McGready Family History OF Washington County, Missouri

William E. McGready is one of the prominent citizens of Washington County.  His father, Dr. Israel McGready, was a native of Guilford County, N.C.  was born June 12, 1776, & was reared in his native state until his removal to Kentucy, where he made his home until 1808, when he located in Ste. Genevieve (now Washington) County, Mo.  He was a successful practitioner of medicine until his death.  He was twice married;  first December 24, 1815, to Miss Lucy Hord, of Fleming County, Ky., who died January 27, 1821, leaving two children:  James H. & William E.  His second marriage was celebrated November 24, 1825, to Miss Mary Covington, nee Byrd, a native of Maryland, who died December 31, 1848, leaving one son by a former marriage, J.W.B. Covington.  Dr. Israel McGready was a member of the Territorial Legislature when Washington county was organized; he died December 8, 1850.  William E. McGready was born in Washington County July 31, 1819, where he was reared, & in early life commenced clerking in the office of the circuit clerk.  He was educated at Jacksonvill, Ill., & Marion College, Palmyra, Mo., & for a time clerked on a steamboat, but afterward resumed his position in the circuit clerk's office.  He married Miss Eliza L. Dunklin, December 28, 1843.  She is a niece of Gov. Dunklin, & a daughter of Stephen T. & Rachel E. Dunklin, the former a native of South Carolina, & the latter born in Pennsylvania.  In 1850 Mr. McGready went ot California, where he engaged in different pursuits with varied success until 1859.  Since his return to his home he has been more or less connnected with the office of circuit clerk, to which position he has been twice elected, & it is not stating too much to say that no man in the county was ever more familiar with the details of the office or more painstaking in its conduct.  Mr. & Mrs. McGready have two children:  Lucy R., now Mrs. W.R. Read, of Iron County, & Stephen D., who married Miss M.E. Denton, of this county, & has three children: Zoe Isabel, Eliza R. & William S.  From:  Goodspeed's 1888 Reprint History of Washington County


Israel H. McGready is a son of Israel McGready, whose long association & prominent connection with the interests of Washington County in various capacities, have combined to make his name equal in prominence to that of almost any other man who hasever made Washington County him home.  Israel McGready was born in Gallatin, Tenn., in 1802, & took up his residence in Washington County, Mo., as early as 1818.   He studied law, was admitted to the bar, & was elected circuit clerk, which office he held for sixteen years, also acting as clerk of the supreme court when that body was held in Potosi.  He also held the office of public administrator for several years.  He married Miss Lucy McIlvane, a native of Kentucky, & in their family were eight children who grew to maturity, but four of whom are now living, viz.:   Edware, Lucy, Sue & Israel H.  The father died in 1880, the mother hiving died in 1868.  Israel H. McGready was born in Potosi, Washington County, September 3, 1845,.  He was reared in his native place, receiving his education there & at McKendree College, Illinois.  He has been largely engaged in manufacturing lumber & farming, having owned, until recently, a very desirable stock farm, which he idsposed of to J.F. Boyd, though Mr. McGready still retians the management of the same.   He is a genial & whole-soulde man, & commands the respect of all who know him. From:  Goodspeed's 1888 Reprint History of Washington County


Israel McGready - 25 August 1802 Gallatin, Sumner, Tenn.  Married Lucy McIlvaine 1 May 1831 Washington County Missouri.   Died: 8 Sept. 1880 Washington Co., Mo. Buried: Masonic Cemetery, Potosi, Mo.  Parents: William McGready & Marthey Anderson.   Children of Lucy McIlvaine & Israel McGready:

William Firmin - 1833 Washington Co.,  Mo. Baptized: 9 July 1848

Thomas Donnell - 1836 Washington Co., Mo.  Baptized: 9 July 1848

Henry McIlvaine - 1837 Washington Co., Mo. Baptized: 9 July 1848

Martha J. - 1839 Potosi, Washington Co., Mo. Baptized: 9 July 1848 - married Beattie Burke.

Edward - 1841Washington Co., Mo.  Baptized: 9 July 1848.

Lucy - 1843 - never married.  Baptized: 9 July 1848.

Susan Isabella - 1845 Washington Co., Mo.  Baptized: 9 July 1848.  Died 24 Jan. 1894

Israel H. - 1846 - Baptized:  9 July 1848 - never married.


