NEW PICKERS CEMETERY - Back in the 1980's there were numerous news reports on television that the New Pickers Cemetery was digging up old graves and dumping the remains to make room for new graves.  Someone even reported finding a human skull in one of the dumps.  There was a lot of scandal about it and I believe it was finally legally stopped but don't know if my ancestors were "removed" or not.     My aunt Lil told me that the Ziock family plot used to have a beautiful wrought iron fence around it & a stepping stone at the gate that had the family name ZIOCK on it.  At the time I visited the cemetery in the 1970's there was no fence or stepping stone as they had been removed by the cemetery management.  New Pickers Cemetery is now called Gatewood Gardens.

My (known) ancestors buried in New Pickers (Gatewood Gardens):

Heinrich Ziock

Sophie Elisabeth Wilhelmine "Mina" Schaeffer Ziock

Matilde Ziock Porbeck

Emilie Porbeck

Wilhelmine "Minnie" Porbeck

August Ziock Sr.

Caroline Wilke Schrobeck

Lily Ziock

Bertha Ziock

Elise Schrobeck Ziock

Henry E. Ziock

Emilie Ziock