Left: Philip & John Nash at one of the Henderson graves in Bellevue Presbyterian Cemetery.

Right: Philip Nash, Esther Carroll, John Nash at the site where the original Presbyterian church once stood at the north end of the cemetery.  This would have been the church that their ancestor Samuel Henderson attended.

Photographed: 21 Oct. 2002


By:  Esther M. Ziock Carroll

On 21October 2002 Henderson descendant John Nash and his wife Mary of California were returning from a research trip to Tennessee. They stopped in Jackson, Missouri and picked up John’s brother, Philip Nash, and sister in-law, Linda,   and brought them along on a visit to their ancestral ground in Caledonia. The Nash brothers are descended from Mary Goforth and Samuel Henderson who came from Tennessee and settled in Washington County, Missouri circa 1810.  Esther Carroll, the Nashes Henderson cousin and a resident of Washington County, and Gene Carroll met the Nashes at Ken’s One Stop and Esther and Gene gave them the ancestral tour of the area.   John Nash and Esther had been corresponding for several years but had never met in person before.

They first went to see Lot #44. When Caledonia was platted in 1819 & the lots offered for sale, Samuel purchased Lot #44 where he resided with his first wife, Mary Goforth and their children. After Mary’s death in 1825 Samuel remarried in 1827 to Elizabeth Harris and they moved to northwest of Belgrade.

Next the Carrolls took the Nashes to Bellevue Presbyterian Cemetery where there are several Henderson graves and where the original Bellevue Presbyterian Church was located of which Samuel was a member. The church was organized in 1816 and was the first Presbyterian Church formed west of the Mississippi River.

During the 1830’s Samuel Henderson converted to the new Mormon faith. He went to Nauvoo when the Mormons were forced to flee Missouri in 1839. When the Mormon’s were forced to abandon Nauvoo in 1846 they traveled 1,500 miles of wilderness trekking over the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains, by foot and by covered wagon, to an unknown desert land in Utah and founded Salt Lake City. Samuel died there in 1856 and is buried in Salt Lake City Cemetery.

Esther Carroll is a double Henderson descendant being descended from Samuel Henderson’s older brother, John Henderson, who came from Tennessee and settled in Jefferson County, Missouri circa 1802. She is also descended from Samuel’s younger brother, James Henderson, who was born in Tennessee in 1791 and settled in St. Francois County, Missouri circa 1814. John Henderson’s son, John Jr., married James Henderson’s daughter, Mary Ann. John Jr. and Mary Ann Henderson were Esther Carroll’s third great grandparents.


28 Oct. 2002

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