Missouri Republican ~ 28 October 1863

We have in our office a paw of a tremendous panther, killed about 40 miles from St. Louis [Missouri] by Mr. G.J. Kenrick, on The Plattin Creek, Jefferson County, [Jefferson County adjoins Washington County's northeast corner] in this state, Friday last. Mr. Kenrick seen strange tracks in the snow, followed them up, taking his gun along with him, until he came upon his Panthership, lying beside a log. He fired and shot him in the tail, whereupon the Panther truned upon Mr. Kenrick, who concealed himself behind a tree, and thus escaped the vengence of the infuriated creature. After the danger had passed, the hunter returned home for his dogs, with which he pursued the animal, and finally treed him, when he was quickly dispatched. The Panther was of enormous size, being seven feet six inches from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail, two feet six inches high, and weighing from 150 to 200 pounds. The thickest part of his fore leg was twelve inches in circumference. He is supposed to have been an "Arkansas Traveler" having perhaps been driven out of the state by more cannon firing than he had been accustomed to. We understand that tracks of another have been discovered in the same locality, and the inhabitants down there are regarding themselves with the prospect of a Grand Panther Hunt.

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