Iron County, Missouri


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Major Missouri Civil War battle took place here at this earthen fort on Sept. 27, 1864. Over 900 soldiers, mostly Confederates, were killed & buried here. Washington County in the Civil War - Part II includes an account of this battle.  Photographed: 1980's


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Monument on southwest side of fort where mass burial site is:"WHERE VALOR & DEVOTION MET NORTH & SOUTH SEPTEMBER 26 - 27, 1864" Photographed: 4 Nov. 2000


Cannons at entrance to Ft. Davidson.  Photographed: 4 Nov. 2000


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Prior to the attack on Ft. Davidson a battle occured on Pilot Knob Mountain (east of the fort) during which Union officer, Maj. James Wilson, was captured.  He was later executed.  For more details see "Reprieve & Reprisal".   Photographed: 4 Nov. 2000

Shepard's Mountain in background southwest of the fort. Confederate cannons on this mountain fired upon the fort.   Picture taken from north  wall of fort & showing opposite southwest wall.  Photographed: 4 Nov. 2000


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On the night of Sept. 27, about an hour after Union troops accomplished a daring escape from the fort, a squad that had been left behind blew up the powder magazine containing 20 tons of ammunition which left a small crater in the center of the fort.  The explosion shook the earth & was distinctly heard 30 miles away. For more details see "Flight in the Night".  Photographed: 4 Nov. 2000


Immanuel Lutheran Church was built in 1861 & served as a Union hospital during the Battle of Pilot Knob. Photographed: 4 Nov. 2000


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Confederate re-enactor cannon. Photographed: 4 Nov. 2000

Union re-enactors firing Union cannon.
Photographed: 4 Nov. 2000


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Confederate re-enactors

Photographed: 4 Nov. 2000


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Confederate Camp

Photographed: 4 Nov. 2000


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Union Camp

Photographed: 4 Nov. 2000


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Cavalry re-enactors photographed:
4 Nov. 2000

Re-enactor Emmet Taylor of Billy Yank Camp, St. Louis.  He recognized the Daughters of Union Veterans badge I was wearing & stopped & talked to us for a few minutes. Photographed:
4 Nov. 2000


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Undertaker (Union re-enactor J.D. Avery of Manchester, Mo.) & 1860 hearse. Photographed: 4 Nov. 2000

Widow & wooden casket. Photographed: 4 Nov. 2000



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