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By: Esther M. Ziock Carroll


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1842 - 2 MARCH - Daniel Martin was born in either Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee or Missouri according to various census & death certificates.  I lean more toward Virginia or West Virginia.  Virginia attained statehood in 1788 & West Virginia attained statehood in 1863.  Prior to this West Virginia was part of Virginia.  So either way at the time that Daniel was born it all would have been Virginia.  Perhaps he was born in that part of Virginia that later became West Virginia.  I am doubtful that Missouri is his birthplace.  Tennessee is a possibility I think more than Missouri.  But I lean mostly toward Virginia.  Hope fully one day the mystery will be solved.

1861 - Daniel claimed to have served in the Civil War from 1861 - 1865 in Co. G, 48th Virginia Infantry during the Civil War. 

1865 - 28 May - Daniel marries Narcissus Huitt in Washington County, Missouri.  (The marriage record is listed as G.M. Martin to Narcises Hewitte) - It is bewildering about this wedding taking place so soon after the Civil War.  Daniel states that he served in the 48th Virginia Infantry to 1865.  The 48th was at the surrender at Appomatox on April 9th, 1865.  Then Daniel marries in WashCoMo less than two months later.  Whirlwind romance?

1866 - 20 June - Daniel's son, James Marion, is born.

1868 - Daniel's son, Richard Webb, is born

1870 - Daniel & Narcissus are residing in Crawford Co., MO.

1870 - Daniel's son, John Edward, is born

1872 - Daniel's son, George Washington, is born

1876 - Daniel's daughter, Mary "Polly", is born

1878 - Daniel's son, Daniel, is born

1878 - Narcissus dies in childbirth with her son Daniel Theodore Martin.  

1880 - Daniel & his son James M. are living in Walton T., WashCoMo.  Daniel's age is given as 35 & birthplace Missouri.  Occupation "laborer". Birthplace of parents is given as "Virginia".  James M.'s gives birthplace of parents as Missouri.  The other children were raised by various relatives.

1882 - 28 March - Daniel remarries to Mrs. Sarah Jane Hawkins Dicus in 1882. The wedding took place at the house of the bride.

1890 - According to the 1890 Veterans census for Courtois, Harmony T., WashCoMo. Daniel Martin was a private with Co. G, 48th Virginia Infantry from 1861 - 1865.  No disabilties incurred. 

1900 - living in WashCoMo

1910 - living in WashCoMo.

1915 - So far I have been unable to find a death certificate on Daniel.  If I remember the story correctly that I was told: Daniel,Sr., while carrying in firewood, tripped & fell on the front porch, injuring himself.  This happened at the log cabin of his son, Otis, on Courtois Creek.  George Breakfield sat up with Daniel that night.  At around midnight Daniel asked, "What time is it?"  They told him & he replied, "Well, maybe I'll make it till morning then."  Those were the last words he ever said.  He died the next day - 28 Feb. 1915.   He is buried in Shoal Creek Cemetery,  Huzzah, Crawford County, Missouri.

NOTE:  Several lineages on Ancestry.com give Daniels parents as Samuel Gilbert Martin & Cynthia Riley Williams.  Further research on my part determined that this is incorrect.  Samuel & Cynthia's son, Daniel, died during the Civil War (1864) from disease at DeValls Bluff, Ark. while in the army. They were from Greene Co., Mo.

There are two family legends about my Daniel.  The first is that he killed a man over some woman, changed his last name to Martin and came to Missouri bringing one brother with him.  The second is that during the Civil War Daniel deserted the Union army after being forced to fight some of his own brothers who were with the Confederacy.   Daniel then joined the Confederate army and rode with Quantrill's Raiders for a brief time.  As yet I have been unable to neither prove or disprove either legend.

Daniel & Narcissus became the parents of six children.  Narcissus died in childbirth with her last child, Daniel.  After her death the oldest son, James, stayed with his father and the other children were raised by various relatives.   Children of Daniel & Narcissus are:

James Marion Born 20 June 1866 in Courtois, Washington County, Missouri.  On 6 March 1892 he married his step-sister Margie Frances Dicus daughter of Sarah Jane Hawkins & Brad Dicus. James died in Potosi on 3 June 1942 & is buried in the New Masonic Cemetery there. James death certificate gives his fathers birthplace as Tennessee. Informant: Ida Cooper - It gives his cause of death as myocarditis with coronary occlusion.

