Caribbean Christmas Cruise

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Hell, Grand Cayman

Cozumel, Mexico

December  2002     ~      Background Music:  Road2Hell

Getting Ready For Our Cruise

CandiedLuggage.JPG (9589 bytes)


Left: At Home:
Hhhmm, think Candy is hinting to go along?   lol


Right: New Orleans,
we can see part of our

cruise ship out of our
motel window.


NewOrleans4.JPG (9821 bytes)

We stayed Saturday night in New Orleans before leaving on our cruise on Sunday evening.  It was really fun exploring Bourbon Street in the historic French Quarter.   Ate some good Cajun food in a 250 year old building & we dared to visit two Voo Doo shops. Didn't have enough nerve to take the "Haunted New Orleans" tour so I bought the video instead.
Problem is ~ I'm afraid to watch it!  lol

Carnival Cruise Line's "Conquest"


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Conquest2.JPG (13366 bytes)


On Board The Conquest

CruiseShip9.JPG (13266 bytes)

This is Gene wearing the Santa hat that Grandma Patti gave us to take along on our Christmas cruise.

CruiseShip7.JPG (12553 bytes)

This is me wearing the Santa hat that Grandma Patti gave us to take along on our Christmas cruise.

Cabin1.JPG (11748 bytes)

This is our cabin looking towards
the hallway door.

Cabin2.JPG (11924 bytes)

This is our cabing looking towards the door & window of our own private balcony.

CruiseShip12.JPG (14358 bytes)

Gene in one of those white-knuckle-hold-on-for-dear-life glass elevators.

CruiseShip5.JPG (14160 bytes)

This is the Disco with lots of great music.   We used to be able to dance to that stuff when we were younger. hehehe

CruiseShip13.JPG (12775 bytes)

This is me trying my hand at the
one~armed bandit in the casino.

CruiseShip6.JPG (7499 bytes)

This is me getting a computer fix
at the on~board Internet Cafe.

Welcome To Jamaica ~ 25 December 2002 ~ Yeah, Mon!

E&G MontegoBay.JPG (11619 bytes)

Here we are getting off
the Conquest in Jamaica.

JamaicaTerminal.JPG (17134 bytes)

Jamaica Terminal

RoseHallGreatHouse.JPG (14776 bytes)

Rose Hall Great House

RoseHallFrontPorch.JPG (11861 bytes)

View from Rose Hall's front porch
overlooking the ocean.

If you ever get to Jamaica Rose Hall is a must see.  A large beautiful mansion built 1770 - 1780 it was the home of the white witch Annie Patterson who came here in 1820.  Annie became the wife of John Palmer the owner of Rose Hall.  Annie was a young beautiful Irish woman who was taught voodoo & witchcraft as a child by her nursemaid also a Haitian priestess. John Palmer was the first of three husbands murdered by Annie by either poisoning, stabbing or strangling.  She also tortured & killed numerous slave lovers when she became bored with them.  Annie was strangled in her bed during a slave uprising in 1831.  It is said that she still haunts the house to this day.   I did not know prior to the tour that Rose Hall was once owned by a Henderson family.  I don't know if they are connected to my Henderson line.  If they are it would be very remote.

RoseHallTourGuide.JPG (11436 bytes)

Our Rose Hall tour guide.

RoseHallChristmasTree.JPG (11917 bytes)

Rose Hall's christmas tree.

RoseHallHauntedMirror.JPG (4241 bytes)

Haunted Mirror

RoseHallBedroom.JPG (10408 bytes)

Bedroom where Annie Palmer
murdered her third husband by stabbing him
& then pouring boiling oil in his ears.

RoseHall BearTrap.JPG (8933 bytes)

This bear trap was found on Rose Hall grounds.  Since there are no bears in Jamaica they believe it was used on slaves.

RoseHallBucket.JPG (11846 bytes)

Slave children ages 5 ~ 9 years old had to carry this bucket full of water to the Great House.  If they spilled any they were lashed with a whip. I lifted the bucket & it is heavy enough empty much less with water in it.


RoseHall Dungeon Entrance.JPG (8421 bytes)

Rose Hall dungeon exit / entrance. Notice the dungeon door at left.

RoseHallDungeon.JPG (14529 bytes)

Rose Hall dungeon where slaves were formerly kept with little ventilation & only a small candle for light. The dungeon now houses
a gift / souvenier shop.


RoseHallEntertainment.JPG (7049 bytes)

Rose Hall entertainment in the pub.  Here we sampled some witches brew.
Whew!!   Powerful stuff!!!

