This page was established in June 2002 in the hope of finding out more about the hanging pictures below such as who was being hanged, why, where & when.  Finally, after seven years, someone was able to come up with the answers. A  big THANK YOU goes to John J. Russell, M.D. for his research & inquiries which led to Kathy Richardson of the Houston Herald  in Texas County, Missouri who provided additional verification.

The pictures are of the hanging of 21 year old Jodie Hamilton on 21 Dec. 1906 for the October murders of the five members of the Carnie Parson's family in Houston, Missouri.  The men on the gallows included sheriffs from Pulaski, Phelps and Shannon County; Will Farris, past Texas County sheriff, Rev. Foard; Reverend Waggner of the Methodist Church; John Woods, jailer; and Jim Cantrell. 

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Above three pictures are from Robin Walker.

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Above picture from Linda Fox



The Parson Family ~ Texas County, Mo.
Carnie L. Parson - age 35,  Minnie Parson - age 24,  Jesse Parson - age 5,  Frankie Parson - age 3,  Edward Parson - age 1.  Murdered by Jodie Hamilton, age 21, on Oct. 11, 1906 near Houston, Mo.  Hamilton was executed at Houston, Mo. 21 Dec. 1906.  Pronounced dead at 11:15 a.m.    (Picture submitted by: Garrett Gable)




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