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Washington County Missouri Churches

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 I will come & take a picture or you can send me a picture & I will post it & name you as the submitter.

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Apostle Fellowship.JPG (13460 bytes)

Apostle Fellowship Pentecostal Church ~ Hwy. 21 just north
 of Monkey Mountain Rd. Photographed: 10 July 2002

Arnault Branch Church.JPG (13673 bytes)

Arnault Branch Church of God ~ F Hwy.
Photographed: 22 Sept. 2002

BatesCreekChurch.JPG (20449 bytes)

Bates Creek Church - photographed August 2004


Bellevue Presbyterian Church



Richwoods16.JPG (26099 bytes)

Book of Acts Methodist Church

Richwoods17.JPG (15697 bytes)
Richwoods18.JPG (6054 bytes)


EmmausChurch.JPG (20996 bytes)

Emmaus Missionary Baptist - Courtois


Marler Chapel.JPG (16457 bytes)


Joseph Chapel.JPG (22653 bytes)

Photographed:  24 Oct. 2000


Joseph Chapel Methodist Church - Hwy. C
Photographed: 12 May 2001


GloryHillChurch.JPG (17148 bytes)

FurnaceCreekChurch.JPG (20187 bytes)

Glory Hill Assembly of God Church.  Hwy. AA Photographed: 10 June 2001

Furnace Creek Church - Cemetery is to the right of the church       Photographed:  1 Dec. 2001


GrassyHollowChurch.JPG (15218 bytes)

Grassy Hollow

Shirley Union Church.JPG (15134 bytes)

Shirley Union Church

Lakewood Baptist.JPG (19841 bytes)

Lakewood Baptist


Hopewell Church a.JPG (14738 bytes)

Hopewell Union Church

KingdomHall.JPG (22661 bytes)

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses ~ Hwy. 21 at North entrance to Potosi ~ Photographed: 26Jan2002

Southern Baptist.JPG (10223 bytes)

Southern Baptist ~ Hwy. 8 West edge of Potosi
Across from Fairgrounds  ~  Photographed: 18 May 2002


EboSchool-Church.JPG (22049 bytes)

Living Christ Holiness

United Methodist.JPG (15177 bytes)

United Methodist Church   Richeson Rd
Photographed: 10 July 2002



Thomas Chapel

SoulChapel02.jpg (25890 bytes)
Soul Chapel

Lost Creek Church.JPG (21821 bytes)
Lost Creek

Pleasant Hill

Pond Creek Baptist Church.JPG (17998 bytes)
Pond Creek


MineralPointMethodistChurch.JPG (21852 bytes)
Mineral Poing Methodist


Tiff Catholic Church2.JPG (28617 bytes)

Tiff Catholic Church3.JPG (34100 bytes)

St. Joseph Catholic Church ~ Tiff, Missouri


St.JamesChurch.jpg (10772 bytes)
St. James Catholic Church - Potosi

Richwoods12.JPG (13783 bytes)
1st Freewill Baptist Church - Richwoods


Richwoods16.JPG (26099 bytes)

Book of Acts Methodist Church

Richwoods17.JPG (15697 bytes)
Richwoods18.JPG (6054 bytes)


HighStreetLutheranChurch.jpg (23668 bytes)
Lutheran Church - Potosi

oldpreschurch.JPG (10663 bytes)
Old Presbyterian - Potosi


Pres church looking East.JPG (14696 bytes)
This church was designed by John Anderson Lankford
famous American black architect who was born in Potosi
& was the son of former slaves. 

Pres Church looking North.JPG (16280 bytes)
Back view - The church was built in 1906
on Breton Street not far from the old church.
Photographed: 20 Jan. 1999

Catholic_Church_in_Old_Mines.jpg (17619 bytes)
St. Joachim Catholic Church - Old Mines


Caledonia Methodist.JPG (21505 bytes)
Caledonia Methodist


PotosiMethodistChurch1.JPG (7099 bytes)

BelgradeBank2.JPG (16802 bytes)

Potosi Methodist Church
built in 1903. 

It now houses the Belgrade State Bank who added to the structure & also preserved many of the beautiful features in the main building.
Photographed: July, 2003


First Baptist.JPG (14043 bytes)
First Baptist ~ North Missouri St.
Photographed: 18 May 2002

First Assembly of God Church.JPG (9324 bytes)
First Assembly of God ~ North Missouri St.
Photographed: 18 May 2002




Palmer_Church.JPG (15778 bytes)

Palmer_Church_Sign.jpg (9535 bytes)
At left is the original historic Palmer Church. It was burned down by thieves/vandals in 1997. Picture of the original church provided by: Ray & Lynn Beers.


PalmerChurch01.JPG (14634 bytes)

PalmerChurch02.JPG (13487 bytes)
At left & above is the new Palmer Church rebuilt as exact
as possible to the original & on the same foundation.
Photographed: winter 2003 by: Barb Goodson



Rose of Sharon Apostolic Church - Photographed: 28 Oct. 2013









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