Martin Cabin

If I remember the story correctly that I was told: Daniel Martin,Sr., while carrying in firewood, tripped & fell on the front porch, injuring himself.  This was supposedly the log cabin of his son, Otis, on Courtois Creek.  George Breakfield sat up with Daniel that night.  At around midnight Daniel asked, "What time is it?"  They told him & he replied, "Well, maybe I'll make it till morning then."  Those were the last words he ever said.  He died the next day - 28 Feb. 1915.   He is buried in Shoal Creek Cemetery,  Huzzah, Crawford County, Missouri.


Esther Carroll at what is left of the Martin log cabin near Courtois River.  Photographed: 1982

Daniel_Martin_Cabin.JPG (15708 bytes)

Corner of the old Martin log cabin near the Courtois River. Daniel Martin died here.   Photographed: 1983


Spring coming out from under tree near Martin log cabin.
Photographed:  1982

Closer view of spring.


MartinStoneSquirrel.JPG (46897 bytes)

This is a foundation stone of the Martin log cabin near Courtois River that I brought home with me as a keepsake. Photographed: 2004