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EMALINE LAWSON was my great, great grandmother.  She was born 3 December 1851 in Kentucky and was the daughter of Lydia Cooksey & Robert Lawson.  Emaline married George Washington Henderson, 20 April 1876,  in St. Francois County, Missouri.   In picture at left is child Rosie Henderson, then Emaline Lawson Henderson.  EmalineEmaline Lawson Henderson Tombstone.JPG (4901 bytes) died in 1926 in Iron Township, Iron County, Missouri.  She is buried next to her son, James Henderson, in Big River Cemetery, Washington County, Missouri.



1822-1825 - Robert was born in May in Ky. or Tenn.

1850 - St. FranCoMo census - No Lawsons

1851 - 1854 - Robert Lawson:  Came to St. Francois County, Missouri between 1851 & 1854.

1880 - Occupation: Miller  - his father's birthplace was listed as Virginia & his mother's birthplace as Tennessee in the 1880 census.

1911 - 14 Sept. Esther   -   Located a death certificate for a Robert Lawson, but have been unable to verify that he is our ancestor.  Death certificate is available on the Mo State  board of health, bureau of vital statistics web site.  At time of death (14 September 1911) he had been a patient in the Farmington  Hospital, diagnosed with "Senility".   He had been a patient there 4 months and 14 days, and died of Chronic Dysentery.   I do not KNOW if this hospital was  the mental hospital of later years, of just an ordinary Hospital.  The Undertaker  *Adam Nidert) of Farmington says burial took place in "St. Francois Co., Cemetery"    I don't know the location for that Cemetery, unless it is on the Hospital grounds.   He was buried on the same day he died.  Using :google" I found no record of a funeral home with name ADAM NIDERT.  Death certificate states (probably from the admission records)that he was born May 1822 and states he was  married, but does not list her name.  I am 475 miles from Farmington, and unlikely(health reasons) that I'll be traveling back to St. Francois County again, but I'd sure like to be able to verify that this Robert Lawson is our ancestor and not a cousin, or uncle, etc.  With your Genealogical contacts, I suspect that you have ways of obtaining records, or at least information to verify. Able to help???  Warm Regards,   Darryl Lawson


Children of Lydia Cooksey & Robert Lawson:

Nancy A. ~ born 1844, Ky.

William Jefferson  ~ born 23 Dec. 1845 in Covington, Cumberland County, Kentucky.  Died:  28 December 1939 north of Bonne Terre in St. Francois County, Missouri. buried: Adams Cemetery - m: Laura Ketcherside

James F. ~  born 1848, Ky.,  Died: ?  Buried: Adams Cemetery, St. Francois County, Missouri. He was married to: Nancy Cooksey.

EMALINE* ~    born 3 Dec. 1851, Ky., ~ married George Washington Henderson 20 April 1876 in St. Francois County, Missouri.   Emeline died 26 July 1926 & is buried in Big River Cemetery, Irondale, Washington County, Missouri.

Tabitha Jane ~ born 1854, Mo., d:         m: Wm. F. Crump, 13 May 1877, by Geo. Crump,JP, at the residence of Robert Lawson, St. FranCoMo., witnesses: Elijah Lawson & Sarah Crump

Elishe ~ born 14 Jan. 1856, St.FranCoMo. - d: 21 Sept. 1921, Frankclay, Randolph T., St.FranCoMo. - m: Melinda Robeson, 14 Dec. 1874, St.FranCoMo - buried: Adams Cem., Frankclay

Sarah ~ born 1860, Mo. - d:        m: John F. Jones, 1 Sept. 1886, by John W. Green,MG, at Robt. Lawson's, St.FranCoMo.

Robert ~ born 14 Oct. 1862, Bonne Terre, Mo. - 22 Feb. 1940 - widowed at time of death - cause of death: bronchial pneumonia, influenza - buried: Mitchell Cem.  m: Ida Huskey, 18 Dec. 1887 by John W. Green at the residence of of Robt. Lawson. 

