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Rachel Henderson was born in the famous Shenandoah Valley of Virginia 15 November 1764. On 26 Jan. 1782 in Greene County, Tennessee Rachel married William Murphy, Jr., a Revolutionary War veteran. In the year 1798 William came to Ste. Genevieve along with his brother Joseph. The Murphy brothers acquired Spanish grants and after securing their claims returned to Tennessee for their families.

The Murphy family is quite prominent in the early history of Farmington. William was the fourth child of Rev. William Murphy and his first wife Mary Fanquoy. In 1801 Williamís brother, David Murphy, cut the first tree

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that was felled in what was long known as "The Murphy Settlement". In 1802 David Murphy (son of Rachel Henderson and William Murphy) was the first child born in the "Murphy Settlement".

William’s step-mother was Sarah Barton Murphy. In 1805 in an old log meeting house Sarah organized and taught the first Sunday School west of the Mississippi River. In 1821 David Murphy (brother of William) donated 52 acres of land upon which Farmington, the county seat of St. Francois County, now stands.

William Murphy was allowed a pension on an application dated May 7, 1833. He died November 2, 1833, and his widow, Rachel Henderson Murphy, was allowed a pension on an application executed November 10, 1842. Rachel Henderson Murphy died March 26, 1844. Both are buried in the William Murphy Family Cemetery on the land that they owned about two miles south of Farmington on Fredericktown Ave.

William and Rachel would become the parents of 14 children:

John Crawford - 16 Oct. 1782

Mary Hodges - 22 June 1784


Elizabeth Barton - 16 Apr. 1788

William Eccles - 8 May 1790

Delilah - 14 May 1792

James Henderson - 19 May 1794

Kettura Beavers - 9 Apr. 1796

Francis Menifee - 23 May 1798

Sarah Barton - 4 Jan. 1800

David Henderson - b: 12 June 1802 - was first child born in "The Murphy Settlement".  In 1855 David H. Murphy was the curator for George W., James M., Elizabeth and Almeda Henderson the minor heirs of John Henderson dec’d. and the grand children of Elizabeth Wilson and John Henderson, Sr., and also Hopy and James Henderson, Jr. David H. Murphy died in 1865 and his wife Rachel became the administrix of his estate. In the estate papers it mentions Henderson Murphy, James Henderson, Almeda Henderson, Corbin Henderson and the heirs of John Henderson dec’d.

Henderson - 13 Spet. 1804       

Dubart - 26 May 1806






Henderson Murphy was sheriff of St. FranCo 1903 - 1905 - perhaps son or grandson of the Henderson Murphy mentioned above.



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