William McGready - born ?? - Married Marthey Anderson 17 July 1786 Guilford, N.C. - Died: 1816, Sumner, Tenn.  Children of Marthey Anderson & William McGready:

John - born 1790/1800 - married Isabella McIlvaine.  Died: 1846-1850.

Israel - 25 Aug. 1802 Gallatin, Tenn. married Lucy McIlvaine.  Died: 8 Sept. 1880.   Buried: Potosi, Mo.

Margaret F. - born ?? - married Robert Bell 4 June 1816 Sumner, Tenn.



Dr. Israel McGready - born 12 June 1776 Guilford, North Carolina.  Married 1) Lucy Hord 24 December 1815.  2) Mrs. Mary Byrd Covington 1825.  Died: 8 December 1850.  Children of Lucy Hord & Israel McGready:

Dr. James Hardage - born 13 October 1817 Washington County, Mo. - Died: 7 December 1845.  Buried: Tiff, Washington County, Mo.(on the old Madden-Bust farm near the mill ruins.)  Occupation: doctor - Married: Ann McClanahan  daughter of Nancy Ann Madden & Josiah McClanahan. Granddaughter of Thomas Madden. Ann died 2 Dec. 1899.  James & Ann's children:

Francis - born 1 March 1842 Washington County, Mo. Married: Jane Hawkins in 1867. Jane was the daughter of Elizabeth Pinson & Augustus Hawkins.

Isabel Ann - born 18 January 1844 - Died: 1847, ?Shiboleth?, Washington Co., Mo.

Lucy - Married: Robert Bust

William Edward - 31 July 1819 - married Eliza L. Dunklin 28 December 1843.  Died 16 November 1905. Occupation: Circuit Clerk  Children:

Lucy R. - married W.R. Read

Stephen - Married M.E. Denton


Dr. McGready - This is from the Brickey Diary:

When Clark was born in 1834 my wife appeared in better health than usual.  The next spring, probably the last of April, when I wished to go to St. Louis she besought me not to go as there was some report of cholera.  But I went & on my return I found Francis sick but my wife in fine health.  A few nights after Francis wanted a drink of water & would not be satisfied unless gotten out of the barrel, knowing it was cooler than that in the house.  I got up but could not find my shoes.  My wife sprang up, slipped on her shoes & throwing something over her got the water & returned to bed.

I think the second day after became indisposed.  I recalled about her going out unclothed & that her arm that she took out the water with was damp.  She still grew worse.  Dr. Harrison, our family physician, was out in the country & it was uncertain when he would return.  So after consulting we concluded to send for Dr. McGready, who when examining pronounced her very bilious, so prepared  a pill to be taken that night which operated severely.  Next day he still prounounced her bilious, recomending more calomel.  Thus she was induced to take another pill for he only gave one large white pill.  Than night it appeared as if she would not endure the operation.  Next morning he came over & she told him of the severe operation & that he had given her too much strong medicine & that she would take nothing more from him.  I believe from this time her derangement commenced.  That day Dr. Harrison returned & he was called in.  I then discovered her situation might be cirtical.  I told Dr. McGready that I still wished him & Dr. Harrison to consult & prescribe.  Buet he soon mad pretense, as I always thought, to become offended with Dr. Harrison & so broke off.  From the belief of women attending my first wife it was Dr. McGready's ignorance about female complaint that she died.  I believe I saved Eliza's life by discharging him & calling in another Doctor Brown.  I still think it unfortunate we called on the Dr.   Either ignorance or worse, as I believe he did not like my wife was the cause of her death.



Potosi Presbyterian Church Records for McGready:

Adult Baptisms:

Isabell - July 24, 1836

Lucy - Nov. 24, 1844

?Mr.? L.? - July 12, 1885

Infant Baptisms:

James William - July 24, 1836 - parents: John & Isabella McGready

Orval - no date - between July & Nov. 1836 - parents: John & Isabella McGready

John - no date - between July & Nov. 1836 - parents John & Isabella McGready

Edw. H. - Jan. 14, 1838 - parents ?J? & Isab.

Theodore - Sept. 10, 1844 - parents: Mr. John McGread & wf.

Henry McIlvaine - July 9, 1848 - parents: Israel McGready & wf.

