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(Documents are very difficult to read so below is a summary of the pages as best as I could determine.)

Thursday August 2nd 1838
Saml. Henderson vs. William Wright

Court met – Jury present

……….the court __?__ as a jury find the defendant not guilty of the tresspass and ?ejectment? in two hundred acres of land in the plaintiffs __?__ the same being on the lower side (that is, down the Creek) of the tract of land aforesaid confirmed to John Henderson being ?five? hundred & forty acres, the court ; as a jury find the Defendant guilty of the tresspass & ?ejectment? as alleged and assess the plaintiffs damages by reason……


Wed. Oct 5th, 1838
Henderson vs Wright

John Henderson appointed Guardian ad liten for minors – Injunction granted and _?_ to enter into bond in $500 ……….


Dec. 4th, 1838
Wm. Wright vs. Henderson et als
Bill of Injunction filed


March term – 1839
Henderson vs Wright


_?_ of John Henderson, and the separate and _?_ of minors filed, _?_ the remaining dependants ask leave to file their answers at next term which is granted & this cause is continued until next time.


Tuesday, July 30, 1839
Wright vs Henderson et al

Order of Publication to Saml. Henderson


Wednesday, December 4th, 1839
Wm. Wright vs. Saml. Henderson……….


Monday, March 30, 1840
Wright vs. Henderson……….


Tuesday, August 4, 1840
Wm. Wright vs. S. Henderson………


Nov. 13th, 1841
Henderson vs. Wright……….


File #972

State of Missouri
County of Ste. Genevieve

The State of Missouri to the Sheriff of Jefferson County Greeting: Whereas William Wright on the 17th day of March in the year 1842 at our Circuit Court sitting as a Court of the Chancery hath recovered against Samuel Henderson, John Henderson, Amariah Henderson, Jesse Hargrave and Elisabeth his wife formerly Elisabeth Henderson, & Sarah chance & James M. Reeves minors who defend by their next _?_ John Henderson for costs the sum of six Dollars and seventy two cents then and there adjudged against them. These are therefore to command you that of the goods and chattels and real estate of the said Samuel Henderson, John Henderson, Amariah Henderson, Jesse Hargrove & Elisabeth his Wife & Sarah chance & James M. Reeves you cause to be made the said costs and that you certify to the Judge of _?_ said Court on the 14th day of November next now you execute this Writ.

Witness Jesse B. Robbins Cler of _?_ said Court at St. Genevieve this _?_ July 1842

Jesse R. Robbins Clerk

By virtue of the within writ I have Levyed & Seized all the right title Intrest & claim of Samuel Henderson & others in & to tract of land containing 640 acres more or Less on the Little Rock creek and the Same Tract wheir on William Wright now resides & claim & being a tract of Land originally confirmed to J. Henderson} M. Moss Sheriff

I can not Sell the above Described Land for want of Time in the Life of the Execution Given under my hand this 10th day of Nov. 1842.

M. Moss Sheriff

Pay my fees to Jesse B. Robbins……….



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