148)   I would think that the state of Missouri, the Parks Dept and St. Louis County would ALL be interested in the preservation of the Kaes Farm House.  Have a publicly assessible historic site is always a PLUS for a community...providing a historical and educational experience and drawing visitors not only to the site, but to the surrounding parks and local businesses, as well.  I recently visited Ha Ha Tanka State Park and the preserved 'Snyder Family Castle' atop the bluff...this is an example of a MO state park housing and preserving a historically significant structure.  That structure helps draw people to the park.  Our local Civil War era Antebellum Farm House can do the same for our area too.  Besides the normal interested tourist, having this house assessible to the public as a historic site would bring Scout troops and students on field trips to view and learn about the history of the period and the architecture of the buildings.  I don't understand the delay in a decision to preserve, obtain access and open this historical site up for many generations to appreciate, as they visit the Kaes House.
Please add my name, wholeheartedly, to your petition.  If it's been awhile since submitting it to the proper authorities, then by all means, please do so again...and again....and again.   Thank you for your efforts.
Terri Nealon, Ballwin, MO

149) - My name is Wayne Crawford. Please add me to the petition. I have been in the house when I was doing community service for the park and I am quite sure at that time the house was still structurally sound and a great candidate for restoration. I cant imagine in the 20 years since that it has gone too far downhill to still make it a viable candidate.