Martha Jane - July 9, 1848 - parents: Israel McGready & wf.

Edward - July 9, 1848 - parents: Israel McGready & wf.

Lucy - July 9, 1848 - parents: Israel McGready & wf.

Susan Isabella - July 9, 1848 - parents: Israel McGready & wf.

Israel - July 9, 1848 - parents: Israel McGready & wf.

Thomas Donnell - July 9, 1848 - parents: Israel McGready & wf.

William Firman - July 9, 1848 - parents: Israel McGready & wf.

Jesse Israel - December 29, 1849 - parents: Mrs. I. McGready

W.E. - July 12, 1885 - parents: Stephen & Mary E. McGready

Register of Members:

Mary -  by letter

Israel - April 7, 1833 - by proffesion

John - August 9, 1833 - by profession

Isabella - July 21, 1836 - examination

Israel - November 24, 1844 - examination

Lucy - November 24, 1844 - examination

E.J. - April 21, 1859 - certificate - removed - dropped

Lucy - November 1868 - profession

Susan B. - December 1868 - profession

Miss Lucy R. - December, 1868 - letter - removed

Mrs. Mary Elizabeth - June 26, 1881 - profession - removed

W. E. - July 12, 1885 - profession - died

Mrs. Eliza L. (named scratched out) - April 10, 1887 - confession

Deboriah - April 10, 1887 - letter - died October 1, 1896 - name scratched out

Miss Zoe - November 22, 1891 - profession

Miss Eliza - May 10, 1895 - profession

William (name scratched out) - May 12, 1895 - profession

Miss Lucy - July 23, 1899 - letter - dismissed to Ironton


Sessional Minutes  1832 - 1902:

Agreement - signed by 6 members including Mary McGready - July 21, 1832

Records - sigend by 6 people including Mary McGready - July 21, 1832

April 7, 1833 - Dr. Israel McGready admitted as member - session held at house of Henry Pease - by Rev. E.F. Hatfield

August 19, 1833 - session at Methodist meeting house - W. John McGready admitted as member - Henry Pease, Elder.

Mrs Isabella McGready recieved membership - Reb. John Cowan - July 21, 1836

John McGready elected elder along wtih 3 other be he asked for further time to consider whether duty called to accept the office - December 31, 1836

Dr. I. McGready witness against Geo. Wash. Butt for intoxication.   Dr. McGready unwilling to appear before congreation& bear testimony - March 20, 1837

Dr. J.H. McGready witness against Thomas Swearingen for intoxication - April 7, 1837

Israel McGready witenss against Wm. F. Roberts for unchristian conduct in unlawfully dispossesing of a mill which he had leased to D. Pease - April 7, 1837

Dr. J.H. McGready - testifies he saw W. Butt intoxicated at the grocery of Mr. Lynch sometime during month of March

John McGready & John Evans ordained & installed as ruling Elder - October 21, 1837

Brother John McGready opened session with prayer - November 12, 1837

John McGready - present - November 19, 1837

John McGready - present - January 13, 1838

Edw. J. McGready - recieved on certificate from Fulton Presbyterian Church - Israel McGreay clerk of session - April 21, 1859

Letter from Mr. McGready was read asking the session in view of the dissatisfaction with him on the part of several members tht they take order in his case agreeabley to the form of Gov. Chap XIII Sec's. 6 & 7.  After hearing his reasons mor fully for this request it was agreed that in view of all the circumstances of the case the peace of the church will be best promoted by his ceasing to excercise the office of ruling elder - April 1, 1861

Israel renstated as ruling elder - October 4, 1866

Miss Lucy R. - revival by letter from Cumberland Presbyterian Chruch - November, 1868

Israel McGready confined to bed with severe illness

Newspaper article in back of book Vol. I (no date or name of newspaper) recounts history of church - mentions Mary McGready recieved on certificate from church at Washington, Mo.  She was a "woman of color" but not a colored woman. 


Ste. Genevieve Missouri:

Index to Conveyances:

McGready, I. - Poston, R.C.             Book G      Page 593
McGready, I. - Pigg, F.                               H              209

Ste. Genevieve Archives  1756 - 1830:

McGready, Israel - 3636 - file numbers - 49, 132, 133, 183, 197, 240, 249, 275, 502, 593, 618, 621, 628, 635, 638, 750, 1357