These lists, containing 986 signatures of Missouri pioneers in the year 1810, were copies from the Territorial Papers of the United States, Vol. XIV, Louisiana - Missouri Territory, 1806 - 1814, pages 382 - 397. Compiled by Clarence Edwin Carter, U.S. Gov. printing office 1949.

"THE MEMORIAL OF the undersigned inhabitants of the Territory of Louisiana respectfully SHEWETH.......making known to the government, the many defects existing in those laws and regulations, in regard to their land claims....Hard is the fate of the claimant (and the orphan children of those) who traversed a wilderness country to reach Louisiana, for the express purpose of acquiring the means to benefit their families. Who from fear of the savage tomahawk, a want of prompt protection from the government, sickness and deaths in their families, and many other causes; were prevented (though actually settled in the territory) from placing themselves in safety, on the particular tracts allotted to them. Machanicks and other who lived in towns, useful indeed to the government, had no idea of forfeiting their right, for want of occupying the paticular tracts condeded to them; if claims of those discriptions are NOW to be rejected, under the 4th Sec. of the law of congress, passed the 3d day of March 1807. For want of three years cultivation, such construction will operate in the opinion of your memorialists EX POST FACTO and impair the obligations of bona fide contracts made in good faith under the Spanish government......it was his residence that created his right and not cutting down trees or building up houses......
Your memorialists......most respectfully solicit your honorable Board and Agent to forward those memorials, to the secretary of the treasury, to be by him laid before Congress, with such remarks accompanying the same, as may seem to your honorable Board just and proper, in favour of all such species of claims, as in justice, good faith, and good policy ought to be confirmed."

Section 2 of Subscriber to Memorial: (Endorsed - forward to post master in St. Louis when signed by mail or otherwise, let this be done soon 15) John Carson, James Anderson, Gabriel Cobb, Charls Fortin, David Boylls, John Boylles Peter Hesketh, John Bradbury, Thos. Benton, John Pruitt, JOHN HENDERSON, Jacob Brewer, Wm. Mcmullen, John Brindley, Daniel Hubbert

Section 4 of Subscriber to memorial: (Endorsed - forward to post master in St. Louis by mail or other wise immediately when signed. B. Johnston, Esq.24) William Moss, Benj. Johnston, Chas. Buler, Benj. Johnston, Jr., Bartholomew Harrington, Jno. Hildebrand, Johnathan Hildebran, John Nichols, Lazaras Benton, John Timins, SAMUEL HENDERSON, Wiatt Morris, Jonathan Morris, Walter Dewitt, Samuel Price, John A. Sturgus, Robert Dewitt, Edward Butler, Adam Null, Johathan Hendrickson, William Rogers, Thos. Apelgate, William Null, Johathn Strickland

Section 15 of Ssubscribers to Memorial: (Endorsed - forward to post master in St. Louis, when signed, by mail or otherwise, let this be done soon. Mr. Hugh McCullock 31) Jam McColloch, Hugh McColloch, Jams Briton,sen., Francis Walls, John Walls, Newman Pound, James Briton, Jr., John B. Wideman, Reuben Pound, John W. Burnes, John Thurmond, JAMES HENDERSON, Jas Davis, Mark Wideman, Seebourn Williams, Jas Lafton, John Megee, William Walls, William Rians, Jonathan Huskey, John Huskey, Jr., William Armour, Sarah Pruit, John Williams, Marshal Jones, Jacob Wickerham,Sr., Jacob Wickerham,Jr., Acquilla Wickerham, Edward Everit, Michial Horine, Leonard Price