Fisher Family History
Washington County, Missouri

Jacob Fisher & his wife, Jane, came to Washington County, Missouri from Waynesboro, Augusta Co., Virginia circa 1822.  Jacob purchased numerous properties in Washington County in the Caledonia area.  He owned Lot #18 in Caledonia from 1822 to 1827 & it is said he built the beautiful (now haunted) three story structure on that lot in 1824 which is currently the Caledonia Wine Cottage.

In 1829 Jacob brutally & mercilessly beat one of his female slaves to death:

I was summoned in the jury of inquest to take up the body of Patience, a black woman slave of Jacob Fisher and found her to have one bone broke in her left arm and both in her right arm and [a] cut above her right eye, apparently done with the stroke of a stick and her left ear mashed, and hinder part off and the back of her neck broke and a large bruise on her right hip, and I concluded that she was killed by her master. Signed by William Wood on January 6, 1829.

A few months later Jacob Fisher moved to Adams County, Mississippi.  From there he authorized his brother-in-law Jacob Eversole of Washington County, Missouri to sell at public auction the remainder of his properties (real & personal - including:“negro slaves, horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, farming utensils, household & kitchen furniture” ) near Caledonia where he formerly resided & two other tracts of land in Washington County.  One of these tracts contained 80 acres & was occupied by Henry H. Snider. Another contained 160 acres & had been purchased by Fisher from Henry ?Cudson?


James Henry Fisher - b: 7 Aug. 1862 Caledonia, Mo. - parents: Jane Hunter & J.H. Fisher - Farmer, Married - d: 19 March 1917 - buried: Presbyterian Cemetery, Caledonia.

1840 Census WashCoMo:
Fisher - George, Joseph, William, William R.



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