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By: Esther M. Ziock Carroll      

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JAMES HENDERSON, Sr. - My fifth great grandparents were Hannah Sollars and James Henderson, Sr.  

b: ca. 1763 - was the son of Samuel Henderson

1787 - James Henderson, Sr., in 1787, settled on the south side of the Nolachucky River in Greene County in what would later become the state of Tennessee.  The famous frontiersman, Davy Crockett, was born on the bank of the Nolichucky River in foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains in Greene County in 1786 so it is quite possible that the Henderson family was acquainted with the Crockett family.

1787 - Grant # 377 - The State of North Carolina to all whom these presents shall come…..Greeting: Know ye, that we, for and in consideration of the sum of Ten Pounds for every hundred acres hereby granted, paid into our Treasury by James Henderson - __?__ given and granted and by these presents do give and grant unto the said James Henderson a tract of land containing two hundred acres lying and being in one county of Greene on the south side of Nolachucky River, beginning near the bank at a walnut __?__ __?__ thence south ?one or five? hundred and ?forty? poles to a black oak. Thence west firty two poles to an Ash thence south twenty poles to a red oak. Thence _?_ back to the beginning. ?Thence? down the river including the meanders of said river two hundred and _?_ six poles to a black oak. Thence south firty ?five? east two hundred and ?eighty poles to the corner of the closing line. As by the _?_ hereunto – annexed doth appear together with all woods, waters, mines, minerals, _?_ and appertanences to the said land _?_ _?_ appertaining to hold to the said James Henderson his heirs and assigns ?forever? Yeilding and paying to us such sums of money yearly or otherwise as our General Assembly from time to time may direct provided always that the said James Henderson shall _?_ this grant to be registered in the Registers office of our said County of Greene within twelve months from the date here of – otherwise the same shall be void and of ?no effect?.  In Testimony Whereof, we have caused these, our letters to be made patent and our Great Seal to be hereunto affixed.   Witness: Richard _?_    Esquire, our Governor, Captain General and Commander-in-Chief at Kingston this 20th day of September, in the 12 year of our Independence and in the year of our Lord 1787.   By his Excellency’s Command.   J. Glasgow, Secretary Richard _?_     County: Greene Roll#: 12 Book 1 Page 265 Type Record: North Carolina Land Grant   Tennessee State Library and Archives

1791 - Greene Co., Tn. - Taxables of Capt. Samuel Gragg's Company: James Henderson, 100 acres, one white person, one negro. (From Greene Co., Tn. GenWeb)

1791 - James Henderson,Jr., (son of Hannah & James) is born.  (1850 & 1860 St. Francois Co., Mo. census)

1792 -  Greene Co., Tn. - Taxables of Capt. Samuel Gragg's Company: James Henderson, 100 acres, one white person, one negro.  (From Greene Co., Tn. GenWeb)

1793 - James Henderson mortally wounded by Indians

1793 - James Henderson's Will ~ Pictures of the original will

1795 - Court Records - Greene County, Tennessee - 1795 - pg. 476   "William Love enters into bond with Benjamin Armstrong his security in the sum of two hundred dollars for the maintenance of a bastard child born of Hannah Henderson." (From: Henderson descendant Lin Johnson)

1796 - Greene Co., Tn., - Taxables in Capt. Samuel Gragg Company - James Henderson estate, 100 acres.  (From Greene Co., Tn. GenWeb)

1797 - Greene County Tennessee Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas, 1797-1807 - May - "Hannah Henderson is allowed the sum of thirty three and one third dollars (for the maintenance of a Bastard Child born of her the said Hannah)   for one year; Including the expense of lying in.  William Love being charged in law to be the reputed Father is ordered to pay her the same in payments as follows Viz - to be paid at the experation of four months." (From: Heidi Henderson - see Henderson Index)

- One other from Samuel Henderson and Saml. McKemy executors of the last Will and Testament of James Henderson Decd. To John Henderson Dated July 22nd, 1799 for one hundred acres of land was duly acknowledged in court and admitted to record.

A Bond from James Henderson to John Henderson was duly proven by the oath of Samuel Henderson and is in these words viz: Know all men by these presents that I James Henderson of Greene County and State of North Carolina am held and firmly bonded unto John Henderson of the County and Colony aforesaid in the _?_ sum of two hundred pounds good and lawful money of the same to be paid unto the said John Henderson his certain attorney his heirs, Executors & _?_ which payment will and truly to be made and done I bind myself my heirs Executors administrators and assigns firmly by these presents Sealed with my seal and dated with my date this 17th day of June _?_ Domini 1788.

