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Samuel Henderson
1785 - 1856

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1785 - 21 February - Samuel Henderson is born in Tennessee.  He is the son of Hannah Sollars & James Henderson.

1804 - 20 December - Samuel Henderson marries Mary Goforth in Greene County, Tennessee.

1805 - 1809 - Three children are born to Mary & Samuel in Tennessee.

1810 - Samuel & Mary settle in Missouri.  Samuel was a signer for a petition to the Land Commissionrs of Louisiana Territory (Missouri) that year. 

1810 - 1825 - Samuel & Mary have nine more children.

1812 - War of 1812 - Samuel served as a Private in Lt. Dodge's Command of Missouri Militia. 

1816 - Samuel Henderson's name is on the list of the first members of the Bellvue Presbyterian Church.  The first meeting took place 31July 1816 & another meeting on the following Friday & the sacrement administered the Sabbath after.  "It was a solemn & delightful season to many."  A large audience attended & "behaved with descency."

1818 - Samuel buys 1/2 acre Lot #44 in Caledonia, Washington County, Missouri.

1825 - Mary Goforth Henderson dies on 13 Dec. 1825

1827 - Samuel remarries to Elizabeth Harris in Washington County, Missouri & they moved to southwest of Belgrade. 

1827 - Samuel & wife Elizabeth sold Lot #44 to Preston & Albert F. Morris

1827 - 1842 - Samuel & Elizabeth have nine children.

1830 - Samuel is listed on the Washington County, Missouri census.

1840 - U.S. Census Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois - Samuel & Elizabeth are residing on Block 51 Lot 4 next to Samuel's nephew Samuel W. Henderson.

1844 - Samuel Henderson of Nauvoo city Illinois & Wm. Aldridge of Washington County, Missouri:  99 acres 1/100 E1/2 of NW1/4 sec. 12 T35 R1E in Missouri.  patent date 4 Sept. 1821.  1/4 sec. 12 T35 R1E  113 1/100 acres

1845 - 1846 - Samuel is a High Priest in Nauvoo, Illinois.

1846 - Samuel & wife Elizabeth of Nauvoo City, Hancock Co., Ill., sells property  to William Aldridge of Washington County, Missouri:  190 acres 1/100 E1/2 of NW1/4 sec. 12 T35 R1E.  80 acres patent bearing date 4 Sept. 1821 also fractional section 1/4 of sec. 12 T35 R1E containing 113 acres 1/100 deeded by Wm. Wood & Betsy Wood bearing date 18 October 1828.  Also fraction in west corner of tract confirmed to Joseph McMurtry containing 6 acres the same where the mills formerly stood & deeded to Henderson by Joseph & Mary McMurtry 18 October 1828.

1856 - 24 July - Samuel Henderson dies in Salt Lake City, Utah & is buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.


Children of Mary Goforth & Samuel Henderson:

James - 1805 Tenn.- d: 1842 Nauvoo, Ill. - m: Sarah Anna Harris

Elizabeth - 1807 Tenn. - d: 1888 - m: Wesley Goforth

William Wallace - 1809 Tenn. - d: 1851 - m: married 4 times

John - 1810 Mo. - d:     m: Elizabeth Jane Ohaver

Jane - 1812 Mo. - d:   

Sarah - 1814 Mo. - d:      m: Isaac Allred

Jemima - b: 1816Mo. - d: d: 1816-24

Minerva - 1816 Mo. -

Rachel - 1817 Mo. - d:     m: James Ducson

Isabelle - 1819 Mo. - d: 1819 - d:    m: Abel Strickline (?Strickland?)

Samuel - 1820 Mo. - d: 1904 Osmond, Lncln., Wy. - m: Marietta Coray

Mary - 1823 Mo. - d: 1910  - m: Isaac Allred

George - 21 Feb.1825 Mo. - d: 13 Dec.1825 (the same day as his mother)

