My 4th great grandfather
Tennessee ~ Missouri ~ Arkansas ~ Mississippi ~ Louisiana

1778 - John is born to parents: Hannah Sollars & James Henderson Sr. Greene Co., Tennessee

1785 - John's brother, Samuel Henderson, is born

1791 - John's brother, James Henderson Jr., is born

1793 - John Henderson's father, James Henderson Sr., is killed by Indians in Tennessee.

1795 - John's sister is born:  Court Records - Greene County, Tennessee - 1795 - pg. 476   "William Love enters into bond with Benjamin Armstrong his security in the sum of two hundred dollars for the maintenance of a bastard child born of Hannah Henderson." (From: Henderson descendant Lin Johnson)

1799 - John's mother marries James Tallent

John Henderson was married to Elizabeth Wilson daughter of Samuel WILSON.

1802 - John Henderson, Sr., settled on Little Rock creek, another branch of the Maramec, the early actual settlers were all Americans, thus we find Samuel Wilson and his son John (1801); John Henderson (1802); John Gillmore (1803); George Smirl, senior, (1801); James Smirl (1802); and George, junior, in the St. Louis District of what is now Jefferson County, Missouri (from "History of Missouri", pg. 76, by Louis Houck).

1803 - had three children

1805 - John Henderson listed on 1805 Missouri census

1806 - John Wilson duly sworn says that one Henderson settled the said tract of land in the beginning of 1802, that he did prior to and on the 20th day of December 1803, actually inhabit and cultivate the same that he had then a wife and 3 children, and further that in the year 1801, one Samuel Wilson, the father-in-law of said Henderson obtained from the commandant a permission to settle for himself and his children.

1808 - John's son, Samuel Wilson Henderson, is born.

1810 - John Henderson Jr. is born

1810 - George Smirl, Jr. (John Wilson's granddaughter married into the Smirl family and they were tied by marriage to the Herringtons), assignee of John Henderson, claiming 1003 arpens of land. John Wilson affirmed says that John Henderson inhabited and cultivated this land in 1802, and continued to do until 1805. In 1803, had a wife and 3 children, that the said John Henderson is the son-in-law of Samuel Wilson, Sr. and came to this country with the remainder of said Wilson's family.

1810 John Henderson was the signer (as were his brothers James & Samuel Henderson) of a petition to the Land Commissioners of Louisiana Territory [Missouri] (from "Missouri Miscellany", Vol. 1, Pg. 88-93, by Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff)

1810 - 7 June - Receives settlement rights to survey 783 on Little Rock Creek in JeffCoMo

1812 - John Henderson received his settlement rights to 640 acres on Little Rock Creek in what is now Jefferson Co., Mo. (From "Early Settlers of Missouri As Taken From Land Claims In The Missouri Territory" by Walter Lowrie) This land is near the west edge of what is now Mastodon State Park.

1812 - 16 March - Amariah K. Henderson is born

1815 - The John Henderson family was in either the state of Mississippi or Arkansas where his daughter Elizabeth was born according to census records.

1821John Henderson & family were residing in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana when John sold property in Jefferson Co., Mo. to Murray McConnell who then sold it to William Wright (from Jefferson Co., Mo. deed record)

1830 - John Henderson is on a Jefferson County Missouri delinquient tax list for 100 acres of land.

1830's - The Henderson family returned to Missouri in the 1830's this time settling in Washington County  where three of his four children were married. (Washington Co., Mo. marriage records). John Henderson Jr. was married in & settled in adjoining St. Francois County.

1838 - John Henderson,Sr., was deceased by 1838. It is unknown at this time if he died in Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana.  A law suit over John Henderson’s estate property on Little Rock Creek, JeffCoMo is on file in the Ste. Genevieve Missouri Archives File #'s 494, 792.

1838 - John Henderson Jr. is appointed guardian of  his sister's minor children

1842 - The law suit over boundary lines between Henderson heirs & William Wright is settled.

1847 - John Henderson Jr. dies after purchasing the property next to that of his father-in-law, James Henderson Jr., in St. FranCoMo.& putting the deed in the names of his children Geo. W., James M., & Elizabeth Henderson.  Since there is no mention of his daughter, Almeda, she must not have been born yet.

1852 - Court proceedings between John Henderson Sr. heirs - Jefferson County Circuit Court Record

1855 - Remaining 290 acres of John Henderson Sr.'s property is sold on court house steps to Mason Frissell

1856 - Mason Frissell pays off property & amount goes to David Murphy curator for minor heirs of John Henderson Jr.

1863 - Money is divided between surviving heirs of John Henderson Sr. & John Henderson Jr.

John Henderson,Sr.'s children:

Sarah - b: 1802 was daughter of John Henderson Sr.  She was married to Thomas Chance & they had at least one child, a daughter named Sarah. 

