Schäffer Family Genealogy
Schmids, Sieberberg, Vogelsang, Echoltz/Niederecholtz, Huxholt, Wunnenberg, Endemann, Peter 

The objectives of this current project have been to pursue ancestral connections for the Schäffer family of Hattingen, Westfalen, Prussia. Information supplied by the family showed that the ancestral Henrich Ziock and Sophia Wilhelmina Schäffer had married in Hattingen in 1827. Using this information as a basis, combined with birth records for their children, the Schäffer lineage has been extended an additional three generations on along both the maternal and paternal branches of the family. There are prospects for future research on several of the lines.

In reviewing the information supplied with the research request, it was noted that Henrich Ziock and Sophia Wilhelmina Schäffer had split the christenings of their children between the Catholic and the Protestant parishes. A review of the actual marriage record showed no additional information about the parents outside of their names and date of marriage. We theorized, based upon a commonly seen pattern, that the parents in this family were of mixed religious background. Most of the time when a couple is of different religions, one or the other is chosen for the children to be brought up in. In the majority of cases this is the religion of the mother.

In other instances, a compromise is often reached and the christenings are split between both faiths as is seen with the Ziock family. The common pattern, and what is seen in this family, is that the male children are christened in the church of the father and the female children in the church of the mother. Due to a lack of earlier microfilmed Catholic registers the christening of Henrich Ziock in the Catholic church has not been confirmed but is believed to be correct bases on his absence in the Lutheran records.

Searches of the Lutheran parish registers for Hattingen showed that Sophia Wilhelmina Ziock was born on September 19, 1805 to Johann Wilhelm Schäffer and Elisabeth Gertrud Sieberberg. This couple were the parents of eight children:

Johann Wilhelm b. 17 Oct 1794 chr. 24 Oct 1794 d. 19 Jan 1795

Friedrich Wilhelm b. 15 Jan 1796 chr. 17 Jan 1796

Johann Bertram b. 22 Jan 1797 chr. 30 Jan 1797

Maria Catharina b. 4 Jun 1799 chr. 9 Jun 1799 d. 7 Nov 1801

Friedrich Wilhelm b. 9 May 1803 chr. 14 May 1803

Sophia Wilhelmina b. 19 Sep 1805 chr. 26 Sep 1805 *direct ancestor

Anna Elisabeth b. 14 Oct 1808 chr. 23 Oct 1808

Maria Catharina b. 1 Jun 1812 chr. 6 Jun 1812

Lutheran church records usually contain more information than similar Catholic documents. This is particularly true of marriage records which usually record the names of the parents for the bride and groom. Unfortunately, the Hattingen Lutheran records are missing the marriage registers from 1710. As a result, relationships had to be established in other ways.

Searching back through the parish registers, no record was found for Johann Wilhelm Schäffer. Christenings of his children included the names of Johann Dietrich Schäffer and Adam Schäffer among the witnesses. During the time frame in which Johann Wilhelm would have been born several gaps appeared in the records. The following christenings for children of Adam Schäffer and his wife Anna Maria Schmids were noted leading us to conclude that they are also likely the parents of Johann Wilhelm Schäffer.

Johann Dietrich chr. 31 Mar 1763

Anna Maria Christina chr. 8 Aug 1767

Catharina Elisabeth chr. 4 Jul 1773

Two children were also born to Adam Schäffer with wife Catharina Gertrud Schmids:

Catharia Gertrud chr. 18 Aug 1758

Catharina Margaretha chr. 17 Nov 1761

Based upon Johann Wilhelm estimated date of birth, he would have been born about 1771 and would have been a son of Adams through his second wife, Anna Maria.

The ancestral Johann Adam Schäffer was found to be the son of Henrich Wilhelm Schäffer and his wife Anna Elsabet Niedereckholtz. The surname of the mother appears variously as Niedereckholtz and Echholtz. They had the following children born to them:

Johann Heinrich chr. 16 Dec 1732

Johann Adam chr. 13 Feb 1737 *direct ancestor

Sophia Wilhelmina chr. 4 Feb 1743

The next step in researching this family is to identify the births for Johann Adam Schäffer and his wife Anna Elsabet Niedereckholtz. The parish registers extend into the late 1600s leaving us several possible new generations on this lineage.

No earlier records were found for Anna Maria Schmids. This surname occurs in the later Hattingen records but only a few earlier entries were noted with none of them linking to the ancestral family. It is possible that she, and perhaps the first wife of Adam, Catharina Gertrud Schmids, were from a neighboring parish.

Elisabeth Gertrud Sieberberg, wife of Johann Wilhelm Schäffer, was the daughter of Roettger Sieberberg and Anna Margaretha Vogelsang. They had the following children christened in Hattingen:

Elisabeth Gertrud b. 15 Mar 1773 chr. 19 Mar 1773 *direct ancestor

Wilhelmina Catharina b. 22 Oct 1774 chr. 31 Oct 1774

Anna Catharina b. 5 Feb 1776 chr. 13 Feb 1776

Johann Roettger b. 5 Sep 1777 chr. 11 Sep 1777

Mathias Johannes b. 18 Mar 1781 chr. 26 Mar 1781

Roettger also had an earlier marriage to Sophia Wilhelmina Jueh. They had two children prior to her theorized death about 1772:

Christina Dorothea chr. 1 Jan 1770

Maria Catharina chr. 10 Apr 1771

The father in this family, Roettger Sieberberg, was an only child. He was christened on August 3, 1746 and was the son of Roettger Sieberberg and Christina Huxholt. His wife, Anna Margaretha Vogelsang, was from a larger family. She was the daughter of Mathias Johann Vogelsang and Elisabeth Gertrud Wunneberg. They had the following children:

Anna Margaretha chr. 15 Oct 1750 *direct ancestor

Johannes Friedrich chr. 18 Dec 1754

Anna Elisabeth chr. 12 Dec 1756

A marriage for Mathias Johan Vogelsang and Elisabeth Gertrud Wunneberg was noted on the International Genealogical Index. They were married on July 13, 1750 in the neighboring parish of Blankenstein. Future research should focus efforts in that parish to extend these two lines.

