George Doggett (my 5th great grandfather) came from Tennessee to Missouri.  George is believed to be the son of Miller Doggett the Revolutionary War soldier.  George & several of his siblings - Isaac, Jacob & Susannah were early settlers in Missouri Territory.  They settled in the area that was first Ste. Genevieve County, then Washington County & finally St. Francois County. 

1800 - George is mentioned in Missouri records as early as 1800.

1813 - In January of 1813 in Big River Township George Doggett along with George McGahan (George Doggett's son-in-law) & James Martin were chosen as arbitrators in a case between William Alley & Moses FergusonGeorge McGahan failed to meet on the designated day so James Perry was chosen in his place. 

1814 - March - in Big River Township, Washington County, George took up a stray black horse aged about five years &  appraised at $20.

1816 - On 24 December 1816 George & five others - Isaac Doggett, Leanah Edes, John Sullens, Henry Tripp & Louis Sims, all of Missouri sold their three combined shares of Miller Doggett's 200 acres of land in Jefferson County, Tennessee to Thomas Doggett of Tennessee.

1822 - George Doggett died intestate in St.Louis, Missouri.  John & Asa Doggett were the executors of his estate.  In the probate record the sons were listed first: Asa, Isaac, John Doggett's widow Nancy.  Then the daughters: Rachel, Mary, Rhodey.  Each child inherited $15.34.

In most probate records/wills the children are usually listed with oldest first going down to the youngest.  And this is they way George Doggett's daughters are listed - oldest to youngest.  One would think that the sons would be listed the same way so I am having trouble accepting the birthdates of Isaac & John. And haven't been able to calculate a birthdate for Asa. 

Asa - b:        Tenn. - d: after 1833-  Asa was executor of his father's estate along with his brother John Doggett until John's death in 1831 then Asa became the sole executor.  Asa died sometime after 1833.

Isaac - b: ?1806? St. Louis - d: 1854 St. Louis - m: Catherine Massey in 1827. They were residing in Osage Co., Mo. in 1840.  Osage Co. was formed from Cole Co. & this is where Philip Jackson was living in 1830.  Still trying to figure out how Philip Jackson connects to William Jackson who was married to Rhoda Doggett.

John - was born in Tenneessee ?prior to 1790?  He married Nancy Massey & the family settled about 12 miles from St. Louis, Missouri where he owned land part of which formerly belonged to William Massey.  John Doggett sold his property in 1829 to his physician Dr. Lane.  Prior to that date John had become ill & emaciated suffering from occasional convulsions greatly impairing his mind.  He eventually became completely paralyzed & died in that condition in 1831.  After John's death Dr. Lane permitted Widow Massey & her children to continue to live on the land due to the poverty of the family until such time as he sold it to Mr. Ewing.  In 1845 John Doggett's widow filed a law suit against Dr. Lane claiming that he took advantage of John Doggett's mental condition to fraudulently obtain the land.  John's sister, Rhoda Jackson, along with others testified as to John's mental instability at the time of the deed.  Dr. Lane also produced witnesses who testified to the opposite.  The case was eventually dismissed by the court.

Rachel - was born in Tennessee 8 Dec. 1791.  She was married to George McGahan a prominent early settler in St. Francois County, Missouri. 

Mary - b: 1796 Tenn.  m: George Williams.  In 1850 they had children: Noah (b:1826), John (b:1829), George(b:1831), Rachel (1834).  In 1860 Mary Doggett Williams was living with her son George M.G. Williams & his wife Permelia along with Sarah Masey age 32 & her children Narcissa age 10 & Mary age 8.

Rhodey* -  was born in Tennessee in 1797.  Rhoda was first married to her cousin Jesse Doggett.  After his death in 1824 Rhoda married William Jackson circa 1829 & they had five children.

A History of Missouri by Houck - pg. 56 - In 1800, Pierre Guerette, dit Dumont (or Dumond) from Kaskaskia;  George Doggett was a witness to events in this year..........

George Doggett, sworn, says that in the year 1800 claimant had forty acres under fence, & that about thirty-five of which were under cultivation.   Early Settlers of Missouri As Taken From Land Claims In The Missouri Territory - pg. 494

George Doggett & others - Deed to Thomas Doggett for three distributed shares of 200 acres registered 6 July 1818. This indenture made this 24th day of December 1816 between George Doggett, Leanah Edes, Isaac Doggett, ?John Sullens, Henry D. Tripp & Louis Sims all of the county Washington, but John Sullens who is of the county of St. Louis & all of the territory of Missouri & Thomas Doggett of the county of Jefferson & state of Tennessee of the other part.   Witnesseth that the said George Doggett, leanah Edes, Isaac Doggett, John Sullens, Henry D. Tripp & Lewis Sims, for & in consideration of the sum of $25 to each of us in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath & by these presents doth grant, bargain & sell, alien ??? & confirm unto the said Thomas Doggett his heirs & assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land lying & being in the county of Jefferson & state of Tennessee granted by the State of North Carolina to David Copeland by patent bearing date the 20th day of September A.D. 1787 & by the said Copeland conveyed to Miller Dogget on the third day of September A.D. 1789.  Beginning at a post oak, thence east 252 poles to a stake thence south 127 poles to black oak, thence west 252 poles thence north 127 poles to the beginning, containing 200 acres it being all that part of said tract of land which by law descended to us as heirs of Miller Doggett deceased the same not having been laid off in lots so as to designate each particular share which is coming to us out of said tract of land as our several parts & lots of said tract of land above described therefore we the above named George Doggett, Leanah Edes, Isaac Doggett, John Sullens, Henry D. Tripp & Louis Sims & each of us leaving heirs of the estate of Miller Doggett deceased have & by these presents do sell convey & confirm unto the said Thomas Doggett all our rights, titles & claim of in & to every part & parcel of the above named tract of land together with all & singular the woods, water ways, mines, mineral, hereditaments & appurtenances whatsoever to the said tract of land belonging or in any wise appertaining & the reversion & reversions, remainder & remainders rents & issues thereof & all the estate right title interest property claim & demand of them the said George Doggett, Leanah Edes, Isaac Doggett, John Sullens, Henry D. Tripp & Louis Sims their heirs & assigns forever of in & to the same & every part & parcel thereof either in law or equity to have & to hold all & every one of our parts of the above undivided shares lots or parcel of land that is or may be covering to us or each of us out of the above described tract of 200 acres of land as heirs of the estate of Miller Doggett deceased with the appurtenances unto the said Thomas Doggett his heirs & assigns forever & we the said George Doggett, Leanah Edes, Isaac Doggett, John Sullens, Henry D. Tripp & Lewis Sims for ourselves & our heirs the above mentioned & described shares with the appurtenance unto the thomas Doggett will warrant & forever defend by these presents.  In witness whereof the said George Doggett, Leanah Edes, Isaac Doggett, John Sullens, Henry D. Tripp & Lewis Sims, have hereunto set their hands & seals the day & year first above written. 




George Doggett died intestate in St.Louis, Missouri & was recorded 04/12/1822. John & Asa Doggett were the executors of his estate.  His six children are named in the final probate settlement dated 1833 in the following order: sons first then the daughters:

Asa Doggett
Isaac Doggett
John Doggett's widow Nancy

Rachel D. the wife of Geo. McGahan
Mary D. the wife of ___ Williams
Rhodey D.  - the __ Wm. Jackson


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