Hazel Creek Furnace.JPG (44162 bytes)

Gene Carroll standing in ruins of Palmer/Hazel Creek lead furnace.
Photographed: 12 May 2001


Hazel Creek3.JPG (30056 bytes)

Hazel Creek4.JPG (26106 bytes)

Hazel Creek

Photographed: 12 May 2001


Hazel Creek Campground1.JPG (28874 bytes)

Hazel Creek Campground
Photographed: 12 May 2001


Hazel Creek Tree3.JPG (33303 bytes)

Hazel Creek Tree4.JPG (34943 bytes)

UNUSUAL TREE - Lower portion of trunk of living tree. Leaves looked like it might have been sycamore but they were too high up to tell for sure.  Featured on Missouri Forestkeepers Network for strange & unusual trees

Middle portion of unusual tree trunk.
Photographed: 12 May 2001


PalmerLowWaterBridge.JPG (23506 bytes)

Low water bridge west of Hazel Creek Campground.  Photographed: 22 July 2002


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