Jefferson County Circuit Court
Volume 3, page 272-273
5 August 1852


Ambariah Henderson, Jesse Hargrove and Elizabeth his wife formerly Elizabeth Henderson, Robert Markam and Mary Ann his wife formerly Mary A. Henderson, widow of John Henderson, Jr., dec. Plaintiffs against George W. Henderson, James M. Henderson, Elizabeth Henderson, and Almida Henderson, minor heirs of John Henderson, Jr., dec.; the unknown heirs of Samuel Henderson; unknown heirs of Sarah Chance, formerly Sarah Henderson; and Samuel H. Reeves, heir of Hannah Reeves formerly Hannah Henderson Defendents

Said plaintiffs come to Court accompanied by an affidavit stating that Amanda and Sebilla Henderson, heirs of Samuel Henderson are now residents of the state of Missouri; that the place of residence of Samuel H. Reeves is without the state of Missouri; that the names of the heirs of Sarah Chance are unknown; and that part of the heirs of Samuel Henderson are unknown.

On motion of said Plaintiffs it is ordered that said unknown and non-resident defendents be notified and said plaintiffs have filed in the circuit court of Jefferson County, Missouri a petition stating that the heirs of John Henderson Jr. subject to the dower right of Mary A. Markum are entitled to one sixth part. Ambariah Henderson to one sixth part. Elizabeth Hargrove to one sixth part. The heirs of Samuel Henderson, one sixth part. The heirs of Sarah Chance to one sixth part. Samuel H. Reeves is entitled to one sixth part of the following described land: 290 acres on Little Rock Creek part of land originally confirmed to John Henderson, Sr. of 640 acres.

From: Beth Wilson