The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound Samuel Henderson do or shall make or cause to be made unto the said John Henderson his heirs & a sufficient title to a certain piece of land containing one hundred acres it being part of a survey that James Henderson formerly lived on and the part that John Henderson now lives on, lying on the south side of Chucky River joining Chamberlains and Kellys lines,to be divided beginning on the river bank at the lower corner of John Hendersons bottom field and _?_ with that fence to the foot of the hill and from thence as a course shall direct to contain one hundred acres; The Title to be made when the above mentioned James Henderson shall have a convenient opportunity after he obtains his right for the same lands from the office, upon the performance of these conditions the above obligation shall be void otherwise to remain in full force and virtue. (Signed & Sealed) James Henderson Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of us Saml. Henderson Peter X Holt See file of Bonds for original and Copy. [County: Greene Roll# 107 Book 1797 – 1799 Page: 176 – 177 Type Record: County Court Minutes Tennessee State Library & Archives.]

1799 - Conveyors Samuel Henderson of Knox County & Samuel McKemy of Greene County, Tennessee, executors of the estate of James Henderson, to John Henderson of the County of Greene for 100 acres of land on the south side of Nolachuckey River. (County: Greene, Roll # 180, Book 4 Feb. 1790 - May1802, Page 278 - 279, Type Record: Deed, Tennessee State Library & Archives - Original Material [for this document] in poor condition [made] best copy available.)

1799 - Hannah Henderson marries James Tallant on 3 December 1799 in Greene County - Early East Tennessee Marriages, Vol. 1, Page 356. 

1800 - Taxables of Capt. Gragg's Co. - Samuel McCamy for James Henderson's estate, 100 acres.  (From Greene Co., Tn. GenWeb)

1800 - Taxables of Capt. Gragg's Co. - James Tallant - one white person, 6 town lots. (From Greene Co., Tn. GenWeb)

1800 - 2 April - Jinny  Henderson marries Philip Ohaver.  (From: Henderson descendant Mac Elliott)

1802 - John Henderson settles on Little Rock Creek in that part of St. Louis County Missouri that later became Jefferson County in the St. Louis District. (From Goodspeed's History of Jefferson County, Mo.)

1802 - Rachel Henderson Murphy left the vicinity of Knoxville & is in the Murphy Settlement, Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri in the Ste. Genevieve District.

1804 - Philip Ohaver & Jensy Henderson sell "The one sixth part of the land left by James Henderson at his decease." to Wm. Kilgore & it was entered into record in 1808 -  Roll # 182 Book 8 Nov. 1806 - Apr 1809, Page 305 Type Record: DEED.  (The foregoing Ohaver info is from Henderson descendant Mac Elliott.)

1804 - Samuel Henderson (son of Hannah & James) marries Mary Goforth in Greene County on 20 December 1804.

1807 - Hannah & James Tallent are residing in Ste. Genevieve District of Missouri.

1809 - 28 Sept. - John Henderson of Upper Louisianna [Missouri] & Ste. Genevieve District & Samuel Henderson, Greene Co., Tn., one part & William Kilgore Greene Co. other part, tract on S. side Nolachuckey River, and part of 100 acre tract surveyed by James Henderson, decd., beginning on bank of river near a fall called The Big Sholl at lower corner John's fence, tract containing 100 acres.   Witness: John Henderson,Sr., Samuel Henderson, Sr. (From Henderson descendant Mac Elliott)

1809 - Conveyance: Samuel McKemey to John & Sam'l. Henderson for 100 acres of land on Chuckey River.  This indenture made and entered into this second day of October one Thousand Eight Hundred and Nine Between Samuel McKemey of the County of Greene and State of Tennessee of the one part and John Henderson of the upper Lucianna [Missouri] and District of Saint Genevieve and Samuel Henderson of the County of Greene and State aforesaid of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Samuel McKemey for and in consideration of the sum of one Hundred and thirty Dollars to him in hand paid before the signing Sealing and delivering of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath Bargained sold aliened Released and confirmed unto the said John Henderson and Samuel Henderson their Heirs and assigns all his Right, Title, Claim, Interest, Estate and Demand in or to a Certain tract or parcel of Land lying in Greene County State of Tennessee on Chuckey River, Containing one Hundered Acres, formerly the property of James Henderson Deceased, and the Land on which the above mentioned Samuel Henderson now lives. To Have and to hold unto the said John Henderson and Samuel Henderson their Heirs and assigns forever. In Withness whereof I the said Samuel McKemey hath hereunto Set my hand and seal the day and Year above written. Signed, Sealed and Delivered Samuel McHemey (seal) In presence of  John Henderson, William Kilgore State of Tennessee Greene County Court April Sessions 1810   Then notes the execution of this Conveyance duly proven in open Court by the Oaths of John Henderson and Willaim Kilgore the subscribing witnesses and admitted to Record, Let it be Registered. Attest: Andw. Patterson Clk    By his Deputy Vale Sevier     Registered this 18th Day of December 1810    Attest: George ?Browne, ?BGC?    County: Greene     Roll #: 183      Book: 9 July 1810 - Mar. 1814     Page: 85 - 86    Type Record: Deed       Tenessee State Library & Archives

