Cousin - James Martin Jr.
US Army - Honorably Discharged 1964

Cousin - Tom Spradling
US Army ~ Viet Nam

Cousin - Paul Hammock - US Air Force

Cousin - Roy Hammock

Cousin - Glen Martin - National Guard

Cousin - Lisa Martin Eye - US Army

Uncle - James Thomas Martin - WWII
Battle of the Bulge
Purple Heart & other medals

Uncle - Robert Martin

Uncle - Carl Martin Clayton

My mother's 1st husband:
Sgt. Cecil Cash - WWII
Murdered by Nazi's
Malmedy, Liege, Belgium

Grandfather - Guy Thomas Martin
US Army - WWI - State Side

Gr. Gr. Grandfather - Daniel Martin
Civil War

Gr. Gr. Grandfather - Brad Dicus
Civil War - USA

George W. Hawkins
Civil War - CSA

Robert Hawkins
 Civil War - USA

James Henderson Jr.
Missouri & Illinois Mounted Militia
War of 1812

Samuel Henderson
Missouri Militia - War of 1812

4th Gr. Grandfather - James W. Skaggs
War of 1812

4th Gr. Grandfather - Andrew S. Dickey
War of 1812

Miller Doggett
French & Indian War
Served under George Washington
Revolutionary War

4th Gr. Grandfather - Edward C. Dicus
United States - Revolutionary War.

William Huitt/Hewitt
French & Indian War - Revolutionary War

Cousin - Buzzy Palmer - US Air Force

Cousin - Butch Bone - US Air Force

Julius Ziock
WWI - Germany - KIA

Hermann Ziock
German Air Force - WWII
POW in England

United Kingdom - KIA - WWI

British Navy - shell shocked - WWI

Gr. Grandfather - August Ziock Sr.
Civil War - paid someone to fight in his place

3rd Gr. Grandfather - Francois Pensonneau
25 July 1811 Francois signed on with Capt. Samuel Levering as an oarsman & soldier for an expedition to the Peoria Lake country to keep hostile Indians in check.

7th Gr. Grandfather - Francois Pensonneau
Soldier of the French Carignan-Salieres Regiment which had left from La Rochelle, France in May of 1665 & went to Quebec, Canada