Perry Family Cemetery
South side of Jefferson Street at Water Street.  
Potosi, Washington County, Missouri

These were all the tombstones I could find when I visited the cemetery June 2003.
All pictures were photographed on that date unless otherwise specified.
There were some graves marked only with a rock.
There were also depressions in the ground indicating other unmarked graves.

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Overall view of Perry Family Cemetery

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Perry Family tombstones looking toward Water St.

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4 Perry family tombstones.

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Overall view looking toward Water & Jefferson Streets

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Angeline Dunklin, E.M.Dunklin, footstone with initials P.E.D. Inside stone enclosure was another with the initials A.D. & another one that was illegible.

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Hardin McGready Richeson - 10 Aug. 1900

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Angeline Dunklin

PerryCem17.JPG (20770 bytes)
Emily Margaret Dunklin - B:1826 - D:1847

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Sacred to the memory of Samuel Perry who was born in West Moreland Co., Penn., Jan.25, 1783 & departed this life at Potosi, Washington Co., Mo., Dec. 12, 1830 in the 48th year of his life.  [Samuel was a Commissioner who helped establish Potosi & was a  delegate to Missouri state constitutional convention in 1820.] Photographed: June 2003 Picture at right was photographed: Feb. 2002

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Perry, John Jr.JPG (14219 bytes)
John Perry,Jr., 1787 - 1850,
Photographed: 14 Feb. 2002

Perry, Eliza.JPG (15211 bytes)
Eliza M. Perry, 1796 - 1873
Wife of John Perry,Jr.
Photographed: 14 Feb. 2002

NOTE:   John Perry,Jr., was a judge in the Washington County court.


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Violet Perry  1757 - 1815

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John Perry [Sr.] died: 1825 in his 78th year

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William Moor Perry
D:Sept.17, 1825 in his 41st year

NOTE:  John Perry was a Lieutenant Colonel in the American Revolutionary War.  He came to Mine-Au-Breton, Washington County, Missouri circa 1800 &  began a mercantile business on this land.  He also served a Judge of the Court of Quarter Sessions & as Assessor for the Territory.

William Perry & a Mr. Hill were having a dispute over a mining claim
at Lambert's Diggins & on Sept. 17, 1825 they met at the claim where Hill shot & killed William Perry.

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Chilton L. Tate Aug.21, 1849 - Apr.29, 1875
Also:  Infant Son of C.L.&F.C. Tate
B&D Jan 13, 1871

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Frances Clara Tate Clark
Apr.29,1846 - Oct.21,1893


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Philip Edward Dunklin
B: March 22, 1844  Died: July 5, 1845

PERRY FAMILY HISTORY ~  James Franklin Perry (1790 - 1853),  son of James & Hannah Perry, was born on September 19, 1790, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  In 1808 he went down the Ohio river in a keelboat & settled at Potosi, Missouri, where he worked in the store of a kinsman, Samuel Perry, & became a partner in 1818.  On September 23, 1824, he married Emily Austin Bryan sister of Stephen F. Austin, whose influence was strong in bringing him to Texas...........  For the remainder of this very interesting history please refer to The Texas Handbook On Line [Emily Austin Bryan was the daughter of Moses Austin who is considered the founding father of Potosi & "The Grandfather Of Texas".]


Perry Family History

From:  History of Franklin, Jefferson, Washington, Crawford, & Gasconade Counties Missouri Goodspeed's 1888 Reprint

Pg. 463:  Adjoining the village [Mine-A-Breton] grants were made to individuals for large tracts, one of which, containing 639 acres, was obtained by Basil Valle, who built a cabin theron between the years 1792 & 1795, and cleared six acres of the land in 1796.  This tract lies south of & includes a portion of the old village of Mine-a-Breton.  It was sold by Valle to John Perry, who settled upon it, & was one of the most prominent early settlers.

Pg. 464:  The following is a list of the names of other early settlers, who obtained Spanish grants in & about the old village of Mine-A-Breton:   Joseph Chadbum [Chadbourne], Louis Rencore, John T. McNeal, Louis Roberg, Joseph Blais, William M., John & Samuel Perry, Joseph Decelle, Charles McLane, Robert C. Bruffee, John P. Pratt, Thomas Russ, John Baptiste Placet, Daniel Dunklin, John Jones, Peter Martin, Peter Abar, Jacob Wise & Abraham Brinker.

Pg.466-467:  Land Entries - Following is a statement of the first land entries made at the land offices.........township 38, Range 1 east (Liberty Township)........Samuel & James F. Perry
Township 38, Range 2 east (Liberty).............Samuel & James F. Perry

Pg. 472:  The following is Schoocraft's list of mines known, the estimates made of the number of punds of ore raised, & the number of hands at work during 1819.........Bryan's & Daggat's Mines.........Perry's.......45,000 pounds, 20 hands;.........Lambert's & Austin's.......1,160,000, 180 hands.