1810 - James Henderson,Jr., (son of Hannah & James) is in St. Francois County, Missouri in the Ste. Genevieve District. (From Missouri Petitioners 1810)

1810 - Samuel Henderson (son of Hannah & James) is in Caledonia, Washington County, Missouri in the Ste. Genevieve District.  (From Missouri Petitioners 1810)

1814 - James Tallant (husband of Hannah Sollars Henderson) is in the Murphy Settlement, Farmington, St. Francois County, Missouri in the Ste. Genevieve District.  (St. Francois Co., Mo. Deed record)

1824 - Hannah Sollars Henderson Tallent dies.

1826 - John Henderson -  [maybe this is James Henderson Sr.'s brother?]  Probated 23 June 1826 - Executors: Son John, son-in-law Merryman Payne - To daughter Elizabeth Chapman, slave Lucy and her increase, at Elizabeth’s death Lucy to go to grandson, John Chapman. To son, Samuel, 45 acres adjoining George Masoner and formerly to Jno. Wilson. To daughter, Jean wife of William Kilgore, $500 as she needs it. To daughter, Lide, wife of John Kilgore, $500 as she needs, if not used to go for support of her son, Thomas Kilgore. To daughter, Sarah Hall, wife of William Hall. To daughter, Mary, wife of Jacob Rinehart, 67 acres – then to her son John Rinehart. To daughter, Dorcas, wife of Merryman Payne, my negro boys Tom and Need. To son, John, 800 acres I purchased from Benjamin Armstrong and George Gordon. To daughter Charlotte, wife of Henry Hennegar, 100 acre plantation I purchased of Anderson Walker and 30 acres of Samuel Walker. To daughter Bathsheba, wife of Joseph Craigmiles, their sons, William and Pleasant Craigmiles, two negroes. To daughter, Abigail, wife of William Grant, all land deeded me by George Gordon adjoining Busler Nelson, also negro boy Manners. William Kilgore, son of James, to learn to read at an English school, rite and cifer thru rule of 3 at expense of my estate. Test: Peter X Masoner, John H. Kilgore, Samuel Kelly. Dated: 7 August 1824 Signed: John Henderson.  (From: Page 11, Greene County Tennessee Wills 1783 – 1790,  Compiled By: Goldene Fillers Burgner)

1830 - Philip Ohaver is in Jefferson County, Missouri. (From: 1830 Jefferson Co., Mo. census). Very likely was there long before 1830.


James and Hannah were the parents of least four children:

John* the oldest being born circa 1778; I am descended from John Sr. & his brother James Jr. when John Sr.'s son, John Jr. married James Jr.'s daughter  Mary Ann Henderson.



Samuel born 1785;  

James* born 1791;  I am descended from John Sr. & his brother James Jr. when John Sr.'s son, John Jr. married James Jr.'s daughter  Mary Ann Henderson.



