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Esther & Gene Carroll & their dog, Angel, found some nice mushrooms on April 15, 2002. The last few times they had been hunting they didn’t find any so gave up looking for a few years. This time they just decided to take the dog for a walk in the woods, didn’t take a bag or sack as they didn’t expect to find anything. So when they found six beautiful morels they carried them back in their shirt~tails.


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Looks like something took a bite out of this mushroom.
15 April 2002

Nearby was this partially hidden turtle ~ maybe he's the culprit?

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Esther Carroll ordered a mushroom kit from a Henry Fields catalog & grew these large mushrooms along with numerous smaller ones in a card board box.


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Independent Journal Oct. 14, 1993

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FALL DELIACY ~ 9 lbs. of coral mushrooms
found by Esther & Gene Carroll on October 2nd.



Elkhorn mushrooms found a
few feet from our basement door.


Elkhorn mushrooms found Sept. 2008



Puffball mushroom growing on a piece of tiff. 3 Oct. 2008



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