Hannah - 1804 was daughter of  John Henderson Sr. She was married to a man by the last name of Reeves.  They had a son Samuel H. Reeves & another son named James M. or H. Reeves.  James was a minor in 1842.  From:  Jefferson County Circuit Court Record sent to me by Beth Wilson & Ste. Genevieve Archives Missouri File #'s 494, 792.

James - baptized by proxy 1841 by his brother Samuel W. Henderson

Samuel Wilson Henderson was born 1808 in Missouri.  He married Hannah HARRIS in Washington County, Missouri 10 Feb.1833. They went to Illinois in 1839 when the Mormons fled Missouri.  Samuel died at Nauvoo 8 April 1843 of inflammatory fever & is buried in the Old Nauvoo Burial Ground.

John Henderson,Jr.* was born in Missouri circa 1810.  He married his cousin, Mary Ann HENDERSON, in St. Francois County, Missouri in 1839. They resided next door to her parents. John and Mary Ann were the parents of four children. John Jr. died in 1847 before the birth of his fourth child Almeda.

Amariah K. Henderson was born 16 March 1812 in either Missouri or the state of Louisana.  He married Amanda TENNISON in Washington County, Missouri 7 July 1837. They resided northwest of Belgrade. Amanda was supposed to be a relative of President John ADAMS.  Amariah and Amanda became the parents of six children.  Amariah died in 1894 and is buried in Jane Bryan Cemetery. 

Elizabeth "Betsy" Henderson Hargrove was the daughter of John HENDERSON, Sr. Betsy was born circa 1815 in either the state of Arkansas or Mississippi.  Elizabeth died in Iron County, Missouri sometime between 1870 - 1876.  She married Jesse HARTGROVE  in Washington County, Missouri in 14 June1835. They first resided in Washington County then Kaolin Township in Iron County.   They probably didn't even move as they lived in the southern part of Washington County & that became part of Iron County when Iron County was formed.  Betsy & Jesse were the parents of ten children:  Margaret E. who married Wm. BURNHAM; Amanda; Emily who married Samuel SMITH; Eveline; George W. (b:1845) who married Missouri Jane VEST; Maria R.; Amariah, Americus or Emory who married Elizabeth HARTGROVE; John L.; William L. who married Sarah MAYFIELD; and Ruth C.  



Property of Samuel & John Wilson & John Henderson in east Jefferson County, Mo



  Iouachita.jpg (11646 bytes)n May, 1992 Gene and I took a trip to Lafayette, Louisiana and our route went right through Ouachita Parish. Of course we just had to stop at Monroe so I could poke around through the courthouse records for a few hours! We stopped briefly at Bosco to observe some very cute rare dwarf cats before proceeding on to Alexandria. While there we learned there was a Henderson family cemetery near the campground we were staying at. While visiting this cemetery I was bitten on the top of my foot by a fire ant. Now I know how they got their burned like fire! It also left a red, itchy bump on my foot for more than a year.
    While in Lafayette we toured the Atchafalaya swamp which coincidentally happened to be at the town of Henderson! We also enjoyed an airboat tour of Fosse Point Swamp, saw a lot of alligators and even an alligator nest.  We toured the Konriko Rice Mill, the Tobasco Factory at Avery Island, danced to Cajun music at Prejean's and at Belizaire's Restaurant we even got up enough nerve to sample fried alligator! (Yep, tastes like chicken!) We had a marvelous trip!
    Unfortunately the joy of our trip was quickly lost after we came home. We had boarded our dog, Sandy, and our cat, Missey, while we traveled. We had had them both for nine years. We called every few days to check on them and were always told everything was all right. But during our trip Missey had become ill and two days after our return she died. We were devastated.  We have no living children and she was like a baby to us. We still miss her and think of her. Later we adopted two adorable kittens from the Humane Society of the Ozarks in Farmington. Candy and Brandy are grown now and frequently "help" me with my genealogical research. They "help" by sorting the papers on my desk for me (by throwing them in the floor!) They also "help" me write my ancestral stories by tramping across the keyboard while I'm typing! So I'll blame all of my typos on them!  


Other families associated with the Hendersons that came from Greene County, Tennessee to southeast Missouri were:

Alexander - The Alexander family settled in Farmington - in the 1850 census for St. Francois County James Henderson is living next door to an Alexander Family & some in Washington Co.  LDS Ancestral File gives Hope Alexander as wife of John Henderson but I believe she was the wife of John's brother James Henderson, Jr.  Census & deed records give James' wife's name as Hopy.

Goforth - Willoughby and Zachariah Goforth settled in Caledonia, Washington County.   Willoughby had Lot #3 & Zachariah had Lot #1. (From 1819 plat map of Caledonia).  They were the sons of Miles Goforth who settled in Bellevue Valley in 1804.  They were relatives of Mary Goforth who was married to Samuel Henderson, Sr.

Washington, Jefferson & St. Francois counties all adjoin each other so it would not have been too difficult for these families to visit back & forth.


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