Children of Elizabeth Harris & Samuel Henderson

Nancy - 1828

Abigail - 1829

Thomas - 1832

Hannah - 1834

Martin - 1835

Charlotte - 1837

Joseph - 1839

Hyrum - 1840

Ira- 1842



From: Samuel Henderson descendant John Nash ~ Esther. Thx for the Samuel Henderson Site. Let me help you, because I have a lengthy interest in Samuel and Mary Goforth Henderson, etc. There are bits and pieces of confusing information concerning Samuel Henderson who md Mary Goforth and then Elizabeth Harris. To "unconfuse" I will refer to him as Samuel Sr. First of all, he is portrayed as returning to live in TN abt 1820, so he would not have to give up his slaves when Missouri joined the Union in 1820. That is incorrect, and confuses Samuel Sr. with Samuel H. who md Lucy Ryckman - a marriage made in Greene Co. TN, and witnessed by James Henderson, Samuel Sr.'s father. Second misconception has Samuel Sr. living on a plantation in Missouri. "Plantation" suggests large  scale commercial agriculture, but a careful reading of the memoirs that talk about the place suggest otherwise. It was more of a self-sufficient family farm. This was a large family - 12 children born to Samuel Sr. and Mary Goforth Henderson, and 9 more to him and Elizabeth Harris. Mary died in 1825 and within two years he had md Elizabeth. Most of his family joined the LDS Church between August (July?) and October 1838. They lived about 150 miles east of the main body of Latter-day Saints, but when the Saints were driven from Missouri, the Hendersons went with them. They arrived in Quincy, IL in the fall of 1839. Samel Sr. was 54. He built a home about 1/4 mile from the current Visitor's Center in Nauvoo. There is a house on the correct corner, but I do not know if it is the house he built.He lived there until late August or early September 1846. I am not certain what he did in Nauvoo, but I am fairly certain he established a sawmill. The evidence is inferential: he owned a sawmill in MO, and that was a principle source of income. Samuel "Goforth" Henderson (Goforth is an identifying name, not legal) worked "with my father" in Nauvoo, and then Samuel Goforth H. was sent several hundred miles up the Mississippi to help select timber for the construction of the Nauvoo Temple. Later, Samuel Goforth Henderson moved West, ending up in Southern Idaho, where he had a sawmill. Looks likea sawmill family all the way.  It was during the Nauvoo period where Samujel Sr. performed baptismal work for his deceased relatives - the list that has been passed around for some time. Also of significance, his oldest son James died, and Samuel and Elizabeth took in his orphaned children. By 1846 Samuel Sr. was 61. I am not certain about his health, but the exodus from Nauvoo began in February 1846 and ended in early September of that year. The last few hundred people to leave have been described as the elderly, the sick, the poor. There are two more categories - a group of men who stayed to sell as much property as they could, and a group of men who stayed to finish harvesting the crops. Samuel Goforth Henderson was part of this last group - and likely stayed behind to help his father and step-mother.  They were there at the end, when the citizens of Illinois forced them out of Nauvoo at gunpoint. Some people were actually thrown in the Mississippi River. Most of these last residents lost just about everything they had. I think this had to include the Hendersons, because in MO they were financially stable, and seem to have been the same in Nauvoo.  (Samuel Goforth Henderson md in Nauvoo. His three children died, and his wife left him.)    These last exiles crossed the river and traveled a few miles thru Iowa, stopping at what is called the "Poor Camp. These people were, ill, defeated, impoverished, and desparate. And that is where a most unusual event happened. One of Samuel  Sr.'s orphaned grandsons has written about the miracle of the quail, where many quail fluttered into the camp and were caught and used for sustenance. The memoir says that one of the quail fell right into Elizabeth Henderson's lap (I quite concur with Rand, that much of this memoir errs, but this poignant story fits with all that is known of the event.) All these Hendersons managed to get about 2/3's thru Iowa before winter stopped them at Mt. Pisgah, as it was called. It was a temporary stopping place in Indian Territory, but the Hendersons stayed there for two years. In the spring of 1849 they moved to Council Bluffs, which is the border area between Iowa and Nebraska on the Missouri River. They wintered there and my records say they moved West in the spring of 1850, but Rand has named the company they traveled with in 1851. Now I am wondering if Samuel Goforth Henderson traveled in 1850, the the others a year later - or else I have a date error. At any rate, the Hendersons first settled in Kaysville Utah (closer to Ogden than Salt Lake City.) They started in a dugout, moved to a cabin Samuel Goforth H. built, and then to an adobe house. Samuel Goforth H. had remarried, and now he established a tanning mill and built and sold furniture. I do not know what Samuel Sr. did in Kaysville, nor do I know what he did in Nauvoo. I have never checked, but it is quite likely that the records would tell us a few things. He did live in Kaysville "for a time", and then moved south to Salt Lake City, and that is where he died. He was 71 when he died. He had 21 children, plus he cared for the orphaned children of his oldest son.  My info for all this is from these sources, all in my possession: Samuel Goforth Henderson "Autobiograhy". Mary Henderson Allred, "(no title, 1 page); Maurine Harrison, "Gleanings from the Life of Samuel Henderson"; Reverend Sydney E. Henderson, "Trailing Samuel Henderson"(abt MO period); Thomas  A. Howell, "Harriet Hawkins Henderson"; Alice S. Pizza & Enid H. Thompson, "William Jasper Henderson Family History" (this is Samuel Sr.,s orphaned grandson; Karen Reeder, "Statements". Plus genealogical data.  

