On the 1890 veterans census for Washington County, Missouri Daniel Martin states that he served four years in Co. G, 48th Virginia Infantry.   This was a Confederate unit organized at Big Spring, near Abingdon, Virginia, in September, 1861, & contained men from Scott, Washington, Smyth, Lee, and Russell counties.  It turns out though that this is NOT the Daniel Martin mentioned above.

Military records show that there was a Daniel W. Martin in this unit who enlisted in 1861 at Jonesville, Va. & served until 27 Nov. 1863 when he was listed as Missing In Action.  He was captured at Paynes' Farm, Mine Run, Virginia & was a Prisoner Of War until October, 1864 when he enlisted in the Union Army - Co. E, 4th Reg. U.S. Volunteers.  He was discharged in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas on 18 July 1866.  In an application for pension dated 1893 he names his first & second wives & children.  His age & family names do not match for my Daniel.  Also this Daniel went back to reside in Virginia after the war.

This conflicting information seems to lend more credence to the family legend that Daniel Martin may not have always been Daniel Martin.  That he changed his name from whatever it was to Daniel Martin. 

 Daniel Martin 1890 Washington County, Missouri veterans census. Co. G 48th Virginia Infantry 1861-1865

The 48th Virginia Infantry fought in Jackson's Valley Campaign and later was assigned to General J.R. Jones' and W. Terry's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. The 48th participated in many conflicts from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor, then was involved in Early's Shenandoah Valley operations and the Appomattox Campaign. It was organized with 912 officers and men and had a force of 800 in May, 1862. The unit reported 17 casualties at Cross Keys and Port Republic, 62 at Cedar Mountain, 24 at Second Manassas, 7 at Fredericksburg, and 103 at Chancellorsville. Of the 265 engaged at Gettysburg more than twenty-five percent were disabled. Only 4 officers and 38 men surrendered. The field officers were Colonels John A. Campbell, Robert H. Dungan, and Thomas S. Garnett; Lieutenant Colonel Oscar White; and Majors James C. Campbell, Wilson Faris, and D. Boston Stewart. 

COMPANY GThe Lee County Guards of the 48th enlisted 69 volunteers at Jonesville in Lee County on 15 July.  Co. & served under the command of 2nd Lt. Andrew L. Bolling, Captain Elbert S Martin, a former merchant & U.S. Congressman, Col. John S. Campbell & Gen. Stonewall Jackson.  The company was only partially uniformed & unarmed. The unit traveled 80 miles, by way of the Cumberland Gap, Prices Turnpike, Pattonsville & Eastville Turnpike & the Reedy Creek road on foot to arrive in Abingdon 22 July. As of April 1862 the Lee County Guards were known as Company G.

Martins listed with the 48th are:

Daniel W. Martin - Co. G, Rank In:Private Rank Out:Private, M382 Roll36

E.D. Martin - Edwin M. Martin, Co. H, Original filed under Edwin/Martin,  Rank In:  Private Rank Out:Private, M382 Roll36

Elbert S. Martin - Co. G, Rank In:Captain Rank Out:Captain, M382 Roll36

Elisha Martin - Co. A, Rank In:Private Rank Out:Private, M382 Roll36

Joseph Martin - Co. C, Rank In:Private Rank Out:Private, M382 Roll36

William Martin - Co. A, Rank In:Private Rank Out:Private, M382 Roll36


The 48th fought in approx. 59 battles with many of them being the more well known Civil War battles such as Harper’s Ferry, Bull Run, Antietam, Fredricksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Cold Harbor, Lynchburg, Appomattox.  The 48th Virginia Infantry  web site provides a long list of military actions of the 48th during the Civil War



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