Washington County's Haunted Spring

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On an 1870's map of Washington County (at left) it lists a "HAUNTED SPRING".

This is the story from Blanche Owens:  "There was a spring about 1/4 of a mile from where I was raised............they said the spring was haunted.  The story was that there was a woman that drowned at the spring.  Sometime when there was a storm people said you could see a woman in a white dress at the spring. That is the story I remember being told."


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Overall view of the Haunted Spring

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Close up of spring & rock bluff. 

Photographed by: Esther & Gene Carroll - Blanche & Charles Owens - 15 July 2004


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At left: Looking down at the overgrown pond in which the Haunted Spring drains.  At right: Water from the spring.