From: Samuel Henderson descendant Rand Henderson ~ Esther,   Thanks for the maps.  On your new Samuel Henderson web site, the obituary in the Salt Lake City Deseret Weekly and the yardkeeper's records at the cemetery list Samuel's death date as 24 February 1856.  I think I sent you a copy of the obituary, didn't I.  If not, let me know.  It is noteworthy because it is one of the first published as the Deseret Weekly newspaper was just getting started, was just a weekly (forerunner of daily now called the Deseret News).  As far as where he was in 1850.  I have looked through all my hard data and have nothing to positively pinpoint him.  I can pinpoint John (a son I believe) in Council Bluffs in 1850 as Mormon church records have him praying in meetings, donating money, etc etc.  Likewise, Samuel "Goforth" Henderson b. 1820 is there as he is married to Harriet Hawkins in Council Bluffs.  As you may or may not know, Council Bluffs was a gathering place for the Mormons after they were run out of Nauvoo.  The main body of "saints" left Nauvoo in February 1846,  but numerous others remained behind because they were too poor to outfit.   William Jasper Henderson who was the orphaned son of Samuel b. 1785's oldest son James b. 1805 was six in 1846.  He had gone to live his grandfather Samuel b. 1785's family after he was orphaned in 1842 or 44.  He reports in his life history that Samuel b. 1785 was driven at cannon point out of the city with those to poor to leave earlier over the frozen Mississippi river.  Church history reports that this occurred in October 1846.   He reports that they were on the Iowa side of the river when the "miracle of the quail" occurred.  This is an incident when those poor and destitute and starving were miraculously provided food by large quantities of quail flying into camp.   (Apparently the quail had been on a long flight and all just lit in camp worn out much to the benefit of the "poor camp" as they were called).  Church history reports that this occurred on 9 October 1846.  William Jasper Henderson's history is suspect in some regards.  We know that he made a mistake about James dying in the "indian" war of 1812.   As he was very young during all this, we can give him some quarter.  I believe that the quail incident might be reliable as it would be something that would impress a young boy.  At any rate WJHenderson goes on to report in his history that Samuel b. 1785 "took u p a place near Dulah Lake abut three miles from Omaha on the east side of the Missouri river."  He also reports that "Samuel and Elizabeth Henderson and family started for Utah in 1851 in Captain James Allred's train. . ."  If William Jasper is to be believed, Samuel was in Nebraska in 1850.  There may be further church records that might help us verify this at some point. 

From: Rebecca Smith
Tuesday, April 03, 2007 9:07 AM
Subject: James Henderson and Hannah Sollars

I am a descendant of James' son, Samuel and Elizabeth Harris.  I have many pioneer ancestors that converted to the "Mormon Faith"who have lived and died in Nauvoo as well as made the treck west to Salt Lake Valley in Utah.  There, the majority of my family resides with few exceptions.  Samuel and Elizabeth Henderson had a daughter by the name of Charlotte.  Charlotte married Isaac Morely Allred.  Their son, Lawrence Elvin Allred, married Edah Evaline Maxfield.  Lawrence and Edah Allred are my great grandfather's grandparents.

I have studied the information regarding this Henderson line and am quite pleased with the research that has been done.  I am also studying another Henderson line that  belongs to my husband.  The Hendersons, on my husband's side, were close friends of the Crocketts, Lewis, and Thomas Jefferson of Albemarle County, Virginia.  I believe that is where James Henderson's parents may be found.  There is as possibility of my Henderson branch as well as my husband's Henderson branch tying together with a common ancestor in Scotland.  I am working to verify that.  I have seen one particular line that I greatly disagree with after seeing your information regarding James Henderson so thoroughly researched.