I have been in touch with a LOT of Henderson researchers the last couple of years all of whom focused on Hannah's & James' son Samuel as the oldest child being born 1785.   Possibly this was because Samuel's birthdate was the only birthdate they had up to this point as very little if any research had been done on Samuel's brothers John & James. .However, I believe that John is the oldest son & possibly the oldest child of Hannah & James.  Here is why I think this:  John went to Missouri & settled in Jefferson County circa 1802.  For John to have been of an age to settle in Missouri in 1802 & appears to be the first of Hannah's & James' children to do this it would indicate that John was considerablly older than his brothers Samuel & James.  Another point to consider is:  In James Henderson,Sr.'s, will dated 1793 it states: "I give & bequeath to my beloved son John a brown mare & colt, my saddle & gun."   It lists no other children by name only specifying that the remainder of the estate be divided equally between James' wife, Hannah, & other children.  It was usually the custom of the time to list the children in a will in order of their age with oldest being first on the list.  Sometimes the sons were grouped together & sometimes daughters were grouped together usually in order of oldest to youngest.   Applying this theory would indicate John as the oldest son.  Samuel would have only been 8 years old at the time of his father's death.  It is unlikely that James Sr.  would have left a horse, saddle & gun to a young child & with son John being the only son mentioned by name in the will & inheriting a horse, saddle & gun it would indicate that John was older than Samuel. Also I was told by another Henderson researcher not too long ago that a Henderson bible record states that John is Hannah's & James' oldest son being born circa 1778 so this helps to confirm my theory.   Another point:  Many people have estimated Hannah's & James' marriage date as 1784 based on the birthdate of Samuel & as him being the oldest.  With James death in 1793 this would be nine years after the marriage which would mean that Hannah & James had six children in nine years.  Possible but not likely.  With John's supposed birth date of 1778 this would make it a 15 year marriage which would better accomodate the birth of six children. And with James,Jr., being born in 1791, two years before his father's death that would make James Jr. the youngest son &  likely the youngest child.


There were other Hendersons in Greene County, Tennessee besides James and Hannah. There was John Henderson (died 1826 believed to be the brother of James, Sr.), Robert Henderson, Rev. Henderson, Daniel Henderson, and Joseph Henderson & probably other Hendersons.

In Greene County, Tennessee there was a Henderson's Station, Henderson's Depot, and Henderson's Ford.


According to the LDS Ancestal File James Henderson,Sr.'s father was Samuel Henderson born 1740 and died 1782.  I have not yet begun researching this generation of Hendersons so have no verification on the information.


From: JohnandMary Nash
Sent: Tuesday, July 8, 2008 4:59 PM
Subject: James Henderson's Father

For several decades all we knew for certain is that James Henderson's father was named Samuel; information that came  from the Nauvoo baptism list.. I know of researchers who have been looking for the correct Samuel since the 1940's; and so far we have several possibilities, but insufficient proof. The most commonly accepted parent has been Samuel Henderson (d. 1782) who md Jean/Jane (Leeper or Thompson or Long or Elliott). When we look at the children of this Samuel, it does not work correctly to make him our ancestor.

Some recent research now indicates that the correct father is Samuel Henderson of Franklin County Virgina. This Samuel died in March/April 1808! I have a copy of his will and summaries of the probate records, all of which provide strong, but circumstantial evidence that he is the correct ancestor. This material is found in "Franklin County Virginia Wills - 1786-1812." See Will Book #1: pp 325, 369, 434, 437, 438

  P. 325 is an inventory of his estate taken 18 April 1809 (includes 13 slaves, 8 cattle, two pair spectacles (he could read), other stuff, with total value at 110 lbs (English value).

  P. 369, is his will, dtd 8 Jul 1806. Key info here is a list of his heirs: sons John,William, Samuel. It lists 5 daughters - Jean, Margrit, Nancy, Sarah, Martha. The bulk of the estate went to Nancy, then Sarah and Martha (wording indicates that Nancy was either a favorite, or more likely a widow). The executor was son William, indicating that either he was the oldest, or the oldest living close enough to be the executor. (John is listed first).

  A second paragraph dtd 3 Apr 1808 indicates that the three witnesses to Samuel's will testified that Samuel Henderson had died.

  P. 434. 29 Apr 1809: lists the sale of the Samuel Henderson property, with executor Wm Henderson as one of the purchasers.

  P. 437, 438: Accounting of proceeds of the estate. It mentions debits to three people of interest to us (1) John Henderson; (2) "Sam Mason per receipt in full of Jean's legacy" (implies that Jean was an heir, but deceased. and was probably a daughter); (3) WILLIAM KILGROVE PER RECEIPT IN FULL OF JAME'S HENDERSON'S LEGACY (meaning James Henderson was an heir, but deceased, and quite probably a son).

While this list of male heirs is not final proof, it does give us the first strong evidence that this Samuel is our correct ancestor. It mentions William, who is close enough to Franklin County to be the executor, then refers to John, Samuel; and then the reference to a deceased James.

A key question is concerning the identity of William Kilgrove who owns James Henderson's legacy. A legacy is a dower right, which means that when a male landowner dies 1/2 of the property goes to his widow. Okay, by 1809, the dower rights that went to James' widow Hannah has been sold at least twice, and is now in the hands of William Kilgore of Tennessee, who was son-in-law to John Henderson (James brother).

