Haunted Pond
By: Esther M. Ziock Carroll


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When my step-father lived on John Smith Rd. in the 1980's there was a large pond in his front yard.  One time at about 3:00 in the morning Rudy heard someone hollering outside at the pond.   He went to the front door & turned the outside lights on but no one was there.   Later he found out that someone had drowned in the pond at one time.

The property is part of an 80 acre tract that was originally owned by George Casey.  United States to George Casey - Entry No. 5, 102 Entered: 1 March 1837 - W1/2 of SE1/4 of Section 31, T37 R3E   Land Office:  Jackson, Mo.  Certificate No. 5102  Mo. Vol. 346, Pg. 155  It was divided over the years & parcels sold off.

Names mentioned in the abstract are:

Leopold & Angelika Schmalz to Big River Lead Co. - 1899

Big River Lead Co. President J.F. Weinert to John H. Curran - 1913

John & Pearl Curran to Mrs. Margaret Ehlinger - 1915

Margaret & Charles Ehlinger to Charles F. Raymond - 1915

Charles Raymond to Johanna Ziegler - 1918

Johanna Ziegle to Adam Matus - 1920

Adam Matus to Rachel Simpson - 1927

Rachel Bone formerly Rachel Simpson & husband Henry Bone to William & Alta White - 1932

William & Alta White to L.N. Pelletier - 1938

L.N. & Anne Pelletier to Samuel Richeson, trustee for T. W. Towl - 1938

L.N. & Anna Pelletier to Samuel Richeson trustee for Wm. & Alta White - 1938

Anna Pelletier widow of LmN. Pelletier to Catherine Branaugh - 1950

Catherine Branaugh to Anna Pelletier, Roy & Leatha Coleman,  - 1950

Anna Pelletier to Roy & Leatta Coleman - 1953

to be continued................