The line that I've found is as follows.  It really isn't done very well.

James Henderson b. abt 1763 d. 15 Aug 1793 Greene county, TN, married Hannah Sollars.

Father of James:
Samuel Henderson b. 28 Nov 1740 Knoxville,,TN d. 17 Jan 1782. 

Parents of Samuel:
William Henderson b. 1699 Tennessee and Susan Logan b. abt 1699

Parents of William :
William Henderson b. 30 Apr 1676 Scotland married Margaret Bruce 7 Feb 1705 Scotland.

James eldest son was John.  According to your information it seems like he would be the only one of age to be mentioned in James' will of 1793. I agree with a date of birth to be abt 1778.  Since that is the case, James would have been born abt 1750 and Hannah Sollars birth date abt 1755/1760.  So clearly, Samuel Henderson b. 1740 could not be the father of James but could very possibly be his brother. 

There is a William Henderson who married a Susanah Logan in Augsta County, Virginia who had a son named James.  This James married a Mary without further information to confirm it.  This William Henderson could have been born abt 1693 Scotland and died bef Sep 1770 Augusta County, Virginia.  Susannah, his wife, was born abt 1727 and died bef 21 May 1785.

William Henderson of Scotland may have immigrated to the USA before 1740 with Margaret Bruce his wife.  I have yet to confirm it.   The common ancestor of both my Henderson line and my husband's Henderson line may be John Henderson and MArgaret Menteith of Fife, Scotland.  This dates back to the 1600s.

Do you have records of who Samuel Henderson 1785 family members he had  baptized while in Nauvoo?

Hope this helps.

Rebecca Smith

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" I visited Samuel Henderson's grave early this spring..........The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers put a new marker in some years ago....... It's a lovely old cemetery, one of the oldest in the west, I'm sure. "   Connie Godak ~ June, 2003   

Visit Rand Henderson's "Henderson Family Web Site"
It includes more information about Samuel Henderson also copies of Henderson documents.

Utah Pioneers and Prominent Men


HENDERSON, SAMUEL NEWTON (son of James Henderson, born Nov. 27, 1805, and Annie Harris, born 1812, both died at Nauvoo, Ill.). He was born April 18, 1838, in Crawford county, Mo. Came to Utah Sept. 12, 1847.

Married Esther Dewhurst Jan. 11, 1869 (daughter of James Dewburst and Elizabeth Fielding), who was born Feb. 17, 1847, Blackhaven, Lancashire, Eng., and died March 15, 1872, Randolph, Utah. Their child: Elizabeth Ann b. April 12, 1870, d. April 13, 1883. Family home Randolph, Utah.
Married Sarah Jane Pugmire May 16, 1877, Randolph, Utah (daughter of Joseph Hyrum Pugmire, pioneer 1847, John
Taylor company, and Eleanor Craten, pioneer with a handcart company). She was born April 18, 1858. Their children: Samuel Henry b. Feb. 23, 1878 m. Isabel Sims June 15, 1904; Esther Eleanor b. April 23, 1880, m. John Thomson Barker Sept. 18, 1902; Florence Celeste b. Aug. 20, 1883, m. Riley Day, Jan. 20, 1905; Mary Maud b. Aug. 20, 1885, m. Joel Melvin Schenck June 22, 1904; James b. Oct. 10, 1887, d. Oct. 13, 1903; Jasper b. Jan. 14, 1889, m. Nancy Alice Barker Oct. 22, 1909; Annie Adelia b. Feb. 25, 1890, d. Sept. 12, 1901 Harriet Lilian b. April 2, 1892, m. Ole Mattson, Nov. 29, 1910 Martin b. March 10, 1895; Clfford Newton b. June 8, 1897 Nancy Josephine b. Nov. 25, 1899; George Allen b. June 30, 1902; Ira Pugmire b. Oct. 15, 1904. Family home Laketown Utah.
Settled at Mill Creek 1848. Major in Utah militia 1855, veteran Black Hawk war. Moved to Randolph, Utah, 1870 and to Laketown 1880. Member 61st quorum seventies Sheriff Rich county two terms; constable of Randolph one term. Assisted in bringing immigrants to Utah. Took an active part in Echo Canyon campaign.




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