Died, near Courtois post office, on Courtois creek, Saturday, April 27, 1901 William C. Huitt, aged 68 years.  His remains were laid to rest in the family graveyard on Cub creek, Sunday, April 28, 1901.  The deceased was a professor of Christianity for a number of years before his death & led a life consistent to his belief. - [signed] A Friend - Weekly Independent, 2 May 1901


Washington County, Missouri:

J.T. Hewitt - pg. 53 - Indictment for Malicious Mischief.  8 Jan. 1872 plea: guilty fee: $1.00

J.T. Hewitt - pg 79 - Indictment for Selling Liquor Without License 1874 10 days in jail

J.T. Hewitt - pg. 84 - Indictment for Selling Liquor Without License - plea: guilty fee: $40.00 & 10 days in jail

Crawford County, Missouri:

James T. Huitt - Felonious Assault 27 March 1874 - Forfiture Recognizance
Book F  Pg. 481

J.T. Huitt - Felonious Assault  17 August 1903


Jim Blount Shot in Head by Web Huitt and Dies in about Two Hours  

Last Monday night about 12 o'clock, Jim Blount, Web Huitt, and a half a dozen others  were in an upper back room of the old hotel building at Elvins. Six of them, including Blount and Huitt, engaged in a game of poker.Huitt and Blount got into a hot dispute over the deal and both men started to get up from the table., Huitt drawing a revolver.  He fired, striking Blount back of the left shoulder. Blount, then tried to get out of his way by crawling under the table, when Huitt fired a second shot, the ball striking Blount in the top of the head, a little to the right of the center, from which he died in about two hours.Blount,  was not armed , and his knife with which he had just been cutting a chew of tobacco was lying closed on the table. As soon as he had done the shooting, Huitt ran out of the room, down the back stairway, broke out a window, and made his escape. He returned to his home some time during the day Tuesday,and was arrested there by Sherrif Croke, and brought to Farmington and lodged in jail. Coroner G,B. Perkins  held an inquiry over the body of Blount on Tuesday, at which the foregoing facts were brought out. The verdict of the coroners jury was  that the deceased had been done to his death by gunshot wounds inflicted by Jim Huitt without justification. ( Uncle Jim was killed June 8, 1908)  

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Sam had forgotten who saddled his horse and hoisted him in the proper position, but he was sure he hadn’t done it by himself. Boy was he buzzing! He thought he might stopped by the old well and try to clear his head and splash some water in his face. He wouldn’t drink it – even though people said it was clean again. No, he wouldn’t drink it – not after they found old man Hewitt in it – MURDERED! Two years or more, it didn’t matter, you just don’t drink water what had a corpse in it.



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Confederate Monument in Alton, Ill.
Photographed: 1980's

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William Huitt, captured at Reynolds County, Missouri, 1862 died of small pox here.