Richard Webb: Born 30 January 1868.  He married Lucretia Rasnic on 18 October 1889. Death cert. info:  gives birthdate as 2 Jan. 1867, WashCoMo. - wife Lucrechi Rasnic - occupation: retired farmer - fathers name Daniel Martin - birthplace of father W. Va. - informant: Gertrude Martin, DeSoto, Mo. - buried: DeSoto City Cemetery - date of death 4 March 1943 - cause of death: illegible myocarditis pulmonary illegible due to fractured femur - then it says: if death was due to external causes......accident, suicidie or homicide: "no accident" - date of occurance 12/18/42, DeSoto, JeffersonCoMo. - "fell on illegible" means of injury "fall" 

John Edward:  Born 21 August 1870 in Courtois, CrawCoMo.  John's mother, Narcissus Huitt, died when John was eight years old & John was raised by his uncle J.T. Hewitt.  In 1880 John was living with his uncle J.T. Huitt in CrawCoMo.  The census gives the birthplace of John's parents as: father - Virginia & mother Missouri. John married Stella Jarvis 28 June 1890.  When Pearl M. Martin, daughter of Guy Martin ran away from home circa 1941 she walked from Farmington to Bonne Terre & lived with Stella & John for awhile.  She said they raised bull dogs. John died 13 February 1949 in Bonne Terre, St. Francois County, Missouri & is buried in the Bonne Terre Cemetery.  His death certificate gives his occupation as miner with the St. Joe Lead Co.  Does not give place of birth for parents.

George Washington:  Born 25 April 1872.  In 1880 George was living with his uncle J.T. Huitt in CrawCoMo.  The census gives the birthplace of Georges parents as:  father - Virginia & mother Missouri.  George married Luvada Peters.  George died 30 August 1944 near Potosi.  He is buried in Schweider Cemetery, Crawford County, Missouri. Death certificate gives birthplace of father as Virginia. Cause of death: Gangreen of right leg following acute thrombosis by following urinary bladder infection.

Mary (Polly): Born 1876 was epileptic & died as a teenager.   She is buried in Shoal Creek Cemetery, Crawford County, Missouri.

Daniel Theodore:  Born 7 May 1878.  In 1880 Theodore Martin was living with Elizabeth & George W. Jenkins.  Theodore is listed as their adopted son.  Census gives birthplace of Theo's parents as:  father Virginia & mother Missouri.  Theo married: Wife #1: ???   Wife #2:  Mary Frances Wilson.   I have a marriage date of 15 August 1897 at Floyd, Washington County, Missouri.  This is all I have on Daniel (jr) except that I was told that his mother, Narcissus, died giving birth to him. Death Certificate info:  gives birth date as 1874 instead of 1878.  Death date: 25 May 1956 at Lutheran Hosp., St. Louis, cause: coronary thrombosis arterial sclerosis due to gastric ulcer - buried: Mt. Hope Cem., St. Louis. Gives father's name as John Martin & mother's maiden name as Hewett.  Informant: Pearl Leonard - birthplace of parents not given.

After the death of his first wife Narcissus Daniel remarried to Sarah Jane Hawkins Dicus 28 March 1882.   The Vienici web site gives the actual date as 2 April 1882.  They were married by Henry C. Compton, JP, at the house of the bride.  Daniel & Jane became the parents of five children:

Lulana J.: Born 5 January 1882.  Married Samuel Breakfield in 1902.  Lulana died 12 October 1973 at Clayton, St. Louis County, Missouri.  She is buried at Shoal Creek Cemetery, Crawford County, Missouri.

Elis: Born 26 April 1884. He married Etta Johnson.  Elis died 7 June 1958 at Potosi & is buried in Sunset Hills, Potosi.  Death cert. does not give birthplace of parents.

Jesse F.or E.:  Born July 1885.  Was living with Daniel Martin in 1900 census.  Married Margaret "Maggie" J. Blanton in StFranCoMo  Maggie was born 1888.  They were living in St. Francois Co.,Mo. in 1910.  Jesse was killed in the Bonne Terre mines prior to 1949 but I do not have a specific date or any further information. Could not find Jesse in the 1920 census for St.FranCoMo.

Ottis W. (Ode): Born April, 1889.  Married Eva M. Bays 28 December 1913.  Ottis died 24 June 1916 at St. Louis Baptist Hospital & is buried in Shoal Creek Cemetery, Crawford County, Missouri. Death cert. gives birthplace of parents as Missouri.

Annie Bessie:  Born 21 August 1891.  Married Riley Breakfield 29 March 1906 at Quaker, Washington County, Missouri.  Bessie died 20 October 1966 & is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, DeSoto, Jefferson County, Missouri.


DO THE DOGS BITE??? - A story I was told years ago about either Jane Hawkin or Margie Dicus (can't remember which anymore) when she would walk over to visit neighbors.  Even though she had been there many times before & the dogs would always bark at her arrival she would always ask before coming in the yard, "Do the dogs bite?)



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