RoseHallPatio.JPG (14540 bytes)

Rose Hall patio.

RoseHallPond.JPG (18257 bytes)

Beautiful lily pond near the tomb.

RoseHallWitchesTomb.JPG (16619 bytes)

Tomb of the white witch, Annie Palmer.  A lady in our tour group who had sampled a bit much witches brew layed on top of the tomb to see if she could conjur up any spirits.  Much to her disappointment (& the relief of everyone else) nothing happened.  lol

MontegoBay4.JPG (18085 bytes)

Overlooking Montego Bay from
a restaurant up in the mountains.

Guide2.JPG (17645 bytes)

This is Gene with our tour guide for the day,
Lynford Warlock, of Juta Tours.

It's kind of hard getting used to riding around in Jamaica as they drive on the left side of the road. At one point a tan furry critter scurried across the road in front of our taxi.  I asked Lynford if it was a squirrel & he said it was a mongoose.  Wish I could have gotten a picture of it but it was in too big of a hurry to avoid being road kill.  lol

CoconutMan2.JPG (15388 bytes)

The Coconut man.

CoconutMan3.JPG (11803 bytes)

Here he is opening
a coconut for us.

Guide4.JPG (16627 bytes)

Our guide, Lynford,
enjoying coconut jelly.

E&G Coconut.JPG (15017 bytes)

Me & Gene sampling delicious coconut milk. While Gene was posing for the picture I was busy sucking up all the coconut milk through a straw.  hehehe

MontegoBaySunsetGene.JPG (7582 bytes)

Here we are back aboard the Conquest, leaving Montego Bay & sailing off into the sunset. These pictures were taken from our private little balcony.

Next stop: Hell

MontegoBaySunset2.JPG (6834 bytes)

Welcome To Grand Cayman Island ~ 26 December 2002

E&G GrandCayman.JPG (15166 bytes)

Here we are arriving on
Grand Cayman Island.

Surf1.JPG (17297 bytes)

Sea shore behind the Rum Cake Store.

SurfGene.JPG (13158 bytes)


SurfEsther.JPG (13434 bytes)


HellGene.JPG (7824 bytes)


Hell1.JPG (8821 bytes)


Sure is a hell of a place!


HellEsther.JPG (8154 bytes)


HellRocks2.JPG (15573 bytes)

HellRocks1.JPG (17065 bytes)

Hell rocks that give the area its name.

HellRooster.JPG (14191 bytes)

Hell Rooster~this banty rooster was running around loose by the Hell Gift Shop.

HellFlowers.JPG (16862 bytes)

Flowers blooming near the Hell Gift Shop.

Now if anybody ever tells me to "go to hell" I can reply with, "Been There~Done That!"

Time to get the hell out of here!      Next stop: Cozumel, Mexico


Welcome To Cozumel Mexico ~ 27 December 2002

Cozumel1.JPG (11119 bytes)

Cozumel2.JPG (14117 bytes)

Cozumel3.JPG (13799 bytes)

Cozumel4.JPG (12215 bytes)

Cozumel.JPG (13124 bytes)

Arriving at Puerta Maya

Puerto Maya2.JPG (12749 bytes)

Welcome to Puerta Maya

CozumelFatTuesday1.JPG (14872 bytes)

This is the restaurant where we
ate lunch right by the ocean.

Soldiers1.JPG (13521 bytes)

Woo Hoo!  Look what I found in Cozumel!  hehehe

We left Cozumel after dark on the evening of the 27th.  Gene & I were VERY tired so went to bed early.  I woke up sometime during the night.  When I looked out the window there was a shore line with lights which I hadn't expected to see.  The more I looked at the lights the more I thought they looked like the lights of Cozumel.  But I told myself it couldn't be as we had left Cozumel hours earlier.  So I shrugged it off & went back to bed.   The next day we found out that a passenger had fallen & broken his leg.   Cozumel was the nearest port so the ship turned around & went back to Cozumel so the patient could be put ashore & admitted to a hospital.  HA!  I knew those looked like the lights of Cozumel!  I'm not crazy afterall!  hehehe

Spent another day at sea & arrived back at New Orleans the morning of the 29th.  After going through customs & picking up our luggage we hightailed it for home.  Wanted to get home in time to pick the "kids" up from the vet before the holiday.  Got home in time for sleet & snow.  Sounds like good weather to hibernate.  Somebody wake me up when spring gets here.  lol