At this point the Schäffer lineage along with its various branches has been extended to the early 1700s. Further work should be possible on these families particularly on the Vogelsang lineage in Blankenstein.


Wunnenberg Family Research

The objectives of this current project have been to pursue further ancestral connections on the maternal branches of the Schafer family.  It had been established in the earlier report the all of the maternal lines, not extended in the last project, not extended in the last project, originated in parishes outside of Hattingen, or in the case of wunnenberg, te parish of Blankenstein.  a review of neighborin parishes has carried the Wunnenberg family back to the 1680's and th related Peter family back to about the years 1650.  Further work still neeeds to be done on the other maternal branches of the family.

Reseaerch was initially begun on this family by fully revewing the records for the parish of Blankenstein.  It was this parish in which Elisabeth Gertrud married Johann Mathias Vogelsang.  A copy of their marriage was included with the previous report.  The Blankenstein records contain few entries for the wunnenberg surname.  The christenings show on three children with this name around the time of Anna's marriage and in the years preceding it.  These were the births of children to Johna Hinrich Wunnenber and Anna Margaretha Kellermann:

Gertruth Elisbeth - christened 21 November 1745 Blankenstein

Anna Margaretha - christened 10 December 1752 Blankenstein

Maria Sybilla - christened 22 September 1757 Blankenstein

Johann Hinrich Winnenberg was married on November 22, 1744 to Anna Margaretha Kellermann.  Like Elisbeth Gertrude, his marriage contained no information regarding his parentage or his origin prior to settling in Blankenstein.  A Johan Diederich Wunnenberg married Anna Elsabeth Alvermann in Blankenstein on January 5, 1716 but there is not indication that they had children in that parish.

Beginning a radius search around Blankenstein and Hattingen showed few entries for the Wunnenberg surname.  Scattered entries in parishes to the northeast lead to a focus on this area.  The ancestral Anna Elisabeth Gertrud Wunnenberg was eventually found in the parish of Mengede, Westfalen, Prussia.  She was schristened on January 25, 1730.  This wa close to the estimated birth of 1729 established in the prior project.  She was the daughter of Johann Roettger Wunnenberg.  He also had the following children christened in the parish:

Johann Henrich - christened 23 January 1711 - married Anna Kellermann

Diederich Reinhardt - christened 14 April 1716

Anna Catharina - christened 4 January 1719

Joest Wessel - christened 8 May 1722

Anna Elisabeth Gertrud - christened 25 January 1730

Catharina Maria - christened 18 October 1731

Wessel Diederich - christened 8 April 1734

The oldest child in this family, Johann Henrich, was christened in 1711 and was the same man who married Anna Margaretha Kellermann in Blankenstein in 1744.  The mother was not named in the christenings records for this time period in Mengede.  From the marriage records of the parish it was established that she was Anna Peter.  She and Johann Roettger were married on January 19, 1708.  Throughout the parish registers her surname is vairously writen Peter, Peters, Pieter, etc.

No earlier records were identified for the Wunnenberg surname in Mengede.  This suggests that Roettger was the first of the surname in that town.  His orgins prior to settling there are not known.  The Peter family extends backin Mengede to the beginning of the parish register.  Once again no mother is named in the christenings.  In the case of the ancestra Peter family, it is known that Anna was the daughter of Hinrich Peter but her mother is not known due to the absence of a marriage for Hinrich.  He was sthe father of the following children:

Elssken - christened 28 April 1675

Margret Elsabein - christened 25 October 1676

Lisebeth - christened 1 January 1678

Catrin - christened 26 November 1679   died before 1683

Anna - christened 25 August 1680

Johann - christened 25 April 1683

Catrin - 1 August 1683

Christina Catrin - christened 29 October 1684

Johann Hinrich - christened 1 April 1685

The father, Hinrich, would have been born about 1650.  With the exception of the aforementioned family, the only other early entry for the Peter surname is Anna Cathrina Peter, christened 9 November 1670, who was the daughter of Johann Peter.  This likely carries sthe Peter lne to the earlies identifialbe ancestor.

During the course of examining the Wunnenberg family some work was done on the Huxholt surname.  This appears to be a drivation of Huxhol.  The latter surname appears with some frequency around the parish of Windheim, Westfalen, Prussia.  It is suggested that whe research is pursued on this surname that emphasis be placed on that region to see if the ancestry of Christina Huxholt can be identified.  The other maternal branches of the family also have propects but will need to be pursued in the same manner as the Wunnenberg family.   Once this has been done it is anticipated that each of the vaious surnames can be extended further.


The information on this page was researched by:
Kevin Hanson of Heritage Consultants & Services


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