If we can find proof that William Kilgrove of the will and William Kilgore of Tennessee are the same person, then we have sufficient proof of ancestry.

I have had Teresa Brown of the Franklin County Court search for the original hand-written will and accounting documents to see if translators to the typed and published version had erred. It would be extremely easy to mistake an early 19th century "r" for a "v".  She could not find the original in her limited time. I hired Beverly Merritt, an independent researcher from the County seat to make an independent search - and she was unable to locate it. Beverly is well-aquainted with archival material in Franklin County and she told me that the original could be in the State Archives in Richmond VA.

  She is also quite certain that Kilgrove and Kilgore are the same person, that whoever copied out the original will misread the hand-written name......... she said, "the name is too close not to be the same person. I have worked on names a good many years, this is not a common name and misspelling it and mispronouncing it would be "normal"".

In an essay I distributed a few years ago I listed James Henderson's known relationship with any Henderson in Tennessee known as John or Samuel... Some of those associations gives a strong hint to a family relationship.

For example: 1779 Samuel Henderson is granted the first land south of the Nolichucky River in Tennessee. John Henderson helped survey the land.

1783 James Henderson is granted 200 acres of land adjacent to Samuel Henderson. Later, John Henderson ends up with land adjacent to James' land, then James borrowed money from John and put half of his acreage up for collateral.

1786 James Henderson makes bond the for the Samuel Henderson/Lucy Ryckman marriage in TN. I do not know if it is the same Samuel Henderson who first settled in the area.

1793 James Henderson is killed in TN. His land was divided six ways: 1/2 to John Henderson, (the mortgaged 100 acres). this leaves 100 acres. It was divided between his widow Hannah, and four children (John, Samuel, Jean/Jensy (used both ways in the deeds), and James. By law, her widow's "legacy" was half the land, with the remaining divided four ways, about 15 acres each.

The final distribution of the James Henderson estate was not completed until 1809. I have written about why it took so long. It was a convoluted red tape process, but I am suggesting that the timing of the final resolution gives us additional evidence that Samuel H. of Franklin County VA is our correct ancestor.
Here is the time line that suggests the association:

Oct 1803 - Hannah Sollars Henderson, now md to James Tallent, sold her dower rights (50 acres) to Samuel McKemey (James' executor).

1804  - Jean/Jensey Henderson O'Haver sold her 15 acres to William Killgore (sic), (John Henderson's son-in-law).

1807-08?? John Henderson, who had moved to Missouri about 1805, return to Tennessee, and with his Tennessee brother Samuel (my ancestor) makes final the settlement of their father's estate. And then Samuel who had a family with Mary Goforth, moved to Missouri.

Jan 1808 William Kilgore sold Jensey's 15 acres to John and Samuel Henderson.

March/April 1808? Samuel Henderson of Franklin County VA died (proved in court 3 Apr 1808)

29 Apr 1809: final sale of Samuel Henderson estate in  Franklin County done and accounting made shortly after. This is where the William Kilgrove surname is found.

28 Sep 1809 By now John and Samuel Henderson have re-purchased Jensy's 15 acres, added theirs, plus the few acres left to their younger brother James. They sold everything to William Kilgore, son-in-law to John Henderson (James' brother).

I do not know when or to whom Samuel McKemey sold the legacy land he purchased from Hannah in 1803. I do not know if he sold it to John and Samuel (the sons), or directly to William Kilgore. The implication of Samuel Henderson of Franklin County will is that William Kilgrove (Kilgore ?) owned the legacy land sometime prior to April 1809.

I make all this to be possible evidence of the connection to Samuel Henderson of Franklin County. It took sixteen years to make a final settlement of James' estate - but why 1808-09? Perhaps it is tied to the  fact that part of the Samuel Henderson estate goes to whoever owned the James Henderson legacy land. If this is the case, then that could why John returned all the way to Tennessee just to sell the 15 acres of land he owned. It would not have been to see his mother because she lived in Missouri, and so did their younger brother James. His brother Samuel was his closest relative still in Tennessee.  However, their Uncle John still lived there, and evidence found in the Nauvoo baptism list indicates a reasonably close relationship between James' son Samuel and the John Henderson family  of Tennessee.

There is more, still inconclusive, evidence suggesting a Kilgrove/Kilgore relationship. Many of the genealogical websites place both surnames on the same page. I found another will where a Kilgore had a Kilgrove as his executor. This is far from proof but it does encourage the search for clear proof.