Charles ~ born: 1865 (according to 1870 census) however death certificate gives it as 14 Feb. 1876, Mo. - 18 June 1947, Frankclay, St.FranCoMo. - death cert. gives parents names as Robt. Lawson & Leddy Cookey (believe this should be Lydia Cooksey.) Believe the birth year on death cert. is incorrect as Charles couldn't be on an 1870 census if he wasn't born yet! m: Lizzie Christopher, 2 June 1891, at residence of Robt. Lawson, Wm. Christopher giving consent to said marriage.  buried: Frankclay



ELISHA LAWSON ~ Elisha was born 1793 in Virginia. He was the son of Susannah Cross & Randolph Lawson.  His wife was Rachel Philips (Phelps).

Children :

Esther,   A correction in your Lawson-Cooksey page.   Elisha, son of Randolph did not marry Mary.   Elisha who was a brother or a cousin of Randolph married a Mary.   Look at the date of marriage, 1801, for Elisha, son of Randolph was only 8 years old.  Our Elisha married Rachel Phillips (Phelps), born abt 1797. married  1 Jul 1816 in Campbell Co., TN.  They had 15 children,

Andrew Jackson, 1816
Thomas, 1820
Mary, 1822
Elisha, jr.  1822
Robert, 1824
Calvin, 1828
Nancy,  1833
M.R. 1835
James, 1835
Anderson, 1838
David,  1841
Tabitha, 1840
J.M.,  1841
Rachel, 1846
N.E. ,  1849

I too, am descended from Robert through his son William Jefferson.
Warm regards,
Darryl Lawson


RANDOLPH LAWSON ~ ~ was born in Cumberland, North Carolina in 1752.  He was married to Susannah Cross. Randolph died in March of 1848 in Patrick County, Virginia. U.S. House of Representative Private Claims, Vol. 2: RANDOLPH LAWSON, Claim: Pension for revolutionary services; 1st. session of the 28th. congress; page 567--American Revolutionary War Rejected Pensions: Clinton, KY; Not six months' service.


Katie ~ b: ABT. 1792 in VA

Elisha Sr.* ~ b: 1793

Elizabeth Millie ~ b: 15 JAN 1795 in Scott Co., VA

Mary Louise ~ b: 1797

Randolph ~ b: ABT. 1803

Thomas ~ b: AUG 1803 in TN

Suzanna ~ b: 1810

Clarissa ~ b: 13 DEC 1812 in Campbell Co., TN

It has been determined (DNA analysis) that we are NOT descended from William Lawson (William the rebel), born in Scotland 1730, but are descended from the "Falling River Lawsons" of Virginia.  At this date, we are unable to pinpoint the parents of Randolph, born 1752.  Myrna Culpen Hurlbert and I have been in contact regarding the  parents  of Randolph, and she is on a project of process of illumination.  Myrna THINKS that the parents of Randolph were either Robert or a David Lawson,. but has not traveled to Virginia to research.
Darryl Lawson





LAWSON'S STATION - Lawson's Station is in the eastern part of Washington County near the St. Francois County line.  It is unknown at this time exactly when Lawson's Station was established but was most likely in 1858 when the St. Louis, Iron Mountain, & Southern Railway was built through the area.  There are a couple of listings in the Washington County Deed Book Index between Reuben Lawson & the railroad.  I didn't have time to look up the deeds but this is most likely the person who founded Lawson's Station. There are no Lawsons in the 1850 WashCoMo or St.FranCoMo. census.  My Robert Lawson came to St. Francois Co. from Kentucky between 1852 & 1854.  Reuben was probably a relative & may possibly arrived at the same time.  Need to do more research on this.


In WashCoMo Deed Book A (Index) 1813 - 1870 it lists the following Lawsons: 

William, Thomas W., George


1850 Census - Washington CoMo - No Lawsons


1860 Census - St. Francois Co., Mo. - males

Robert - b: 1825

Hans - 1828

Joseph - 1828

Raynard - 1835

William J. - 1846

James F. - 1848

Elisha - 1856



1870 Census - St. Francois County, Missouri - males

Robert Lawson - b: 1825

William - 1845

James - 1847

Lewis - 1853

Elisha - 1856

Robert - 1862

Charles - 1865

George A. - 1865


1880 Census St. Francois Co., Mo. - males

Thomas Lawson - 1821 Ky.

Robert - 1824 Tenn.

James - 1845 Ky.

Wm. J. - 1845 Ky.

Edward - 1856 Mo.

Robert - 1863 Mo.

George - 1865 Mo.

Charles - 1866 Mo.

John - 1872 Mo.

Luis - 1876 Mo.

Joseph - 1879 Mo.










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