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Potosi Ghost Hunt

8 Sept. 2007

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On September 8th, 2007 Missouri Paranormal Research a division of Paranormal Task Force (of which I recently became a member) of St. Louis arrived at Potosi, Washington County, Missouri for a ghost hunt of multiple buildings.  This event was covered by the Daily Journal Newspaper of St. Francois County, Missouri.  Sweet Memories Sandwich & Ice Cream Shop on Breton St. in Potosi served as the command post.  After everyone enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner & planned their strategy the investigators dispersed to the various buildings & set up their equipment.   The buildings included the Long-Banta House on nearby Mine St., the old Presbyterian Church now known as the Mine-Au-Breton Historical Society Museum on Breton St. & the Austin-Milam Store on S. Missouri / Jefferson St.

These are the pictures that I took the night of the ghost hunt.   Please note the pictures where the orbs show up.  I am very excited about this as I don't ever remember photographing orbs before & I've taken a LOT of pictures during my 59 year lifetime.  The orbs were not visible to the naked eye when I took the pictures but I noticed them when I downloaded the pics onto my computer.  The orbs were much more visible when I downloaded the large pics from the two cameras that I used but when I reduced them in size to fit on a web page they don't show up as good but can still be seen. Anyone who would like the larger pics just email me & I'll send them to you.

I know some will probably say they are just light reflections on dust or moisture droplets in the air but I don't think that's what they are.  The humidity was very high that night so if it were moisture I would think that there would be a lot more orbs & they would be in all the pictures.  Also I don't think they are dust orbs either.  My husband & I share a house with 10 cats & 2 dogs.  And we hate housework so I doubt you will find a dustier house than ours. lol  I've taken a lot of pictures throughout my house with a variety of cameras including the ones I used Sept. 8th & have never had an orb show up in any of them.  So my vote is that they are paranormal orbs.

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Gene Carroll, Billy Emilie(Cindy's nephew), Cindy Merx, Bill Drummond (Cindy's father)

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Brad (at left) & Chris Cline (center) from the
Daily Journal newspaper

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Jim Richeson & Margie Showalter from
the Historical Society

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PTF/MPR ghost hunting team

PotosiGhostHunt05.jpg (21865 bytes)

Steve Rubarsky, Samantha Goodman & Sarah Courtway from PTF/MPR & Parkland Paranormal

PotosiGhostHunt06.jpg (24402 bytes)

Trumpet vines outside Sweet Memories.

PotosiGhostHunt07.jpg (24409 bytes)

The PTF/MPR Team getting ready to disperse to
the other buildings.

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Just before dusk a beautiful rainbow appeared.  hhhhmmm - you know what they say about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - seems funny that the rainbow ends right at the Belgrade Bank.  lol

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The neighbors cat came over to investigate all the activity going on & quite appropriately he was a black cat. lol  He really soaked up all the attention he got.

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Please note the orbs in this picture which are marked with white arrows.   I've taken a lot of pictures at Sweet Memories & have never had orbs show up in any of them before.  Also the table & one of the  persons sitting at it are significant.  Sarah Courtway, of Parkland Paranormal, is sitting at this table.   In October of 2006 Sarah was on an investigation at Sweet Memories when a table decoration on this very table where she is sitting in this picture mysteriously fell over.   There was no on sitting at the table at that time.  My husband, Gene Carroll, was there & also a witness to this event.  So is seems more than co-incidence that the orbs show up near Sarah at the same table where a paranormal incident happened before when she was there.

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Part of the PTF/MPR Team arriving at the Banta House


PotosiGhostHunt09.jpg (18445 bytes)

Ghost hunters touring the Banta House - dining room.

PotosiGhostHunt10.jpg (14176 bytes)

Jim Richeson in the basement.

PotosiGhostHunt11.jpg (16404 bytes)

Front stairs going up to the bedrooms.

PotosiGhostHunt12.jpg (19201 bytes)

Pic taken from upstairs balcony overlooking Breton St.

PotosiGhostHunt13.jpg (15072 bytes)

Back stairway leading from the maids
room down to the kitchen.

PotosiGhostHunt14.jpg (16174 bytes)

Trunk room.

PotosiGhostHunt15.jpg (13659 bytes)

Stairway leading from the
trunk room to the attic.

PotosiGhostHunt16.jpg (18424 bytes)

Tom Halstead, Angie Clouse, Steve Rubarsky,
Terry Gamble of PTF/MPR in the attic

PotosiGhostHunt19.jpg (55450 bytes)

Matt Hendrix & Judy Myers - a Daily Journal reporter & Terry Gambil in one of the downstairs rooms

Note orbs marked with white arrows.

Kieth McQueen & his son - Daily Journal reporter, Tom Halstead & Samantha Goodman in one of the downstairs rooms

PotosiGhostHunt20.jpg (51204 bytes)

PotosiGhostHunt22.jpg (48124 bytes)

Tom Halstead & Terry Gamble - Samanta Goodman in the attic

PotosiGhostHunt23.jpg (51637 bytes)

Part of the attic


Old Presbyterian Church / Historical Society Museum

PotosiGhostHunt24.jpg (17880 bytes)

Front view of old Presbyterian Church / Museum

PotosiGhostHunt25.bmp (240154 bytes)

Balcony inside museum.  It is said that slaves
sat here during services.

PotosiGhostHunt26.jpg (20770 bytes)

A replica of the Banta house.

PotosiGhostHunt27.jpg (19982 bytes)

One of the original church pews.

PotosiGhostHunt28.jpg (14368 bytes)

PotosiGhostHunt29.jpg (18615 bytes)

Stairway leading up to the balcony.

PotosiGhostHunt36.jpg (37142 bytes)

View overlooking the museum from the balcony. Note orbs marked with white arrows.

PotosiGhostHunt37.jpg (39246 bytes)


PotosiGhostHunt30.jpg (15124 bytes)

Olivia standing by a replica of Durham Hall.

PotosiGhostHunt31.jpg (22799 bytes)

One of the back rooms showing exposed log wall.

PotosiGhostHunt32.jpg (19250 bytes)

PotosiGhostHunt33.jpg (18091 bytes)


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Also visit the PTF web site:
Mine Au Breton Historical Society Properties Investigation



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