I am forwarding you some Up To Date Information:  I now know that GeorgeAnn (Doggett) was married to Marvin "Lee" Nash. Marvin used the name of "LEE" instead of his first name. He and GeorgeAnn married on 22 November, 1882, in Bonne Terre, St. Francois County, Missouri. (Marvin "Lee" Nash is the son of John W. and Hannah Nash).

Lee Nash of St. Francois County, Missouri, over 21;  Georgia Ann Doggett of
St. Francois County, Missouri, over 18;  20 November 1882 license;  married
on 22 November 1882, by George W. Crump, JP, at Bonne Terre, St. Francois
County, Missouri.

Marvin "Lee" Nash and GeorgeAnn (Doggett) Nash are the parents of four
Thomas "Tom" Nash, Sr., born 1872
Elijah Nash  born 1885
Lillie Nash born 14 September, 1889
LuAnn Nash born 1892

I have found the following family on the below Census Record:

1880 US Census Record:  Big River, St. Francois County, Missouri

DOGGET, Linda  W  F  39  Widowed  Keeping House  Missouri  Ohio  Ohio
DOGGET, Angeline  Daughter  W  F  17  Keeping House  Missouri  Missouri
DOGGET, A. Georgy  Daughter  W  F  15  Keeping House  Missouri  Missouri
DOGGET, A. Mary  Sister  W  F  23  Keeping House  Missouri  Missouri
DOGGET, Henry  Nephew  W  M  10  Missouri  Missouri  Missouri
DOGGET, R. W. Peter  Nephew  W  M  2  Missouri  Missouri  Missouri

I believe that the A. GEORGY DOGGET, above, is actually GeorgeAnn Doggett,
wife of Lee Nash.  There is a Headstone in the NASH  Family Cemetery, that
is written with the name GeorgeAnn Nash and the dates Born 1865 - March 13,
1923, and says "At Rest" at the bottom of the stone.

As you can see, LINDA (maiden name unknown) DOGGETT, is listed as a Widow on
this 1880 Census Record.  I am not sure who she was married to.  I have not
been able to trace this fact.  As you can see their first child, Angeline,
was born 1863, then Georgy 1865 (which is the same birth year as my
GeorgeAnn (Doggett) Nash.
It also lists a sister:  A. Mary Doggett, and two nephews, both carrying the
DOGGETT Surname.  Could this be a Sister-In-Law, to Linda Doggett (instead
of a sister)?Possibly a sister to the "Late Husband" ("Unknown" DOGGETT) of
Linda, and the father of Angeline and A. Georgy Doggett?

Any help with this family would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless All,
Joyce Nash-Wafford