Washington County, Missouri


Miles Goforth was a Revolutionary War Soldier who came to Missouri from Greene County, Tennessee.  Upon relocating to Missouri in 1803 Miles obtained the land on which the town of Caledonia is located in a large Spanish Grant.  Miles had a cabin on a low bluff near a spring northwest of the junction of highways 21 & 32 in Caledonia.  Miles taught the first school in Bellevue Valley in 1804.  He also served as constable of Bellvue Township.  He died of fever in 1821.  His widow, Sarah, filed for his pension in 1852 at 85 years of age.  They had married in Rutherford Co., N.C. in 1785.

Miles Goforth's Spanish Grant

Willoughby and Zachariah Goforth, sons of Miles, are listed on an 1818 plat map of Caledonia as owning lots in the town.  Willoughby had Lot #3 & Zachariah had Lot #1.

Andrew Goforth lived in Township 35

Samuel Henderson my collateral ancestor, married his first wife, Mary Goforth, in Greene County, Tenn. in 1804.  They came to Missouri circa 1810.  Samuel is shown on an 1818 plat map of Caledonia as owning lot #44.   They were the parents of 12 children.  Mary Goforth Henderson died circa 1825. Samuel remarried in 1827, sold lot #44 & moved to southwest of Belgrade

Goforths buried in Thomas Chapel Cemetery:

Allen, Andrew (was Major War of 1812), Joseph, Lydia, Mary, Martin, Miles (Revolutionary War Soldier), Permilia (daughter of Amariah Henderson, another collateral ancestor of mine, & wife of Judge Allen M. Goforth)