Long-Banta House Halloween Tour
29 October 2007

HalloweenTourFrontPorch01.jpg (17628 bytes)

HalloweenTourFrontPorch02.jpg (17102 bytes)

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Above:  These brave people are waiting on the front porch to take a haunted tour.


HalloweenTourGeneCarroll.jpg (17124 bytes)

Gene Carroll inside the Long-Banta house.

HalloweenTourCindy&TourGroup.jpg (13527 bytes)

Cindy Merx with one of her tour groups.

HalloweenTourJenelle&Jimbo.jpg (16740 bytes)

Jenelle Coleman & Jim Richeson

The pictures above were taken by Jerry Sansegraw,
president of the Mine Au Breton Historical Society.

The pictures below were taken by myself, Esther M. Ziock Carroll.With my Fibromyalgia/CFS condition I sometimes can get profoundly tired very quickly & when this happens I also get a bit shaky. So had some difficulty steadying the camera the movement of which caused some of the pics to be fuzzy or blurry. It also cause the lights to streak in one of the pics below.

HalloweenTourFrontDoor.jpg (12814 bytes)


HalloweenTourHolly.jpg (13515 bytes)

Holly Turner was the hit of the party! Here she is pictured in her Widow's Weeds.

HalloweenTourOrb03.jpg (12492 bytes)

Please note the orb to the right
of the door frame.

HalloweenTourLightStreaks.jpg (16741 bytes)

HalloweenTourOrb02.jpg (16508 bytes)

Note the two orbs to left of door framebove & behind the woman.  Another one is above the door frame.

HalloweenTourOrangeGlow.jpg (10731 bytes)

I saw a large reddish-orange glowing orb through the viewfinder in my camera about a second BEFORE the flash. It was above the stairwell but disappointingly it did not show up in the photo.

HalloweenTourOrb01.jpg (14855 bytes)

Note the orb on the left center
of the door frame.

HalloweenTourUnwelcomePresence.jpg (7874 bytes)

In the room at left one of our visitors sensed an unwelcome presence & thought she saw the edge of the one of the pillow cases move. 

All vistors however are always welcomed at the Long-Banta House. Everyone seemed to enjoy the tour & we hope to do this again next year.

Happy Halloween!!!