   There is more to do. I have found reference to a Samuel Henderson living on Payne Creek in Franklin County Virginia. I have not been able to locate it, and my two contacts did not find it. I have asked them to forward my query to the proper County agency that could locate it, but I never received an answer.

  Location becomes important because Franklin County was created out of Bedford and Henry County in 1785, and Henry County was created out of Pittsylvania County in 1777. I do not know how long Samuel Henderson lived in Payne Creek, but if it was prior to 1785, then research must shift to other counties. Also, if we can find a church or small village on Payne Creek, then some records might be available. 

If they were in the area prior to 1781, the Parish records would have more key information that would the County records. Location would help determine Parish.

The initial suggestion that Samuel Henderson of Franklin County might be our correct ancestor came from Linda Arnold. Also, she adds that he md Jean/Jane Stephenson abt 1755. She is said to be the daughter of John Stephenson. This is a second marriage. The first was to Mary McLure, and at least one child was hers.

In the official State Library of Virginia in Richmond VA, there is an "Index to Franklin County Records found in the Archives of the Library of Virginia (2002). The Index lists "Henderson Family Genealogical Notes" compiled by Haller Shelton Henderson in 1950.

I contacted a Richmond researcher, Brigitte Burkett, to search these and other records.  She located the missing Samuel Henderson will and the several pages of accounting for the settlement of the estate. I now have copies. Two things are quite clear. the will reads "Kilgrove", not Kilgore. It is also clear that the will is a handwritten official copy of the original, which means that the copier could have erred. Evidence for copying is twofold. I know that many documents were copied in 1830's and 1840's because they were deteriorating. This information was given me by the curator in the library in Greene County TN. I expect it to be roughly the same in Virginia. That the hand-written will is a copy is evidence by three things. The seal is not there, but it is written "seal". On the margin is a book keeping entry titled "Samuel Henderson Will." The signature on this book keeping entry is the same as the signature to the actual will. Also, the 1809 accounting sheet, a year following Samuel Henderson's death, is in the same hand writing.

I fully agree with Brigitte Burkett's conclusion, "James Henderson is almost certainly the son of Samuel Henderson who died in Franklin County in 1808."

The documents I received shows an error that is a bit intriguing. The published versions of the will gives estate money to Samuel, son of Samuel. The actual copy I received from VA says, "Samuel, son of James." The deceased James mentioned in the will has either a single son alive in 1806 when the will was written, OR, perhaps James other two sons  - John and James - were so far away in Missouri that they were ignored. The latter conclusion is feasible.

Another thought from Brigette. She finds no earlier evidence of Samuel Henderson anywhere in VA. She wonders where he might have originated  - perhaps out of state.

She sent me two pages of a Henderson history in the VA archives. This is the genealogy that has been around for a while of three brothers (John, Samuel and James), sons of Wm Henderson and Margaret Bruce, and who settled in VA. This Samuel d. in 1782 and is usually given as our ancestor. He is not a correct ancestor. The children are wrong. I can find no tie in this history to the Franklin County Hendersons to this.

Two professional researchers have now told me that they believe that Samuel Henderson who died in 1808 is the correct ancestor to our James Henderson. I have reached the same conclusion; HOWEVER, we do not have the smoking gun statement.

A final point. The Nolichucky River in Greene County TN where James Henderson lived, is barely sixty miles southeast of the center of Franklin County VA, where Samuel Henderson lived - and the Blue Ridge vallies connect the two locations.

I have new information on our Sollars ancestor. Sebert Sollars family bible has been located. It has been reviewed by Megan Cook who has given the info to Tammy Henderson who gave it to me. There is good info here, plus some additional information about Sebert's life. This is helpful because it is the record of Hannah Sollars Henderson's brother.

The heart of the information says Sebert (various spellings) was born in 1758 in Augusta County VA, the part that became Botetourt County. His parents were John and  Ellen Marshall Sollars. The probability is that this John Sollars is the one born in Anne Arundel County Maryland, 24 Jan 1699 to Robert and Mary Shelby Sollars. And he descends from John Sollars who left England for Maryland about 1650. There are some gaps of proof here. Perhaps we can find it.

Your thoughts are invited, and so is your research.  I have listed the areas of research earlier in this document. Please let me know what you find - or do not find. John D.


It is said that Sabert Sollars, Rev. War & brother of Hannah Sollars Henderson Tallent, died in St. Joseph, Missouri.  From: Kelly Lock





For additional information visit Rand Henderson's
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