John Doggett


d: 1831

m: Nancy Massey


John Clarke

William Carlane

George M.

Davis Whiteside



John Doggett owned property that was originally part of William Massey's survey 1909 in the eastern part of St. Ferdinand Parish/Township on the Missouri River near Island #103/Green Island.  For map showing Massey's tract click here.


This was a suit in chancery instituted by the appellants who are the widow and heirs of John Doggett, deceased.........DOGGETT et al. v. LANE et al; Supreme Court of Missouri; 12 Mo. 215; October, 1848, Decided..............This was a suit in chancery instituted by the appellants who are the widow and heirs of John Doggett, deceased...........a tract of land in St. Louis county, containing 672 arpents..........One hundred acres of the tract was conveyed by Wm. Massie, who claimed under Samuel and Amos Duncan, the confirmees to David Barton, and by the latter to said Doggett; the said Wm. Massie having died, Chas. S. Hempstead, administrator of Christian Wilt obtained a judgment against the administrators of said Massie, upon which an execution issued in 1824, which was levied upon 249 arpents, part of the said tract of 672 arpents, and at a sale of the same by the sheriff under said execution, the said Doggett became the purchaser of the said 249 arpents, which was accordingly conveyed to him by the sheriff. In this way Doggett acquired title to the 100 acres purchased of Barton and the 248 arpents purchased at sheriff's sale.................The deed bears date 1st day of June, 1829.............the bill alleges that at the date of this deed John Doggett, the grantor, was greatly reduced by disease, insomuch that his mind was greatly impaired, if not entirely gone; that he had been for some time before that date suffering from protracted sickness, which continued gradually to grow worse until he finally died of it in 1831............See the testimony of James Bissell, St. Cyr, Brazeau, Chick, Gardner, Ranney, Graham, Quick, & Mrs. Jackson.  [need to get copy of testimony of Mrs. Jackson as she is my 4th gr. grandmother & sister to John Doggett.]
St. Louis County Court Records