Pg. 475:  The Springfield Iron Furnace, located at a point six miles directly south of Potosi, was established in 1823 by Martin ruggles & others.  John Perry purchased it from the original owner or owners, & continued to run it until about the 1840.  It was a very extensive structure, & cannon balls for the Government were cast there;  also stoves, kettles & all manner of hollow iron ware were extensively manufactured.

Pg. 480:  Lionel Browne, Samuel Perry, John Hawkins, Martin Ruggles & John Andrews were appointed by this act commisioner, with full power & authority to fix upon the most suitable & convenient place upon which to erect a courthouse & Jail, & it was declared that the place agreed upon by them or a majority of them should be the permanent seat of justice of Washinton county.

Pg. 483:  Moses Austin, Benjamin Elliott & David Wheeler were appointed commissioners, with William Perry, surveyor, to view & survey this proposed road, which they did at once, & made their report to the court, & the road was established at the same term.

Pg. 494-495:  The court of common pleas.......At it's first term held in January, 1814, the following named gentlemen were selected, tried & sworn as the first grand jurors of Washington County:  Andrew Henry, Abraham Brinker, Solomon Dally, John Perry, Jr., John Hopkins, Joshua Morrison, Philip McGuire, Joseph cross, Nicholas Hays, John Hughs, Zopher P. Evans, Josiah H. Bell, David Smith, William Hughs, David Wheeler, John W. Weber, Peter W. Lore, Edward Cheaatham & Moses Bates.

January 1816........county court was suspended & the business transferred to the circuit court until 1821, when the county court was re-established, & its first term held in February of that year.  As reorganized, it consisted of three county court justices elected at large, & so continued to be composed until the year 1879.  The following is a list of the names of the county court justices for that period, with date of service annexed:  John Perry, Jr. 1821 - 1825..........

Pg. 500: William Perry, of Potosi, & one Hill were in dispute about a maning claim at Lambert's Diggings, & onthe 17th of September, 1825, they met at the disputed claim, when Hill shot & killed Perry.

Pg. 516:  In 1820..........and for some years following, the business of the town [Potosi] was nearly all located on Jefferson Street, south of the creek [Breton Creek] and the merchants were Samuel Perry, who kept a store in the house where William E. McGready now lives, John and William Perry, who kept a store in the next house west (near the Perry graveyard), and James F. Perry, who kept a store in the old building opposite the residence of mr. McGready.  An immense amount of business was transacted by these merchants, as Potosi was then the trading point for all the country south of it and extending dodwn into Arkansas, from where people with their pack-mules coam to trade.  On some days a hundred pack-mules and ponies, some of which came from a great disstance and my of them belonging to Indians, could be seen tied on the street.

Pg. 519:  Cemetery:  In 1831 William Milam proposed to donate to the citizens of Potosi a lot between Breton & High Streets for a cemetery, & a subscription was at once commenced to raise funds to clear & fence    the lot.  John S. Brickey, John C. Brickey, John Brickey, James F. Perry..............

Pg. 525:  Potosi Academy:  The first steps in behalf of education in Washington County were taken in 1816, by some prominent citizens, who contributed the means & caused to be erected two frame schoolhouses, near the site of the present railroad depot at Potosi.  They then secured the passage of an act of the Territorial Legislature entitled "An Act to establish an academy at Potosi," approved January 30, 1817.  By the act William H. Ashley, Lionel Browne, John B. Jones, Moses Austin, David Wheeler, Moses Bates, Benjamin Elliott, James Austin, William Perry, John McIlvain, Andrew Scott, Johm Hawkins & Abraham Brinker were constituted a board of trustees................

Pg. 562:  (Crawford County, Missouri) - September 21, 1868, D.Q. Gale was judge.  He was succeeded by Elijah Perry, judge of the Eighteenth Circuit.

Pg. 569:  (Crawford County, Missouri) - The Cherry Valley Railroad was built in 1877.  On July 30 of that year there were filed for record in the office of the circuit clerk of the county the articles of association of the road.  The directors were W. Nichols, J.O. Perry............

Pg. 570:  (Crawford County, Missouri) - Prosecuting Attorneys - Elijah Perry, pro tem, July, 1866.



At the time of his death in 1825 Wm. M. Perry owned nearly 40 slaves.

Jane Perry owned land known as "Cedar Creek Place" situated in Bellevue T.

John Perry Jr. was administrator to the estate of Thomas Walthall  in 1823

Stephen Samuel Perry - was the manager of Peach Point Plantation in Texas & the home of Stephen F. Austin son of Moses Austin Stephen Samuel Perry was the son of Emily Austin (daughter of Moses Austin) & & James F. Perry




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