"Saw The Light" ~ Bright Light Flash Source Being Debated

Independent Journal
Potosi, Washington County, Missouri
22 March, 1990

Many area residents were among the thousands of persons who witnessed the bright flash of light at about 9:40 P.M. Saturday, March 17th. It resembled lightning, but may have been a little brighter. The duration was about the same but it was a perfectly clear night horizon to horizon with stars brightly shining.

The scientific community is debating its source – burning up satellite, meteorite shower, what have you. One said it would have been about the size of a station wagon. Meteorites are usually about the size of a marble.

It was reported noticed mostly over the nation’s mid-section, but some sighted the phenomenon as far away as California.

The light has been described in print as being like someone briefly shined an intense beam of light right on you. Ye Ed’s description was like a camera flash or an intense revolving airport beacon.

We may never know what it was for sure. Some even blamed it on UFO’s.